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Postcard Fiction: Become a Traveler

how to become a traveler s

What to do between the silent secrets of stars?
Open the question at the crossroads of memory and your dreams.
Chase clouds of deep light.
Learn how to become a traveler in the unexplainable.
(in any order…)


For Jane Dougherty’s Sunday Strange Microfiction prompt, above.

Postcard Fiction: On the Other Side

on the other side s

All sleep ends up on the other side
There’s a turning point that takes everything everywhere
outside of time and space
poised on the edge of nowhere


Jane Dougherty’s Sunday Strange microfiction prompt, a painting by Hans Thoma.

lizard s

Magnetic Poetry Saturday: Ask These


Ask these tongues
how can my dreams
shine by day
yet ache like storms

together their music rains
symphony and sky
shadowless moon

This was another collaboration with Nina and the Oracle that fit together really easily.  We decided to surprise each other today with our artwork and post separately.  I punched holes to embroider on the paper, and then decided just to leave the holes.  The weird light is because I photographed the collage taped to the window so the sun would shine through the holes.


Postcard Fiction: Dreaming is Free


Jane Dougherty’s microfiction challenge #15, “Freedom”, was posted way back in September.  I liked the painting by Ilya Repin (below) so much that I did it twice.  Above is the first response.



In the middle of the ocean
time fades into mystery
a journey illuminated
by movement translated into form.
What lies beneath this dream?



but keep in mind…





Part 2 of my response to Jane Dougherty’s prompt this week.


For Part 1 look here.

Purple Dreams (for Prince)

purple dreams s

Lie down beneath the shadow of the stars
the summer night is lonely, full of haze
the sea reflects the silent air so dark
and good things never last, or so they say

But open up your heart, release your mind
and see the sun despite the purple sky
the waters laugh and sparkle, move and shine
the world goes round and round as echoes fly

And if the heavens give us pearls and dreams
and if a blue moon showers us with words
and if a shining diamond fills the seas
why can’t the starfish transform into birds?

Imagine that these clouds hold hands with love
and rain the stars from eyes to skies above

purple night photo

For some reason, the photo in Jane Dougherty’s meter poetry challenge this week (above) immediately made me think of Prince.  I decided to use snippets from his lyrics, along with Jane’s words suggestions of “stars, night and water”, in my poem.  I thought about a ballad, but in the end trying another sonnet seemed to fit the best.  This second sonnet attempt was definitely easier than the first.

star birds s

These Rorschach paintings are also going interesting places.

Enjoy your weekend!


Junk Mail Art: Recurrent Dream

1 laughing s

2 door s

3 dream face s

4 mirror s

5 don't exist s

6 circle s

When did the laughing begin?  the door is like a mirror:  you see yourself.  The dream face opens a window and draws you into a world that endlessly circles.  I mirror you in images that don’t exist yet.  When did the laughing begin?  The door…


Jane Dougherty’s microfiction challenge this week includes the painting above and the theme “who goes there?”.

recurrent dream collage s

Who indeed?

Sleepy Song

sleepy songs close up s

pink wish s

I’m still working on cleaning out my old work files.  When you design from home, they tend to accumulate, and the last time I moved I never even opened a lot of boxes.  I found this painting in a grouping of children’s book illustrations I did at least 25 years ago.  I did not paint it on watercolor paper, so it’s a bit wrinkly.

sleepy songs s

A friend of mine worked at Simon and Schuster at the time and suggested I send some art for consideration. The rejection letter was in the file, along with a bunch of wildly different illustrations…well they did say the art was “above average”.

Working freelance, I tried anything and everything design-wise that was asked for or suggested.  Some things worked out better than others.

pink wish opening
hearts filling time with winged dreams
gentle rhapsody

And more Magnetic Poetry…as I told The Elusive Trope, it’s both relaxing and addictive.

Poem in Your Pocket Day

Big and blue s

Moon and stars, big and blue the sky–
sleep coming, sleep is coming soon–
wings drift close, shadowing the light.
I wish for wings so I could fly–
touch the stars, touch the shining moon–
map the sky by scattering dreams,
catching the stars to say good night,
sky covered with magic moon beams.

The elementary school my daughters attended celebrated National Poetry Month in a big way.  The children read and wrote a lot of verse, and Poem in Your Pocket Day was always fun, as they would pull out favorites to read to their classmates.  Last year in April I posted a few of the bookmarks the school made one year with poems and artwork from the students.  Both poem and artwork above were inspired by the bookmark below.

midnight bookmark

I love the images both Kenisha and Keanu used to represent the dreamworld of the night.  Both would be in their early 20s now; I hope they are still writing and drawing their worlds.  And producing poems from their pockets!

hand and moon s

My poem is in the form of a san san, the challenge by Jane Dougherty this week.  NaPoWriMo used this form for a prompt too, and I’ve wanted to try it, so thanks Jane for the push!

poetry month

What Does This Mean?

nothing is there s

nothing is there        what does this mean?
knock at the door  pass in between
as if possessed  spiritual dream
needs to be seen  needs to be seen

the outer edge  a spiral shift
imprecise blue  cosmos is glimpsed
visions reborn  new dawn eclipsed
changes are swift  changes are swift

messages from  next higher plane
emerging forms  transcendent state
purpose in mind  always in vain
questions remain  questions remain

art like a thought  galactic death
end of the world  portal of breath
moment in time        what happens next?
paths intersect  paths intersect

not of the hand  not of the eyes
essence of how  essence of why
still in the dark        chaos replies
the answer lies the answer lies

A monotetra from Jane Dougherty’s weekly challenge.

Both artwork and poem were inspired by Hilma af Klint, a Swedish mystic who painted more than a thousand of her visions and messages from spirits from the late 1800s until her death in 1944.  During her lifetime, no critic or gallery owner championed her art. And since her will requested that the paintings not be shown until 20 years after her death, it was only in the 1980’s that the work began to be seen and to reach a wider audience.

Hak187 s

She experimented with geometry and automatic drawing in parallel with well-known modernist artists like Klee, Kandinsky, Mondrian, and the Delaunays.  Like them, she was also influenced by the spiritualist and occult movements of the early 20th century.

nothing orig art s

To make my collage I first drew two abstract landscapes, one on black paper and one on white paper.  I was originally going to do another grid with them, but after seeing Hilma af Klint’s painting, I was inspired to be a bit more adventurous with my cutting and pasting.

nothing is there close up s

Hilma af Klint’s paintings can currently be seen at the Serpentine Galleries in London.