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Dear Mother

I was always making things for my mother who appreciated my artistic nature very much. I found this little box I gave her after she died, dated 1963. I was 14. It really touched me that she kept it all those years. 

Inside there was a little felt book cover I made for her. I guess she never used it because it was still inside. I’m kind of glad about that. Homemade gifts are the best. Happy Mothers Day to all the great moms, stepmoms, grandmoms and in fact all women. Still raining here in NJ but looking forward to being pampered with waffles today. 

Speaking of Stitchery

The photo doesn’t really do it justice but this is the cover of the notebook Kerfe gave me on Saturday. She thinks it is all hand stitched and it is incredible. 

The artist is not anonymous. In fact she has a shop on Etsy.  


Lunch with Kerfe

Kerfe took me out for an early birthday lunch today. We feasted at Manhattan Valley, our usual Indian spot which today featured a buffet. This is a picture of Kerfe’s drawing hand hovering over a decimated plate of food. 

Kerfe gifted me with a beautiful notebook and a set of colored pencils. It was a dreary day in NYC but being with Kerfe was a bright spot in my week. Thank you Kerfe! 



lobster sweater s

When Teresa at One Good Thing published a post about knitting, I told her I had made a sweater for my daughter for Christmas, and she requested that I post a photo.  I finally got around to taking one, and here it is!  I made a lot of sweaters back in the day (oh about 25 years ago), but I hadn’t done one in a long time, so I was a bit apprehensive.  My daughter wanted a lobster, blue on red, and gave me one of her sweaters for fit.  Even though I made a sample swatch for size, it’s definitely shorter than her sample sweater, but she seems to like it anyway–at least she’s worn it.  The neck was what I was most concerned about–a crew neck would have been much easier for me–but it turned out OK too.

star wars pillowcases s

Then for her birthday, she saw this Star Wars fabric and requested pillow cases.  The fabric was sold out from the original source, but I managed to locate some more.  Again…I used to sew, but it’s been so long I had to look up how to thread the machine.  On the other hand, pillowcases–the only dilemma was how to construct it:  fold at the top, or on the sides.  We have pillowcases made both ways.  I chose fold at the top, and used an existing pillowcase as a pattern.  And actually sewing (a seam anyway–I would not attempt a zipper at this point in time) is like riding a bicycle, it comes back.

star wars close up s

My daughter has seen the new Star Wars movie at least 5 times that I know of (once with me).  But here’s what I really like:  she just assumed I could make these things.  And so I did.  There’s a little lesson here I think…