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Dragon’s Lair

dragon light and dark

Do you hear the voices
of dragons?  Do you dream fire
and water, treasure and storm?

Does your heart provide a mirror
to burn away the veil?

Again and again you seek the
fields of forgiveness, hand held
hostage by the lair of sleep.

A quadrille of dreaming for dVerse, using this week’s words from The Secret Keeper.

dark dragon s

The art is watercolor and ink on rice paper.

dragon light s

to start,

begin s

begin with
Being–the map turned
sky rising,
clear, empty, waiting to be
filled–calling you home

For Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, “Alone”, above.


the verge of truth

on the verge s

the paths forsaken
the words unspoken, hanging
on the verge of truth

I wrote this for the Secret Keeper’s new Haiku Review challenge, but somehow it also seems appropriate for the general climate of the world right now as well…



swallowtail s

swallowtail magnetic

wings born sailing
on voices of air,
breathing sky and flowers–
heart wild and foolish
with desire

Of course I needed to consult the Oracle today about wings…

swallowtail 1s

spirits soaring magnetic

bloom for me
with light–
I need music
this morning
to dance wings
like flowers,
spirits soaring
on song

Illustrations are from the portfolio of old art I found.  These are from 1982.  I remember doing a lot more butterflies; perhaps they will turn up somewhere else.

swallowtail close up

Still (more questions)

still s

Does age bring wisdom?
I climb stairs I cannot see–
dark and light are still.

This haiku is a response to On the Road’s “Step by Step” prompt, and also includes this week’s words from The Secret Keeper.  Provoking another question, and another Rorschach (wings is the theme for the week).


More Wings

behind every door s

into light's shadow s

Jane Dougherty posted a challenge (via Jerennazuto at itsallaboutnothingg) for a story about lost wings.  I’ve been working on a series of postcard fiction responses to Paul Klee’s angels, and this one seemed to fit the prompt well.

angel in the making s

Behind every door,
of escape–
like a bird on fire,
she was gone–
into the light’s

The work of Klee’s I referenced here is titled “Angel in the Making”.

Angel in the Making


fragile comp

Does air envy wings?–
joyful dance of filtered light–
song of whispered wish

fragile s

My Rorschach paintings often remind me of winged creatures.  Here I’ve taken one I did in greys and manipulated it in Photoshop to create (I hope) and effect of filtered light through wings.

fragile yellow light s

The inspiration is from two sources:  Jilly’s “28 Days of Unreason” prompt “such fragile wings”, and Colleen’s Poetry Challenge this week.  Her words were hate and pride; I scoured and came up with envy and joy as synonyms.

fragile pink2 yellow light s

I’ve got another haiku starting with a similar question for tomorrow (plus another Rorschach painting).

fragile purple light s

Draw a Bird Day: Cardinal

cardinal head s

Too often when I think of my mother I remember the long years of Alzheimer’s, when she lived in a world I could neither share nor understand. This distorts the woman who should live there:  the one who loved to sing, to laugh, to talk to anyone who crossed her path.  The woman who taught me to embroider and to treasure words.  The librarian who gardened in roses, who wondered at birds, whose favorite color was red.

Scarlet messenger
flashing wingsong–penetrates
directly to heart

cardinal sketch scan s

At the beach this year, a pair of cardinals visited the deck daily.  Even when we couldn’t see them, we would hear them singing.  Then when I returned home, a pair of cardinals started regularly visiting the Rose of Sharon tree.  Cardinals were my mother’s favorite bird, and so these days she is often in my thoughts.

I haven’t been doing much drawing lately, but birds always offer a good opportunity to practice.  Happy Draw a Bird Day!–hopefully a few fly into your life today as well.


watchers 3s

The pass is
wordless, but it
waits, alert–
watch and ward,
ancient, before and behind–
weathering all storms

Poem and art for Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, above.  I’m enamored with monoprints at the moment; and I always do multiple prints from each painted piece of plastic, although sometimes I’ll add a bit of color along the way.

watchers 2s

I also try different paper, both color and texture.  You can see how things evolved for this one.  The paint was quite thick on the first one, as was the texture of the handmade paper.  I used acrylic since it’s much less expensive than gouache, and I wanted to use a lot of paint.  The second print, above, was done on light grey drawing paper, which also has a bit of texture.

watchers 1s

The third one is done on a very lightweight black handmade paper–I don’t know what the fiber is, maybe bamboo or mulberry?  I have a pack of different colors, but I don’t remember how or when I acquired them.

Lots of the later prints don’t have much color; I’ll save those to use in some other fashion.  Maybe print again on top, or cut up to use in collage, or stitch over.  They will all find a use!

When and If

you can too s

when magnetic


Has all the time gone mad?
Did chanting bring this light?
As dreams shine diamond storms,
drunk forest screams alive.

Red gardens dress the rain,
blue shadows sing and soar.
Moon swims through purple sky–
why sleep when you can roar?

I’m not sure where this came from, any of it.  Perhaps The Oracle had dinner with Timothy Leary this week…

laughing s

if magnetic


Bird is lonely
Earth asks to play
green grass strolls wildly
trees uproot and wander
flowers climb light
world walking through

“When” uses the dVerse Trimeter prompt.  “If” just is.  And the junk mail art collage…?

“People have to go out of their mind before they can come to their senses.”
–Timothy Leary