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Two Portraits

I do a lot of self portraits not out of vanity but because I can sit in front of a mirror and have myself as a subject. My daughter immediately knew this was me.

Kerfe’s collage on top and mine on the bottom.

Portrait of my dad from an old photo. I usually catch something of him and have done a few drawings of him.

The black paper continues to fascinate me. Skin tones can be different layers of color. Actually everything can be layered. You do need to always keep a very sharp point which enables many textures.

Weekend Sketching 4/15/19

I did this as separate little vignettes. Then when I looked at it I realized it was a composition, more or less.

That’s my sister sitting under a palm tree from a ceramic cup I made her years ago.

Dragonflies from an object of my mother’s. We used to call them darning needles.

Simple shapes that turned into a bear.

SUV parked across the street. I wasn’t done with the drawing and the car was parked there again the next day.

Trees in the rear of my view out the window.

I slept through a huge storm last night. There was a dogfight here over food and Birdy was being held in the jaws of a pit bull. His ear and face were cut. It made for a stressful Sunday. Now there’s a standoff and we will need to keep the dogs apart. I am looking forward to seeing Kerfe this week!

Draw a Bird: Peacock

As usual I saw Kerfe’s post and remembered Draw a Bird. Seeing many low swooping hawks in the area. Majestic creatures, birds.

Weekend Sketching 4/8/19

Weekend tennis game from my perspective. Still stuck on the colored pencils on black paper.

Detail of my racket. I always buy Wilson goods and pretend I own the company. My last name is Wilson.

My front steps looking out the window where I draw. It was a nice weekend. Have a couple more drawings in the works. Spring is here!

Self-portrait (spring)

Having one’s self as a subject is very convenient. I did this at night and finished this morning. It kind of looks like me but younger; I left out the wrinkles.


I didn’t notice until I photographed this that the left wing is lopsided. Too late to fix. Who needs perfection anyway?

Weekend Sketching

Howard walking Birdy. Birdy always carries the leash in his mouth, effectively walking himself.

My neighbor sitting on her front steps clutching a newspaper, cell phone and a folder of some sort.

Version two of the playground across the street. This is from a photo, not direct viewing out the window.

Something about this, the colors and shapes, I find very sketchable. I have also been enjoying drawing on black paper. I even got my daughter to sit down and draw. She did a cartoon of her and her dog-cute!


Another drawing of just the playground structure: no humans in the picture.

I am having a sort of rebirth of drawing, probably because of spring. April is my birth month and I start to wake up around this time of year.

There was a piece in The NY Times about people on Instagram writing longer captions. They called IG the new WordPress. Never!

Kerfe encourages me once again to try harder and find time for art. I’ve done just that and as usual she is right. Just to start something and get caught up in it is what art is all about to me. I hope to continue in this vein.

Have a great weekend!

Playground (spring)

Another sketch on black paper: a scene out my window looking over at the playground across the street. Children playing and adults standing around is nice to see.

Sketch in just white pencil. I like the look of this but always feel the need to put in color. Have a great day!

Self portrait on black paper

Quick sketch of myself sitting in front of the mirror. Artistic license to make the eyes stand out: my eyes aren’t turquoise.