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sanctuary s

sanctuary magnetic

Seed spirit with gentle moon songs–
a river of light
shining quiet paths through air

Listen as trees murmur secrets
to rock cloud bird and sun

Let earth follow the sacred seasons–
growing fertile in peace,
alive and full rooted–
a sanctuary of hope

A quadrille of hope for De at dVerse and all her fellow Las Vegans, with the usual wise aid of the magnetic Oracle.



currents comp

currents magnetic

Monoprints and words for Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, below, in consultation with the Magnetic Oracle.

listen to the shadows
breathing light
filled with ancient suns–
a murmur of stone
between wandering paths
of tree spirits and secret air

Also linked to dVerse Open Link Night.


October 2017: Tidings

tidings oct 17 s

quiet shapes hover,
silent shadows cast by youth–
spirits in mirrors

befriend the stage unfolding–
fill the mind’s eye with delight

October’s grid is composed of cut up pieces of two different monoprints.  The tanka uses words from Colleen’s Poetry Challenge and the Secret Keeper–both were thinking of spirits (appropriate to the month of October).

I’ve been considering the accumulations of autumns in a life.

tidings close up s

My particular thoughts for this unfolding day are for those all over the world struggling to cope with daily survival in the wake of disasters both natural and man-made.  May we learn to respond with open hearts and hands.


conduit mandala s

Do you be
lieve the cleansing
power of
white water
the healing silence of black
stone the space that opens?

Seekers of light–
spores suddenly green.

For Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, above.  Besides the monoprint with collage, above, I did the monoprint below.  At least one other response I’ve seen saw an animal in the green …this one appeared, unplanned.

conduit monoprint s


The Subject is Muses

seasons lg s

Play. With words.  Images.  From images. (and words).  Juxtaposition.  Borrowing.  The sound of silence.  The dancing of music and time.  Nonsense. (and sensibility).  Geometry.  Story, myth, oracle, dream.  Serendipity.  What is the question? (no answers, please).  Thank you.


Sometimes in winter–
summer might as well be spring–
autumn in New York.

birdling center s

dVerse wants to know the “why” of our poetic style.  In a haibun.

winter s

Yes, the birdlings are back.

summer s


Autumn Song

black landscape s

Leaves singing the wind–
harmony of sad embrace–
I watch as clouds sigh.

Take this mood and rearrange
the patterns to reflect light.

For Colleen’s poetry challenge, also using the Secret Keeper’s words this week.

With another monoprint.



twin towers leaf s

leaves rattle like bones
through bottomless clarity–
azure autumn sky

leaf close up s

This exquisite leaf was found on Broadway last week.



away 4s

Soaring still, waiting–
horizon extends beyond
legends, out of view

Water blurs the sand and sky
to reflect gossamer wings

Once again, multiple results from my monoprinting, and multiple sources for the art and poem.  First, Sue Vincent’s (as always) evocative photo, above, “Fading”.

away 1s

I also used the words from Colleen’s #Poetry Challenge #49 and the Secret Keeper’s prompt #104.

away 3s

For the art, I did some monoprints using some Japanese steamer filters that I found on Amazon when I was looking for round paper.  The holes meant I had to put additional paper on top when I was transferring the images, and I’ve used some of those pieces as well.

away 2s

I did a lot of prints and tried out a lot of different arrangements.   These are the ones that I thought best had the feel of the photo and poem.

Trees on lacy background

I pasted down the lace bottom of a beach coverup that I cut off (too long) and created a grid to paint on. I had the cardboard back of an Arches pad and it worked well. If I want to do some more of these I’m going to have to find or make some more boards. This would not work on watercolor paper. It gave a pretty interesting effect for the simple trees and water.

the other side

other side window 2s

Is the other side
in or out?  The illusion
solidifies air.

For Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, above.  I did a number of monoprints based on the photo, and picked this one, on a paper bag, to stitch and tear.

other side space s

Then I photographed it taped on two different window, and with a bunch of different visions behind the torn part.  These are just some of the explorations…

other side window s

The light shining through the paper really added a golden glow.

other side paper towel s

And the light changes the colors; these were all taken at different times and in at least slightly different places.

other side space close up s

The eyes and the camera both play with the air and light.