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Let Secrets Shine

tree creature collage s

let secrets shine magnetic

Inspired by Nina’s Tree Creature with Three Eyes.

grow wings
and breathe blue breezes
be a wild spirit
of water and wind
let secrets shine
though deep listening
climb light between the songs
of birds


firebird s

The ring rises in flames, shadows of the sun opening a path to beginning. Rocks expand and explode into ashes, illuminating the sharp contrast of future within the past. Eyes focus with renewed clarity on the intersection of time.

The cosmic altar calls. The egg of myrrh responds, acting as catalyst to wings embracing the sky.

Reflected as moon
fertility unfolding
forever returned

I’ve finally taken Colleen’s haibun challenge, using both her prompt words and those of the Secret Keeper this week.

Paired with another piece of mythological junk mail art.


May Day/International Worker’s Day

summer forest 4 x 6 text

translations of light–
shifted green a mirrored edge
projected beyond

“Work well and have gratitude to Mother Earth.”
–Gary Snyder

“If we do not serve what coheres and endures, we serve what disintegrates and destroys.”
–Wendell Berry

 “When we speak we are afraid our words will not be heard or welcomed. But when we are silent, we are still afraid. So it is better to speak.”
— Audre Lorde

Born Awake

oracle dot comp

born awake magnetic

all breath remembers
born awake
dazzled open
naked as air

I’ve enjoyed my NaPoWriMo collaboration with the Magnetic Poetry Oracle.  I compiled all my collages, above, dots in many manifestations.  I was worried that everything might begin to look and sound alike.  I have my style and my themes in any circumstances–what do you think?

It’s hard to pick a favorite, but maybe the boat sailing through elaborate music…

I didn’t do all thirty days, but I did more than half.  Not bad.



Moon Gardens

moon gardens black s

moon gardens magnetic

between night and dark
rest secret longings
pure songs
wandering in moon gardens
shaded with ancient air

The NaPoWriMo prompt today is to use a phrase from someone else’s work to spark a poem.  I got the phrase “moon garden” not from a poem but from Michael Chabon’s wonderful book “Moonglow”.  I’ve been wanting to use it somewhere, and here it is (with the help of the Magnetic Oracle).



Dream Music

dream music s

dream music magnetic

star spirits bring gifts
of laughing mindlight voices
peaceful dream music

tears remembering moments
life finding here inside now

A tanka for Colleen’s challenge this week.  Her visual reference below.  The Oracle and I went a bit further up and out.



listening s

listening magnetic

water is quiet
listening to the secrets
of deep spirit winds

listening close up s



Play Your Brain

play your brain blk s


play your brain magnetic 2

flame star dragon
coming through

It could play your brain
with linear light

Your head a game
of being

The Geek Oracle always has a different approach to its messages.



happy s

happy magnetic

Today’s Oracle poem and dot collage are in response to Sue Vincent’s photo prompt this week, “Shore”, below.

life thick and fertile
air listening
rocks murmur wind songs
water and light
clouds wander happy
without asking why



Enormous Sleep

elaborate music s

enormous music magnetic 2

boat s

blue sea shines
in dream languages
a thousand winds rocking

light shows
elaborate music
chanting enormous sleep