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Christophe Neimann

Netflix is doing a great documentary series called “Abstract”. Last night we watched the one about Christophe Neimann, an illustrator who currently lives in Berlin. I was beyond inspired. Mr. Neimann’s work can be seen on numerous New Yorker covers and can be followed on Instagram @abstractsundays. 

I hope I’m not breaking any copyright laws by posting some of his work. Here are some other examples. Just brilliant. 

Found in the garage…

…because what better way to spend the weekend than cleaning out the garage? Actually I will need a dumpster for that task. Husband is inside going through boxes of old papers, one by one. It is a sad sight (I’d just dump them but he can’t). 

This is a photo taken by my father of me painting a large landscape for the window of a store. It was painted on some kind of fabric as I recall. I didn’t have the heart to toss it so I’m making it immortal as part of this blog. 

Dolce Federica

My sweet Italian neighbor is starting a candy business. I offered to come up with a logo; I love assignments like this. These are the first attempts and I think they have a sort of European look. She’s going to pay me in chocolates!