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Eat Up! It’s National Vegetarian Week!

vegetable mandala s

“Eat up, eat up,” their mother said.
She told them to eat up.
The children studied hard the plate;
the viands, patient, lay in wait.
She told them to eat up.
They tried distraction with their words–
“Remember the time we saw those birds?”
–they kept on talking–“Then we followed
home a sparrow and a swallow!”
She told them to eat up.
They moved their forks, they moved their spoons;
they played at drinking from their cup;
they sighed and asked to be excused–
she told them to eat up.

(with apologies to Edward Lear)

vegetable mandala close up s

 My mother almost never served fresh vegetables when I was growing up, except in summer when we got tomatoes and corn from the local farm stand, or when we had guests.  The rest of the time it was out of cans, boiled in water (remember those square carrots in the mixed vegetables?).  I think if she had served us a plate of what I drew above from my refrigerator, she would never have had to negotiate with us to eat all our food.

vvoice food s

I’ve been in a bit of a creative funk lately, but when I saw the cover of the Village Voice this week, I knew I needed to do my own food mandala.  Another contribution to Charlie’s doodlewash dinners.

The words from the secret keeper’s challenge this week
and Edward Lear provided inspiration for my memories of childhood dinners.

I’m not a vegetarian, but it’s a good week for everybody to remember to eat plenty of vegetables!

Brussels Sprouts for dinner

I’ve never posted a recipe before but this one that I made up turned out so well I thought I’d share.
Buy a bag of Brussels sprouts, wash and cut in half. Blanch in boiling salted water for about two minutes, then put in a bowl of ice to stop the cooking. Meanwhile, dice up a couple of slices of Canadian bacon and start rendering in a cast iron (preferably) frying pan. Throw in a small onion diced, then a couple of cloves of garlic, sliced. When the onions start to soften, put the Brussels sprouts in. Cook until the vegetables are nicely browned and enjoy! Cooking is an art too!