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Wonder Bread

The Wonder Bread factory in Paterson. When they baked you could smell the aroma across town. Schools used to tour the factory and they’d give you a mini loaf.

The ProCreate version. Printed out on paper and messed with.

Girl playing the guitar on ProCreate and then printed and messed with. That is a pretty good replacement right now for now having a spot to paint.

ProCreate and sketching

Fooling around more with ProCreate. This one I did, printed it out in color and drew over it.

A sketch of some dancers out on a lawn.

A cold but welcome weekend here in Northern NJ. And as a bonus the sun is shining–always good.

Landscape ( for Kerfe)

ProCreate for iPad. 11/27/18.

Painting 11/7/18

It’s hard to believe that Kerfe and I (mostly Kerfe) have been posting art on this blog for four (almost five) years. I doubt I’d be painting much at all if Kerfe hadn’t suggested doing this. I will try my best to cover while she takes a short break.

More fooling around with the ProCreate app for iPad. I must admit I like actual paint better but I get a kick out of playing around with this app.

Lovely day here in Northern NJ. Enjoy!

Procreate App for iPad

The more I try out this app the more I like it. This was the first version of some little houses.

Went back in with white and messed it up. It doesn’t really matter because it’s not real. It’s digital and that means you can just mess around and have fun with it!

The Merry Month of May

May is here bringing sunny weather to NJ! Little drawing done on the iPad today. Hope everyone is enjoying spring.

Procreate for iPad

I’ve been hearing about the Procreate app for a while. I downloaded it the other day on my new iPad. I couldn’t really understand it. My daughter looked at it and said it’s a lot like Photoshop. Anyway, she created this image out of art that was on the iPad. How, I don’t know. But she said she would help me figure it out. I’ve seen some great work done on this app so I hope she can help me. Again (disclaimer) this work is by my daughter, not me, but she gave me permission to post it!

iPad doodling

My husband got me a new iPad!

I wanted the iPad Pro (for the ProCreate art app); the app is available on this iPad but I haven’t purchased it yet. This is done on the ArtSet app which works better on the new iPad.

My old iPad is obsolete so I was pleased with this gift. Unfortunately my game “Matching with Friends” has been discontinued. I’ve been playing this dumb game for a few years and I will miss it.

More snow today in NJ. Looks like it’s stopping now and hopefully this will be it.


I haven’t done any drawing on the iPad for a while. Sitting around with my husband (he’s home sick) watching a documentary on autism and I started fooling around with it. I really want to get the iPad Pro with its magic pencil. Some of the things I’ve seen done with it are great.

ArtSet for iPad

I fool around with this app often. It’s a fun option and pretty easy. It’s better on the larger iPad although I have the app on my iPhone as well. 

This was the first version just white on black. I had to make the bricks red and then went on from there. A successful though useless digital drawing. Happy Friday.