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reverse wht close up s

Reverse the river–
sing me back the rules of time–
chaos as a gift

Is each battle an ending?
or just a rough interlude?

reverse s

A tanka (of sorts) with prompt words from Colleen and the Secret Keeper.  The art is also an “of sorts”–monoprint.  These days I’m just trying things to see what happens.  And then I can photo them in different ways to see what happens too.


The Subject is Muses

seasons lg s

Play. With words.  Images.  From images. (and words).  Juxtaposition.  Borrowing.  The sound of silence.  The dancing of music and time.  Nonsense. (and sensibility).  Geometry.  Story, myth, oracle, dream.  Serendipity.  What is the question? (no answers, please).  Thank you.


Sometimes in winter–
summer might as well be spring–
autumn in New York.

birdling center s

dVerse wants to know the “why” of our poetic style.  In a haibun.

winter s

Yes, the birdlings are back.

summer s



spiral monoprint s

spiral magnetic

Like seeds breathing a path
through stone,
wind wanders between wild
and free.

Ask the air to grow rooted
and nights will no longer flower
with moon spirit.

Listen as secrets follow seasons–
dark cold light bright–
withering into deep green
beneath ancient rain.

I started with the word “free” and the Magnetic Oracle took it from there.  For dVerse Quadrille #40.



away 4s

Soaring still, waiting–
horizon extends beyond
legends, out of view

Water blurs the sand and sky
to reflect gossamer wings

Once again, multiple results from my monoprinting, and multiple sources for the art and poem.  First, Sue Vincent’s (as always) evocative photo, above, “Fading”.

away 1s

I also used the words from Colleen’s #Poetry Challenge #49 and the Secret Keeper’s prompt #104.

away 3s

For the art, I did some monoprints using some Japanese steamer filters that I found on Amazon when I was looking for round paper.  The holes meant I had to put additional paper on top when I was transferring the images, and I’ve used some of those pieces as well.

away 2s

I did a lot of prints and tried out a lot of different arrangements.   These are the ones that I thought best had the feel of the photo and poem.

Black Noise

shadows and light compt

Does the shadow know?
like wind projecting time–
shifted dark and light

For Colleen’s poetry challenge this week, another question involving shadow and light.

shadows and light blk s

Does the fool rush in?
black noise dissolves the punch line–
laughter sailing tears

And because I can’t leave well enough alone, answering with the words of the Secret Keeper’s challenge as well.

shadows and light wht s

The art also contains layers–a monoprint which was then painted and collaged with tissue paper, with a piece cut from an earlier collage laid over it, photographed on top of both black and white grounds.

Then some shadows and light from Joni and the Persuasions to finish.

Dragon’s Lair

dragon light and dark

Do you hear the voices
of dragons?  Do you dream fire
and water, treasure and storm?

Does your heart provide a mirror
to burn away the veil?

Again and again you seek the
fields of forgiveness, hand held
hostage by the lair of sleep.

A quadrille of dreaming for dVerse, using this week’s words from The Secret Keeper.

dark dragon s

The art is watercolor and ink on rice paper.

dragon light s

the verge of truth

on the verge s

the paths forsaken
the words unspoken, hanging
on the verge of truth

I wrote this for the Secret Keeper’s new Haiku Review challenge, but somehow it also seems appropriate for the general climate of the world right now as well…


Unabashed buzz marketing

I am very proud of my friend; she recently published her first coloring book and it is beautiful. She is an educator and all the mandalas have literary quotes to go with them. Please check out her blog here on WordPress. It is wonderful to see an accomplishment like this!


fear of snakes s

on the other side of fear
the serpent waits

tongue of fire
invoking death

a story of exile
and retreat

caught in a painting of paradise
found or lost


always on the verge
of decay

knowledge plants seeds

the snake eats its tail

For dVerse, a quadrille about fear, including this week’s prompt words from the Secret Keeper.



conjuring comp 2

Can today assume tomorrow? Time travels without a map, like branches reaching toward the sun.

staring into light
eyes enter mind, as presence
always becoming

Seeking the hour of forever, the question lingers: is it too late or too early?

with smoke and mirrors
the gaps confuse prediction–
nothing is revealed

top light s

This may or may not be a haibun, but it was composed for Colleen’s poetry challenge this week, once again incorporating prompt words from the Secret Keeper.  I was also inspired by the wonderful tree and light artistry of Sue Vincent and Claudia McGill.

bottom black s