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Weekend Work 5/23/2022

This biblical phrase came via a gift of handmade paper sent by Kerfe. The piece is done on that paper which was not flat and had to be dampened with water and pressed with a board and rocks; I had to do this several times as the paper’s instinct was to curl up.

I kept that little slip of paper with these words and did this piece for myself. I am an anxious person: it’s in my DNA. Through my husband’s ordeal I could feel the ball of anxiety in my gut. He is home now, feeling better and bearing the scars of surgery. But I must not be anxious.

Posted this one in progress. It’s done now and added to the collection.

Have a good week! Nina

Weekend Work and update

The baby deer skull is done. This was a unique find by my friend Neil aka Nature Boy: it had its lower jaw attached and top and bottom teeth. I’m going to give it back to him.

I added to my working space in the living room. I am quite pleased with having more area. Who says living rooms can’t be art studios?

A couple started. I counted my paintings on black paper: 48. I picked out four to frame. I just ordered more black paper from Etsy so I guess I’m not done with these yet.

Sunday’s New York Times had this as its front and back cover. An unmitigated disaster.

Husband update: recovering from surgery, it went well, we just keep trying to be upbeat. He is a real trooper and I’m grateful that he’s like this and not like me, a crybaby who overreacts to everything.

Have a good week! Nina

A Protection Piece

My husband’s bout with Covid 19 has been documented here since January.

He will be going back to the hospital this week. He developed a problem which requires surgery.

The silver lining is that he has a great medical team: infectious disease, pulmonology, urology, hematology, surgical: he has seen all of these doctors.

I did this piece for his protection. I’m applying for Family Leave; my manager encouraged this as I’ve been shaky at work and prone to bursting into tears.

The surgery is scheduled for Friday. Please send good vibes to the universe and I will keep you posted.

Weekend Work 3/21/22

I did a little painting this weekend, catching up on a few already started. This one I’m probably going to cut up. The three images are too crowded, not enough space around them.

A good luck piece for my husband. Chai is Hebrew for life. Today is the first day he says he feels better.

Not finished but in a way I like it like this.

Best regards to all WordPress friends. Thanks for your kind words and support during my husband’s bout with Covid.

Weekend Work 3/7/2022

Woman with red hair, inspired by “The Gilded Age” currently on HBO. It was fun painting in all the details. The background is one of the great stone mansions. It’s a good show and the costumes are inspiring.

Landscape growing out of the sea. It was especially fun to paint the sea on the bottom.

Things have still been difficult as far as my husband and Covid. I made him go back to the doctor on Friday. She said the infection is lingering in part because he didn’t get treated earlier (he was four weeks in before he sought medical treatment) but she believes he will make a complete recovery. He went in to work today, still coughing but says he feels better.

Some little shoots are starting to come up in my yard. Spring is coming. Have a good week! Nina

Weekend Work 2/28/2022

Couple of things from this weekend. This one was made with a piece of the handmade paper Kerfe gave me, with three figures cut out of another painting. It’s different for me. Just go with it, I say.

My husband is still not feeling 100%. We just took a walk on a brisk sunny day here in NJ and he felt winded. Covid is no joke. This painting reflects my dreams which have been weird but not that scary.

Hoping for the best and for spring!

Weekend Work 2/14/2022

It’s been a long Covid haul at my house. I was down for two weeks. My husband is on day 22 of a very bad case (despite us all being triple vaxxed). My daughter also tested positive but was asymptomatic.

I got a chance to do some painting. I have a few going as usual but consider these two done.

I hope everyone is keeping safe and warm; another chilly day here on the east coast. Spring is coming!

Weekend Work 1/24/2022

Did some painting this weekend. I titled this one “Herd Immunity”. Ironic because my husband tested positive yesterday for Covid despite being vaxxed and boosted.

I can’t decide which way this looks better. I kind of like it both ways. The brown circles are decals that came with a piece of furniture we put together this week.

I’ve had this one hanging around for a while.

We’re going down to the office now to get swabbed. I tested negative yesterday but feeling not that great.

Have a good week! Nina

Weekend Work 1/10/2022

This one is possibly the craziest thing I’ve done in a while. It came out of this one that I posted last week:

It got flipped around. You can see some of the elements in the top painting. Stuff just started emerging and I went with it.

This one is going to an old friend from high school. She is going to have heart surgery and I wanted to do a piece for her. She’s an artist and will appreciate the effort, I think.

This was just a lot of fun to do. I may do more like this.

My daughter took me to see this archway someone in my town made. We think it’s a tree that was mostly cut down and then the existing vines were formed into an arch. Couldn’t get a better shot but this was a great outdoor piece.

Still cold in Northern NJ. Have a good week! Nina

Weekend Work 1/3/2022

This one should be called “Don’t Fence Me In”. The fence came out of nowhere and I liked it. This one reminded me of a very old painting I did early 90’s:

I like separate components that pull together on the picture plane. I finished this one that I’ve been playing around with for a while:

A couple of others that aren’t done.

Thank you to all WordPress friends. It is wonderful to have your support in my painting endeavors. Nina