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aretha s

sounds become
music erupting
into everything as fire
blended with pure sky


Random Painting

My husband got me a couple of new sketchbooks. This one is a Strathmore Mixed Media 5.5 x 8.5. I started painting in it and found that it takes paint pretty well.

An abstract. I saw a face in it that had a graffiti look to it.

Dog howling at the moon. My dogs were upset with the stormy weather yesterday but no lightning or thunder.

Another attempt at Procreate for iPad. I’m starting to figure it out maybe.

How the sky looked all day yesterday. Looks the same today. Have a good week.


From a selfie my daughter sent while at the beach. I find the more I draw the better DUH! Trying to do something at least.

I totally stole this from a painting at my cousin’s house. All is fair in art.

Chiara, the dog next door. I’ve been keeping an eye out for her while some of the family is away.

Drawing of the mehndi I had on my arm. I kind of liked it. I understand tattoos a little better. Here’s Muffy’s design:

Good night!

7/17/18 summer is flying

I had a chance to start a new sketchbook. I drew one of the pieces from my cousin’s collection.

Some kind of cute spider that my friend’s son found in the woods.

My friend Kathe gave me this snakeskin. It is complete i.e not just a piece of it. She saw the snake eating a fish and a minute later there was just this skin.

Me up at Lake Hopatcong. Cheers!

Painting over the weekend

I was itching to paint this weekend. I realized there was a good spot in my husband’s “office” so I plunked myself down in there. Nice light in there.

This one started as a drawing on canvas paper (part of Kerfe’s Christmas gift). Being a landscape I had to go in with watercolor and gouache. Felt good to be painting!

Eye of Horus (The Visible and Invisible are Dependent on the Light)

horus a

One eye the moon
eye of time
one eye the sun
winged eye

Eye of time
marking the minutes
winged eye
still above the sky

Marking the minutes
fierce ascending
still above the sky
soundless and waiting

Fierce ascending
 flaming through clouds
soundless and waiting

Flaming through clouds
one eye the sun
one eye the moon

falcon flight s

I’ve been missing Draw-a-Bird Day, but this month I wanted to make sure I participated.  Still in mandala mode, I decided to do Horus, the Egyptian falcon sky god.  I like the fact that one of his eyes represents the sun, and one the moon. You may be familiar with the Eye of Horus amulet, which offers protection and insight.

horus close up s

The falcon is a universal symbol of visionary power and focus.

hawk in flight s

Once again, a pantoum.






A sketch from a Facebook photo my cousin posted of him and his family.

I intend to paint it in but can’t find my brushes. Things are a bit disorganized here but maybe some progress.

I better not post the photo without my cousin’s permission.

Servant in the Palace of Truth

shabti of sennedjem sservant in the palace of truth magnetic

I didn’t think I would have time to post today, but the Oracle was calling, so I’m slipping this in.  I did this drawing of Shabti of Sennedjem the other day.  Her label says she was a servant in the Palace of Truth for Seti I and Ramesses II, and the Oracle definitely had something to say about her.

Actually, we could use her right about now…

Like some elaborate storm
a woman’s arms
cross over the seas
of moons and time
to mend
the bitter and raw shadows
beneath the tongues of blood.


A Couple of Drawings

A stream of consciousness drawing. I just started drawing figures and then gave them all the same face.

A drawing of a woman I work with. I started in pencil but then found a Pilot Rollerball at work and went over it. It kind of resembles her but my husband (with whom I work) didn’t know who it was. Should I show you the photo? Sure, why not.

Yazmin is Dominican and I like her huge eyes and lips. I will have another go at this at work tonight. The night hours are working out well to do some drawing (hope my employers are not reading this however).

Blood From a Stone

blood from a stone_still my shivering s

My words repeat. Nothing. Your ears are closed like frozen air. You always move away, shrinking me, disappearing me into invisibility.

My words repeat. I am naming flowers. I am calling the names of birds. They remain unretrieved, hesitating on the edges of sound.

My fences are broken. My guard is falling deeper and deeper into the ground. My map shows no return.

Whispering, I stand
trembling with the elements,
my cells unmoored.

The currents swim without me,
expanding the gulf between.

blood from a stone close up

Jilly at dVerse asked for an unconventional haibun this week.  That was easy–all my writing seems somewhat alien to me right now (or maybe my poetry is just always strange and I’m only now noticing it….)

The drawings are from photos of ancient Roman sculptures that have been broken by time. Amazing how much depth and emotion hidden inside the stone was revealed by those artists.