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Birds: copying from Kerfe

Of course I forgot Draw a Bird Day. I am too distracted.

When I saw Kerfe’s post I sat down and copied her bird sketches. Her post was so good today! I believe birds are our ancestors from the spirit world.

When I see a Red Tailed Hawk flying solo I think it’s my sister. She often appears out the window during Zumba class. I think she’s glad I’m dancing!

Inadvertent hot dogs

I’ve been fooling around in a small sketchbook, just doodling around to see what comes out. This one was just an abstract and then I saw hot dogs come out.

Another doodle. That’s not his middle finger. I tried to put a thumb in the picture but it does look like he’s flipping the bird. Maybe it was subconscious.

I’ve been flipping the paper to get a mirror image. That’s what happened with this landscape. I still need art supplies like gouache and good paper; haven’t gotten around to it because I know if I go to the art store I’ll spend a couple hundred bucks. And bills await. But doing these are fun and freeing.

More earth tones

A few little sketches in the earth tone palette.

This one was calling out for blue so I went for it.

It has been a long week and I am looking forward to the weekend. Have a great one, wherever you are. Here in northern NJ it is looking good (after a huge and thunderous storm this past Tuesday).


Doodling around with my earth tone palette. These faces all look like I feel.

A not so vague discontentment and a worried feeling. Everything seems topsy turvey.

Maybe this one looks a little more settled but not much.

Earth tone palette which is much used and which I enjoy very much.

In Kenya

I’ve never been to Kenya but I have a Kenyan friend, Masela. She was telling me about her country and a line she said “the creatures emerge at night”, said in her wonderful accent, has been rolling around my head. What a wonderful image!

Another rainy and dreary day in NJ. Have a good weekend, friends.

Ants on a potato chip

We’ve been having an ant problem because of the damp weather. The other day my daughter sent me a picture of ants congregating on a dropped potato chip. She thought it was gross. I thought it was cool.

Here’s the photo, magnified a little bit.

I’ve been working longer hours later and I don’t have a good studio space due to giving my daughter my art room and my husband being a paper hoarder. I also can’t really draw at work any more due to it being a “real” job i.e. my boss isn’t my husband any more. But I will try harder.

Procreate App for iPad

The more I try out this app the more I like it. This was the first version of some little houses.

Went back in with white and messed it up. It doesn’t really matter because it’s not real. It’s digital and that means you can just mess around and have fun with it!

Fun being an artist

I really enjoy doing little jobs like this one. We have an annual block party and this year I offered to do the flyer. I hope it will help bring out the neighbors. We have a nice group of people and a block party is very community building!

Hidden Face

I’m not sure if this is done but I’m posting it anyway.

It is super hot in NJ and also the first day of school. I see parents picking up now (I live by a school) so I think they let them out early. Really need to air condition our aging schools here!

Landscape for Kerfe

Kerfe always likes my landscapes so this is one for her today.

I really need art supplies badly. I’m out of quite a few colors but more importantly I need the super heavy watercolor paper. The direction I’m going in seems to call for a lot of layering.

Birdy six days after his brother’s demise. I really can’t tell if he’s sad. He’s usually happy when I’m around. And so it goes.