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windmill s

Horizon of air
this point where sky meets earth
sun of glowing fire

Day ending with fire
clouds dancing in light and air
shade darkening earth

Wind sails around earth
reflected through rays of fire
that swallow the air

Through spiraling air the rotating earth encircling the fire

windmill at sunset, Brill, Buckinghamshire. Image: Sue Vincent

A tritina for Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, above.  I was taken by the interaction of air, earth, and fire.

Artwork is a monoprint.

Abstract Monday

Playing around with paint is always fun. I just start putting down color and see where it takes me. 

Bridge over Passaic River

A small bridge in Paterson. The river runs all through Paterson and culminates at the Great Falls. This was a rush job as I didn’t want to break my run of posts.#World Watercolor Month

Saturday fail

I held this one up to my husband. “What do you think?”  He had a funny look and I could tell he didn’t like it, especially that shape on the top. I scrawled the words on the shape thinking it might help. Sometimes a painting doesn’t work out that well and that’s okay too. Have a great Saturday. 


A bunch of rowers out on the water. Freedom, fresh air, a perfect way to start the weekend. 

A grouping

A bunch of some of the paintings of the last week or so. 

Precipice version 2

Something made me paint this picture a second time. I wanted to make the figures bigger so I could paint their features better. I think this one was more successful. 

Here’s the two of them together on the wall. 


Three guys in suits standing on a mountaintop. The one on the left is my father. A strange photo I found and I don’t know why they were standing in this spot. 

Here’s the original photo. 

Park Bench

I had in mind to do two elderly ladies sitting on a park bench feeding the pigeons. It became instead two girls just hanging in the summertime.
It’s from my head not a photo for a change. I remember being a kid and just drawing all the time. It is more of a concerted effort trying to post every day. It’s also #worldwatercolormonth and I am proud to be a contributor (and proud of Doodlewash Charlie for making it happen).



This was the actual image I meant to post.




Because I’m not really sure what this painting is. Two figures up in the left, sitting in beach chairs. Some beach cottages in the foreground. Or maybe it’s something else. 

It’s fun to play with gouache, watercolor and Neocolor. I may change this one up. Here’s a couple of details. 

Happy painting.