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Lunch with Kerfe

My husband and went into NYC to see Kerfe. It’s been a long time. We met at her place and had lunch at Sarabeth’s.

As our readers know, Kerfe and I have been friends for many years. Getting together today it was as if no time had passed. I can talk to Kerfe about anything, although I couldn’t complain about my husband today (only for a minute when he used the rest room).

I asked her if I could post the cards she’s sent me over the last years and she agreed (surprisingly because she is very modest). Aren’t they good? They all have poems on the reverse side.

Kerfe suggested starting this blog in 2014 as a way of seeing each other’s art and encouraging same. Kerfe took to blogging and to my mind is a superstar on here. It has allowed us to look back at what we’ve done and keep doing it!

Stay safe, all, and have a good weekend. Nina

Another Batch

I’ve been producing a lot of cards. Here are some from the weekend. 

I cut up paintings a lot to make cards. I’ve done a lot of different paintings and they are mostly just sitting on a table in my art room. They look like this:

A New Batch

One thing I use and sell art-wise are my greeting cards. My supply was running low so I got the assembly line going: cut up the painting, rubber cement onto the blank cards, leave under a brick for a while and then draw some more on the image and outline. It’s very relaxing. 

Peace on Earth

A very Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to my lovely WordPress family. 

Found #3

My husband found this while going through old papers. The year must have been around 1981. I don’t remember doing this at all but I’d recognize my style anywhere. 

Here’s the invitation to the open house of his first office–35 years later. 

Cutting up a painting

Kerfe suggested my last roses painting would make good cards. She always has good ideas so what the heck, I cut it up into squares. I made a couple. Then I did a grid of eight to make something else–still working on it. Here are two cards.  


In the Blink of an Eye

Every time I start cleaning (a drawer, the garage) I find something I’ve made. This was a card I made for my daughter on her 21st birthday. 

She wasn’t too impressed with it, I guess, because she just put it down somewhere and I found it eight years later.  

I used to do a lot of these cards using people’s photos. They were pretty cute.  

I’m glad I found this although there appear to be some pages missing. It was bound together but got detached along the way as things sometimes do. 

Last batch of cards for 2015?

Doing the big batch of cards with mostly leftover paint on black paper is so much fun. Each batch makes twelve cards so I have a pretty good supply going. Here’s another completed page. 

Page of little paintings: 

Cut up into squares: 


More Cards

Little mandalas done on black paper. I thought they would look good on a white card. 

Pretty easy and fun to do a whole sheet of them and then cut them up.  

Getting pretty chilly here in NJ. Have a great day. 

First batch

Here is the completed card. 

Here is the first batch ready to be mounted on the card. They have to be glued and put under a brick to dry. I am happy I accomplished this yesterday. As I said it has been a few years since I did cards. See what blogging and the encouragement of blog friends can do? Thanks!