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happysad s

happy_sad magnetic

luck opens happy
dancing and believing all
sounds are hearts laughing

sad remembers promises
the voice between dream and light

The Oracle is cryptic on this subject.

For Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge.


Green-Headed Tanager

green headed tanager s

The ancient forest
above, fragmented into
isolated gaps

Cursed by poverty of vision–
wings clipped into parts, denied

I chose to paint this bird because of its colors.  The most common tanager in Brazil, it also lives in the humid forest canopy in Paraguay and Argentina.  Although not yet endangered, its population has been decreasing.  What hit me most is the fact that only 8% of its original habitat remains, and the populations are fragmented as a result.  That will surely result in a continued population decline.

The words for my tanka were supplied by the Secret Keeper’s weekly prompt.

Happy Draw a Bird Day!

Mosaic 2

Ideas generate ideas and the more art you do the better. Lying in bed this morning I thought of some things I may do on this one: markings in the white space, words, borders around the whole or the individual squares and such. On the other hand I like this. It looks clean (although I could have done a better job with the placement of the squares) and seems pretty complete. 

Woven and a Striped Background

I painted a background on which to mount the second woven painting. I did these for fun but I’m thinking if I ever had a little exhibit I’d frame and show them. They are a bit irregular which bothers my OCD but it is what it is. 

The stripes got lost because this is woven pretty tightly–no space to show the colors throughout. Next time I’ll leave some space. And I have some extra for the next venture. 


These are the edges of the woven piece from yesterday. Not exactly a grid because they are all different sizes but I may try doing a Kerfe style grid with even squares. There is something about this I like. I like how the colors work together and how it moves from the blues to the pinky oranges. 

Woven 2

This time I cut a painting on the paper cutter inadvertently leaving the first strip attached at the edge. This kept the original image somewhat together. 

It also made it easier to weave and to get a tighter weave. Here it is finished. 

I stuck the little squares I cut off down the sides. It’s not glued down though. I did glue down the first one on black painted watercolor paper. 

Here’s a closeup of the second one. This was the abstract I posted last week. 

I am thinking of doing some very small weavings for my greeting card supply. 

Self Portrait #19 (after Klee)

sp 19 comp

a mask
in my mind
always a surprise seen

fool_almost me magnetic

It may or may not still be Selfie Day, but I’ve been trying to get a portrait done for the 23rd of each month for my 100 Self Portrait series.  I’m on to a new artist to imitate, Paul Klee.  This is probably the most abstracted one I’ve done so far–I did my usual mirror pencil sketch and then smoothed it out to imitate Klee’s painting.  I think it still bears a strange resemblance somehow.

And of course I had to ask the Magnetic Oracle for commentary.

Fool (almost me)

I am almost me
listening to colors breathe
secrets laugh
red blue rhythm
born from liquid joy

As these windows open
who will fool
this naked heart?

And I actually managed to do the NaPoWriMo prompt today:  an elevenie poem.



The abstract from the other day: I cut it into strips and wove it. It reminded me of those loopy pot holders we used to make on the little metal frame. Those were fun! Anyone out there remember making pot holders for their mothers?

This was a good way to improve an ugly painting and I kind of like it. Here’s a closeup with it on black paper. 

Also a close up on white. The black is better I think. 

Evolution of a Hot Mess

Sometimes a painting just doesn’t work out. This is one of those times. 

It started out innocently enough. Easter egg colors and and abstract composition, nothing wrong with that. 

It seemed bland and it needed contrast so I started messing with it. 

Maybe a little better but just not right. Did a black and white filter on it: pretty awful. 

Oh well. Not every painting has to be a masterpiece. Featured image is the finished one; I added big swaths of black but that didn’t really help either. An example of the process, folks!

Abstract (splashing paint around)

I haven’t been painting enough. This piece started with three main globs of color and went on from there. Shout out to Davisbrotherlylove whose abstracts inspire me a lot, although his are well thought out and considered while this one is pretty much a mess. Still, it’s a start and I will do some more like this. 

Excited that Kerfe is taking the train to see me today for my birthday (next week). I will show her around and we will go to the Matisse show at the Montclair Museum. I’m trying to decide where to go for lunch. We have 120 restaurants here so it’s hard to decide. I will post our adventures later.