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Spring Flowers

iPad drawing app. Just a little vase of flowers. It’s my anniversary today: 36 years married. (Kerfe was at my wedding). 

Tearing my hair out. 

I’ll just leave it at that. 


I wanted to use every color available on the ArtSet app for iPad and it was fun. After I finished and snapped a screen shot I used the app where you can smush the paint. I almost like the second (smushed) one better. 

This app is really fun. Highly recommend it. 


I’ve been trying to do a few drawings a day on the iPad Art Set app. I think I’m maybe starting to get a little better at it. I usually use the paint application and then the thickest pencil they have. It’s really a lot of fun. 

Hema Boy

The Hema tribe consists of about 160,000 members in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. I found the picture of the boy wearing a fur hat in a random magazine. 

I’m struck by his beautiful eyes and the fur hat adorned with feathers. The hat looks like something off the runway. Here is the iPad version. 

And here is the photo of this wonderful boy. 

Vibrational Creature

That’s what we all are. 

iPad sketching

Two sketches from the Art Set app (deluxe) for iPad. 

When in doubt do a grid. 


Done on the Art Set app for iPad over a photo. Cheating, I suppose, but I like the look of this especially her eyes.