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water, light, air

waves pencil 1s

these waves like children–
splashing colors and laughing
back and forth between

wind breathes through water, dancing
with incandescent reply

I didn’t do much drawing at the beach this year, but I did take my art supplies down to the water one day, battling both the errant waves and the wind.  I also took many photos, but my adventures with camera settings means they need a lot of work.

waves pencil 2s

Tanka using Colleen’s prompt (in loose association); drawings in ink and watercolor pencils.



Because I’m not really sure what this painting is. Two figures up in the left, sitting in beach chairs. Some beach cottages in the foreground. Or maybe it’s something else. 

It’s fun to play with gouache, watercolor and Neocolor. I may change this one up. Here’s a couple of details. 

Happy painting. 

Cement blocks

They’re doing construction in my neighborhood. There are piles of Belgian blocks for the curbs, wood and other building materials. The pattern of these stacked concrete blocks appealed to me so I did a drawing. I must admit I’m rather pleased with it. 

This is the photo. I did the drawing at work and didn’t have the right colored pencils to catch the color nuance but I think I caught the pattern. Have a great weekend!

Grey Sweatshirt

I take screen shots of photos I like. This one is from Instagram @declanmcarty. It attracted me for the good composition and the way the water swirled around his ankles. 

His photo. I liked his comment “Pay attention to detail”. Very astute. I did change the somewhat muddy water to blue: poetic license. 

Two Panels (for Jane)

My sister would have been 64 today. She always said when she retired she would be my agent. I wonder what she would think of the large pile of paintings I’ve done since she died. (Jane died in 2013. Kerfe suggested doing a blog as a way for us to share art with each other in 2014 so my sister never saw it). 

This is another blot, then cut in half. These are an enjoyable way to knock off an abstract. 

Saturday drawing

This one reminds me quite a bit of It was just two shapes connecting with each other. 

In the first version I wrote some quasi poetic lines right on the picture. I didn’t like it and painted it out with black ink. 

I’m making a Star Wars neck piece for my cousin’s baby shower. Can you tell how cheesy it is?

Draw a Bird: Crow. 

One of my favorites, these audacious birds jump out of the way just as the car is coming. One flew right over my head the other day. 

Two drawings

I admit I had Draw a Bird day in mind. I just didn’t get around to it. I intend to draw a crow (one flew very close over my head yesterday). The featured image is a blot painting. I cut it out of the sketchbook and mounted it with an Easter egg colored background. 

I tried a little painting of the dumpster with flowers in it. The old blooms and satin ribbons had such a sad look. 

Off to draw a crow now. 

Blot paintings

I often have little words of poetry coming into my head but I forget to write stuff down. The circles are blotted between two pages. 

When I posted the blot the other day a visitor to the site saw a lion. So I drew over it and made a lion. King of the Jungle. 

Riding around with my daughter caught sight of a dumpster in the cemetery filled with flowers. A strange sight!

Man with Cat

My friend’s husband Miles holding a cat.