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view out the window 5/5/18

They say draw what you see. Now I am moving out of my art room.

This is my car in the back and H’s in front. The fence encloses a concrete patio with a non-functioning gas grill, yard with a copper beech tree and some dog-resistant plant life.

I spend a lot of time sitting under that tree. It’s one of the great pleasures in life, living intimately with a tree. In fact, I think I’ll draw it later. Enjoy the weekend.

The Merry Month of May

May is here bringing sunny weather to NJ! Little drawing done on the iPad today. Hope everyone is enjoying spring.

Some weekend painting

This one started off as a landscape. I saw a face in it and took off from there. The result is something weird but I’m posting it anyway.

I also thought it was Draw a Bird Day. Maybe that was yesterday though. Anyway here’s a Mourning Dove, one of the dumber birds to be found in my neighborhood. They make a sound that really does sound mournful. Lots of robins around lately too–a good sign.

iPad doodling

My husband got me a new iPad!

I wanted the iPad Pro (for the ProCreate art app); the app is available on this iPad but I haven’t purchased it yet. This is done on the ArtSet app which works better on the new iPad.

My old iPad is obsolete so I was pleased with this gift. Unfortunately my game “Matching with Friends” has been discontinued. I’ve been playing this dumb game for a few years and I will miss it.

More snow today in NJ. Looks like it’s stopping now and hopefully this will be it.

Progress 3/7/18

Some progress on the drawing. I almost like it like this but I think I’m going to give the ladies some color on their frocks.

I looked up old phones like the one on the desk. I really don’t think the photo is that early but it’s possible I guess.

It’s a snow day here. I’m pretty happy about that.

Work in Progress

I started this drawing yesterday. It’s the most ambitious thing I’ve attempted in a while. I’m posting the sketch so far; it is far from finished.

It’s from a photograph that has long fascinated me. This is the owner of a silk mill in Paterson flanked by two ladies. The lady on the right is my grandmother Nellie Maisel.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this. May paint it in black and white and shades of gray. I hope I can capture the hectic quality of a desk in a silk mill in the 1930’s (just an estimate. The photo isn’t dated.

Close ups.

Year of the Dog

dog 1s

Every dog
has its day—top dog,
shaggy dog,
dirty dog–
everybody and their dog–
going to the dogs.

In dog years,
it’s a dog’s life.  Put
on the dog,
hot dog, hot
diggety dog.  Tail wagging
the dog.  Lucky dog.

Walk the dog
and call off the dogs.
Teach the old
dog new tricks.
(on the internet no one
knows you’re dogging it).

bliss s

I’m going with the prediction that this Brown Earth Dog year of 2018 will see a rise of social consciousness and environmental awareness, and the return of generosity and feelings of fellowship and community.

Our language is filled with phrases that include the word “dog”.  I had fun stringing some of them together with a multi-patterned dog mask as accompaniment.  And you can see my original post about Bliss, the dog pictured above, here.

Sunday Painting

I sat down over the weekend and got some painting done. Yay! I had started this portrait of my mother in black and white and messed with it.

I had the paint really heavy on her face at one point so I pressed a paper towel over it. It came out like a weird ghost.

That reminded me how much fun it really is to paint. I’ve got something else started which I hope to finish today. Here’s a sketch done on the first page of a new watercolor block which happens to be black.

And the same image filled in with some color.

All in all a pretty productive weekend. And still no sign of sun in Northern NJ.

Some Favorite Drawings and Jaywalk’s questions

Thank you Jaywalks for nominating us. Here are my answers to your questions:

Which one word describes your blog? Artistic

Is there a post you’re particularly proud of? I love bridges. I liked my drawings of the Williamsburg Bridge and others.

Any grand goals for the blog? I’d be happy if I could post more. I used to draw at work but can’t really do that at my new (corporate) job.

Thanks to Jaywalks for nominating us. Kerfe is the pulse of this blog and our driving force so I must thank her also.

Have a great weekend!

“until justice rolls down like waters…”

caspian sea from space s

“No, no, we are not satisfied, and we will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream.”
–Martin Luther King Jr.