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Missing 5

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You can see the rest of this series here:

Missing 4

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Missing 3

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Probably 75% of the Silver Alerts I receive are for men.   Women outlive men in general, so it seems to me that more elderly women would go missing than elderly men.  I’ve tried to come up with a reason that makes sense, but so far nothing seems right.

Missing 2

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I’m on the Notify NYC email list.  They send out “Silver Alerts”:  these are elderly people, usually with dementia, who have gone missing.

The photos attached, obviously unprofessional, often unfocused, probably taken by family or friends, made me think.  Older people, particularly those with dementia, are hidden and invisible to most of us.  We don’t see them; we don’t want to see them.

I hope they will not continue to be lost:  they will be seen.  They will be found.