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detour close up s

A window.
A mirror crossing
the threshold.
light in matter and spirit–
the boundaries melt.

I’m a little late for Sue Vincent’s “eye” photo prompt from November 2, above.  But not as late as I can sometimes be!

detour s

And it was easy to pick the poetic form:  another shadorma, for Shadorma November at along the interstice.  The art continues my obsession with monoprints.




Bridge (study)

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge from one of Kerfe’s photos. Just for fun I did it in color because I got a new set of Pelikan paints. This was the second version after I added what I thought the painting needed: some black ink. 

Looking at it now I think it was probably better without the black. I didn’t realize when I started that this was the end of the Arches block and it’s not watercolor paper. It’s the cardboard at the end of the pad. This rendered the paint slick and not as workable as on watercolor paper. Still, I could draw or paint elements of a bridge anytime. 

Chesapeake Bay Bridge

Kerfe sent me some great shots of this bridge (she knows how much I love bridges). I picked this one to do first. Very difficult perspective–I will have to try this one again. I printed these at work in black and white and fudged the bay and sky colors. 

Kerfe’s shots. You can see what I mean about the perspective in the bottom picture. 

Bridge over Passaic River

A small bridge in Paterson. The river runs all through Paterson and culminates at the Great Falls. This was a rush job as I didn’t want to break my run of posts.#World Watercolor Month

Lake Pontchartrain Causeway

Another bridge just because I love bridges. This was from a NY Times article about President Trump’s pledge to spend $1 trillion on infrastructure. Then he slashed the Dept of Transportation’s budget by 13%. 

Let’s hope some of these bridges don’t collapse into the water. 

Here’s the photo. I really love the perspective of this. I messed up the water with scotch tape somehow. 

Manhattan Bridge

An unusual view of the bridge from a photo by @simplesimonsays. 

Here’s the drawing in just pencil.