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Drawing brains

We are set up with Montclair Radiology to get reports and images of different scans. This one of a brain I found kind of fascinating. For some reason I didn’t realize that the spinal column originates in the brain. Duh.

All the scans are pretty interesting but the brain is the best by far. Here’s how the computer screen appears. You can zoom in on an image and then click through to see different views. It’s pretty cool. 

Anatomical posters

I love anatomy so when I saw these posters today I had to take some pictures.

The featured image is actually a painting. The artist is Alex Grey. Fantastic piece. Sorry about the reflections on the glass.

The digestive system:

I’ve never seen a women’s muscular system before. Cool!

Last but not least the nervous system. I really love these and hope you find them interesting!

Sense of Smell

One more; it seems I can’t help myself. This one is from the F. Netter portfolio of the five senses. It shows the nose, sinuses, teeth and jawbone and probably some other stuff. I didn’t label it because I liked the look of the painting. 

Probably shouldn’t show you Dr. Netter’s version but that would be cheating. Here it is: 


Picture of the Knee

Last one, I promise, as it is the last model in the office. The knee is one of the largest and most complex joints in the body. (Copying this off WebMD). It joins the thigh bone to the shin bone. Tendons connect the knee bones to the leg muscles that move the knee joint. Okay, medical lesson over for today. Going to get back to some actual painting this weekend. Happy Labor Day weekend, Blogville!

Here is the model with good ol’ WebMD on my screen: 


Now Hear This!

Okay, I know that’s a corny title but I find it funny. Having computer catastrophes here moving from a server in the closet to the cloud so I quit for a while to draw. The bigger image is from an ear model, the labelled one is from the card that goes with it. 

The model appears to be a gift from Ciprodex, a sterile otic suspension. The drug companies don’t give out gifts anymore–not allowed. The date on it is 1997.  


Vascularity of the heart

In keeping with medical drawings this morning at work I swiped a little heart model out of the exam room. Later I might attempt a Netter heart but the model is a lot simpler. I really like drawing this medical stuff as it blends my work as a medical practice manager with liking to draw (at work. Goofing off). 

Here is the model I used. It has a little card in the back with the identifiers.  


Subdural Hematoma

My husband has nine volumes of Frank Netter’s medical illustrations. I started today looking at the Nervous System; how this guy did these drawings is beyond my comprehension. Anyhow this was one of the simpler illustrations. 

And here is his incredible drawing: