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Lincoln Center

I met Kerfe yesterday at a craft show in Lincoln Center. It was fun to meander among the different booths and to spend some time with my pal. I attempted a drawing but Kerfe has a pixie like appearance that I didn’t quite catch. 

Kerfe took a picture of me with an umbrella cockatoo. You meet all kinds of folks and animals in the city. Also a picture of Kerfe’s hands looking at a vendor’s card and some of the crafts we looked at. 

Girl with Fish

The piece of wood looked like a piece of Swiss cheese with the wormholes in it. I put the big square crystal on it and started painting. The girl came out and then the head of the fish. Painting on little pieces of wood is a nice freeing experience: it’s just for fun. 

Here was a stage where I thought it was finished. After looking at the photo I saw some other things and did a little more. 

Dear Mother

I was always making things for my mother who appreciated my artistic nature very much. I found this little box I gave her after she died, dated 1963. I was 14. It really touched me that she kept it all those years. 

Inside there was a little felt book cover I made for her. I guess she never used it because it was still inside. I’m kind of glad about that. Homemade gifts are the best. Happy Mothers Day to all the great moms, stepmoms, grandmoms and in fact all women. Still raining here in NJ but looking forward to being pampered with waffles today. 

Found on the Porch 

Today has been a day of spring cleaning. We cleaned the whole stove including the oven and then I went out to our porch wh oh has been unusable for a couple of years. I guess Maria Kondo’s book about tidying up is getting to me (also going through clothes) even though I haven’t read it. We’ve been in our house for 35 years and our stuff has stuff. I’m determined to get it in order. Anyhow, I found this little box; I used to make a lot of these as teacher gifts. Had to repainted the top a little. I think the inside is very me. 

The inside: