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Water Lilies Revisited

water lilies 1s m1

A few years ago I did a Sketchbook Project of haiku and grids based on Monet’s water lilies paintings.  So when I saw the dVerse prompt for work based on impressionism, I decided to revisit my obsession with Monet’s work.  The Magnetic Oracle was helpful in getting me started, and then I did one on my own.

water lilies 1s poem

You can see my complete “Water Lilies” digitized sketchbook here, and previous posts on the subject here, here, and here.

I think I will be staying with this for a little while again too.

Postcard Fiction: Become a Traveler

how to become a traveler s

What to do between the silent secrets of stars?
Open the question at the crossroads of memory and your dreams.
Chase clouds of deep light.
Learn how to become a traveler in the unexplainable.
(in any order…)


For Jane Dougherty’s Sunday Strange Microfiction prompt, above.

Creatures of the Wind

nina simone

I have two pieces of art and a poem inspired by the great Nina Simone and her song “Wild is the Wind” on Marianne Szlyk’s  musical blog “The song is…”  You can see them here, along with a fun essay by Bill Cushing on not driving.  Marianne has also included a link to the song, as well as a variety of other musical pleasures.

“The song is..” features a lot of interesting writing, art, and music, so take a look around while you’re there.

We all look through windows surrounded by the sea (for Howard Hodgkin)

after hodgkin s

Equal to
the task:  a gesture,
the texture
of brushstrokes,
a conversation beyond
white.  Abstractions act

as ruses,
memories summoned
into light.
Dig deeply
into the familiar and
hold it close.  Timeless.

Image result for howard hodgkin for matisse

I wanted to acknowledge the great Howard Hodgkin, who died this week at age 84.  My collage is an homage to his painting, above, “For Matisse”.  His work often evokes windows, a subject Matisse was fond of as well.

The poem uses the secret keeper’s words for this week.

Postcard Fiction: On the Other Side

on the other side s

All sleep ends up on the other side
There’s a turning point that takes everything everywhere
outside of time and space
poised on the edge of nowhere


Jane Dougherty’s Sunday Strange microfiction prompt, a painting by Hans Thoma.

lizard s

Postcard Fiction: desrever








At night
lost and found
are reversed and
there is only one

For Jane Dougherty’s Sunday Strange microfiction challenge…an eerie illustration to a Russian folk tale by Ivan Bilibin, below.


There are some truly wonderful responses this week…go to Jane’s post and check them out.


My collage boxes, however, are still stuck in the between.

March 2017: awakening


Restive stillness: cell
cracks open.  Expel
darkness, pausing, touching seed.
The singing begins;
winter sheds its skin.
Spring’s sparkling dance uncoils, freed.

This poetic form is called the Alouette; you can read about its meter and rhyme scheme here.  I started with the Secret Keeper’s weekly prompt words, but revision has eliminated “health”–I know the Thesaurus says “dance” is a synonym, but really, that’s a pretty big stretch.  Related in spirit anyway.

Happy March!

Comme des Garcons

This Japanese brand can be translated “for the boys”. Last week I acquired a cute pair of sneakers. The heart with the eye is a symbol the brand uses for its “play” line. I cut these out of the shoe box to do a tribute collage. 

Here are my sneakers. 

When I worked with Kerfe at a certain textile company we had a very stylish and demonic boss named Linda. She used to call high end stores in the city searching for items of clothing; I’m sure Comme des Garcons was one of her favorites. She would call around demanding that they see if they had a certain coat or dress. I was secretly impressed with this. She was well dressed, I’ve got to give her that. 

Comme des Garçons is owned by Rei Kawakubo, whose designs are unique. The clothing can be found at Dover Street Market in NYC, Tokyo and at Comme des Garçons stores. No buzz marketing here–most of the line is very pricey. Glad I got the sneakers though. 

Moon of Wandering


Moon of wandering:
door or window?  Marked by trails
of lingered friends.  Tears.

Untested. Eons before
and after.  Dead reckoning.

Once again I’ve combined the word prompts (or synonyms) of the secret keeper and Colleen’s tanka challenge.  Colleen also provided the mysterious picture, below.


Postcard Fiction: Empty Handed





how come nobody
why inside why
gone silent
transparent breath
empty handed


Jane Dougherty’s Sunday Strange Microfiction painting, above, by Pierre Puvis de Chavannes , is once again ambiguously suggestive.


And once again, as so often happens in these postcard fiction worlds, I see an opening that leads somewhere else…