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Christophe Neimann

Netflix is doing a great documentary series called “Abstract”. Last night we watched the one about Christophe Neimann, an illustrator who currently lives in Berlin. I was beyond inspired. Mr. Neimann’s work can be seen on numerous New Yorker covers and can be followed on Instagram @abstractsundays. 

I hope I’m not breaking any copyright laws by posting some of his work. Here are some other examples. Just brilliant. 

Turtle bone

Kerfe gave me this turtle bone Saturday. I wish this blog had smell capability: this gift from the sea still carries the pungent aroma of the salt water. In doing this painting I noticed how much this reminded me of a conch shell. Kerfe was fortunate to find this buried in the sand and it was a lovely gift. Thank you Kerfe!

My cute neighbor’s giraffe

My next door neighbors are very cute kids. They asked to see my art studio this morning (which is a mess). The middle son asked to borrow my hot glue gun and a little while later came over to show me what he had made! I offered him some paint but he said he liked it as it was–natural. I am happy that maybe I inspired him with my crazy skulls and stuff made out of wood to make something of his own. Made my day!

Girl with Fish

The piece of wood looked like a piece of Swiss cheese with the wormholes in it. I put the big square crystal on it and started painting. The girl came out and then the head of the fish. Painting on little pieces of wood is a nice freeing experience: it’s just for fun. 

Here was a stage where I thought it was finished. After looking at the photo I saw some other things and did a little more. 

‘Gator and friend

This piece of wood looked like a bird. I was painting it as a toucan and when I turned it upside down I saw that it would make a better alligator. 

Here is a painted twig to accompany him. Front and back views. 

Found Objects

I love picking up rusty junk, odd pieces of wood and other detritus. While waiting for the paint to dry on the next painting, I started playing around with some objects. 

It’s not glued down yet. Here’s another version. I think I like the one with the skull better.  

Here’s hoping you find something interesting on the road or in the woods today!

Wood Sprite

I tripped over this piece of wood in the woods and didn’t pick it up. When I tripped over it again I took it home. I saw something in it: some kind of animal. This piece of wood needed painting to bring it to life. 

I forgot to take a picture of the piece before I painted it.  

A rainy Monday but late March showers bring May flowers. 

Torso in the woods

That sounds rather gory but it’s not. I picked up this piece of birch wood on a dog walk and it looked uncannily like a torso. My neighbor cut off the jagged ends so it could stand up. I was going to paint it but when I looked at it I couldn’t–it seemed perfect. What do you think? Maybe I’ll just do the round top in rainbow colors. Or earth tones. Or is it just right as it is? 


I appreciate feedback on this one as this was a rare find. I don’t want to mess it up.