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Lunar Rays

lunar rays s

the power of tides
to lead by following songs
tracking the crescent

eyes beckoning as startled
magnitudes shout waves of light

I couldn’t resist a photo of a cat…photo reference and words from Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge, also using words from the Secret Keeper.

I may visit this cat again. I need to explore that shadow.


but keep in mind…





Part 2 of my response to Jane Dougherty’s prompt this week.


For Part 1 look here.

Junk Mail Art: Animal from Oaxaca

choose your world wht s

shed light in the dark
now imagine    choose your world
belong to someone

I found a wonderful children’s alphabet book at the library called “ABeCedarios”.  It’s illustrated with brightly painted animal sculptures made by the Jimenez family of Oaxaca, Mexico, which I’ve used as references to make some creatures in collage.

Poem courtesy of my collage box oracle.

Jaguar Masks

jaguar mask drawing s

I’ve been featured on Marianne Szlyk’s blog “The Song Is…” with a poem and 4 junk mail art pieces of Mexican jaguar masks.  She also always has great musical links included with her posts.

Click  here and take a look!

Of Cats and Time

tabby 32s

your shadow   not you
half glimpsed movements refracted
sideways through corners
of the eye that seem to be
always pregnant with the past

When I moved into my current residence, I found that my neighbor’s four cats considered the deck outside my kitchen to be an extension of their yard.  She had taken all of them in as strays, years ago.

The last of them died this weekend.

Their presence remains.

tabby final comp

My final drawings of Tabby from last week.

National Pet Day-Ace

Kerfe’s painting of me and my cat. The date is a bit blotchy but it looks like 1972. She has always had a distinctive style, I think. 


tabby relax comp

Cats know how to take it easy.

tabby curled comp

They have a knack for changing their relaxation posture just after you’ve put a few lines down on the paper though.

tabby 27

Sometimes meditation is good.

tabby watching comp

But every once in awhile a cat needs to be on alert and keep an eye out for squirrels or other cats.

Have a relaxing Thanksgiving with family and friends!  And by all means, have that extra helping of your favorite food.

What the Cat Has Been Up To…

cats comp 5

Actually, he’s been conspicuously absent for the past week, although I’ve seen him at the water dish a few times.  I hope he found a cooler place for his “activities”, but I do miss looking out and doing a quick sketch.

tabby 15s

The grooming sketch had to be extra-quick…

cats comp 4

…although even when asleep he’s constantly in motion.


Done on the Art Set app for iPad over a photo. Cheating, I suppose, but I like the look of this especially her eyes.