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Imagine (reprise)

peace on earth nina

I may have mentioned that I am finally cleaning out the storage room.  I’ve gotten through the first layer of old knit swatches and yarn, and the first portfolio stored in the back behind them yielded a lot of my children’s drawings, and a few cards, including this one sent to my family by Nina and her family for the 2001 holidays, the first holiday season after 9/11.  I would like to resend it out today to those governors, sons and daughters of immigrants all, who wish to close the doors of America to those in need because of their religion.

imagine close up s

And it reminded me of the very first headline haiku I did, “Imagine“, so I thought it was time to also reprise John and Yoko’s wish for the world.

imagine s

“You may say that I’m a dreamer.
But I’m not the only one.”

I know that’s true.  Not all of us are ready to close the doors out of fear and our minds and hearts with them.

Greeting card

I haven’t had a chance to sketch of paint since returning home from Boston. Today is Yom Kippur, a day to reflect and fast. Hopefully I will sit down and try to execute one of the photos I took for inspiration in Boston. Meanwhile here is a card I did for a company that wanted some. I did 300 of them–printed of course!

I hand printed on the back of the card. It was a nice little gig.  


Small Landscape

A greeting card done in gouache resist. 


Two greeting cards pristine in their little cellophane wrappers. I used to do a lot of these by dividing up the paper into squares and painting each one, then cutting them up and mounting them on cards. I kept these probably because they were in with a pile of other stuff but still, I think I should start doing them again. These have the little square painting and then I painted around the square. They were more successful with just the square on the white card surrounding but I like these too. 

Personalized birthday card

I made a card for our landlord and friend, Dr. G. He’s a lovely guy and very talented; happy birthday, Dr. G.

Small painting

This just fell out of a sketchbook that I’m taking to work with me. Old etching cut up and combined with color, very good example of my work. It was to be a greeting card but apparently I saved it for another purpose.

A large pattern derived from smaller pieces

Another color copier effort. In effect I’ve created a textile design but with no repeat. This is going to be measured off and some will be mounted on a greeting card for my semi-ironic, going back to the ole cards which actually were good. With the ability to copy and repeat I may come up with some good abstractions out of these.

Greeting cards

I’ve always done greeting cards. I used to do ones from photos people would give me and do a little artwork with it. Now it’s all digital…which means I can now do good copies of my own work for use as greeting cards. The two odd ones shown were just two of many designs. I do intend to paint these in actual paint and then see what kind of copies I’d get. This would allow me, if one were really special, to reserve some.
Not to be avaricious but I’d like to sell some of these cards. Will talk to my two places, maybe do some good holiday cards. I still have the good acetate card holders.
Now I just need to get to work.