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I’m starting to do some more elaborate rocks in gouache not meant for outside. I am going to send some as Christmas gifts to certain people.

We had a nice Thanksgiving for three. I am grateful that I live with two pretty interesting (if at times baffling) people. My daughter put the holiday spin on things with her flowers and table setting.

A sloppy retrospective of rocks.

Gratitude to the WordPress community for your support: thank you!

A for effort

I have been uninspired this week. I did some of these pumpkins and put them around the neighborhood. I’ve given away a lot of rocks and need to replenish the supply.

I wanted to do something different than the black wonky mandalas. These are very simple. I’m not really too crazy about them.

One of the walls in the neighborhood. It has my rocks and lots of the kids’ rocks. I like to walk by and play with them.

It is a gloomy day here in NJ. Have a good week! Nina

Weekend drawing and painting, 10/17/20

I started this one a few weeks ago. It’s good that I’m trying to post some art every Monday because it makes me sit down and work. This one has the three figures in it but they were put in intentionally.

I wasn’t feeling inspired much. Took a walk with my husband and found this little bird wing. I’m hoping it’s just a piece from the bird and that the bird is still okay. It was a beautiful little find so I had to do a drawing.

Lovely weather here in New Jersey. I hope everyone has a good week. Nina

Painting 10/10 weekend

I found myself sitting down and doing a bit of painting over the weekend. I’m running out of rocks so got some of them going:

I used ArtSet for iPad for the first time in a while. I drew this landscape using my forefinger.

All in all a good weekend. Have a good week! Nina

Pandemic Painting (10/5/20)

A painting that started out as something else and became another of these painting with three figures: unintentional. I am sheltering in place with my husband and daughter and somehow the three configuration gets into my painting.

I hope everyone has a good week. Nina

Pandemic painting

This painting has been in progress for a few weeks. There was a large pink area that I didn’t know what to do with. One sleepless night I thought “tornados” so I put them in. Turns out it looked better upside down so the tornados are more like giant trees.

I am going to try to paint some tornados next, though.

9/28 and still painting rocks

I stayed out of work today to observe Yom Kippur, the day of atonement. I wanted to get a batch of rocks to post because I’ve been pretty good about posting on Monday. And I’ve made it by 45 minutes.

I also finished a painting tonight I think. I’ve been working on it for a few weeks and it started coming together. I will post it tomorrow.

To all, I wish the best. Nina

Weekend work 9/21/2020

It was a nice fall weekend here and I did some art work: a couple of paintings and another batch of rocks.

You can’t really tell but I painted these rocks a dark gray, not black. They need one more coat of matte fixative and then they’ll be ready to give away. I keep some in my drawer at work to give out. People are surprised when I hand them one.

Hope it’s a good week for everyone. Nina

The pandemic and my unconscious mind

I’ve been doing these drawings starting with a swoop of a few blobs of paint with a large paintbrush.

My daughter doesn’t really pay much attention to my artwork. She looked at this one and said “this is our family”. Me, husband, daughter and daughter’s dog…I did not do this intentionally.

Where did this come from? The figures: a Keith Haring rip-off. The swoop I’ve been doing I copied from a TikTok artist (it is a lot of fun to do). But the content came purely from my unconscious mind. I’m sure of it.

There is so much terrifying stuff going on-not to me personally, but in the world, and everyone is affected. A generation of kids-especially the really young ones-are missing out on the beauty of going to school. Fires raging in our country and on the island of Lesbos, displacing thousands of people. I am pretty old but I wonder: will it be okay?

9/7/2020 painting/rocks

Gouache on black paper. The paper doesn’t take the paint that well but I don’t care, I’m just messing around.

I also had to make a new batch of rocks. I put a bunch out in the neighborhood and gave away some of my special ones. I reverted back to the black and multicolor wonky mandala designs which I find very relaxing.

Have a good week!