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Landscape with curtain

The paper started out painted pink. I really like the effect of painting watercolor paper a solid acrylic color. It makes it a heavier weight. 

This one became a landscape. The curtains are from something else. 

A drawing from last week and the postcard it’s drawn from. I believe it’s ichiban. 

Large Hat/Face

This started out as lines on a large sheet of paper. It became a face wearing a beehive hat (no bees though, those are leaves). 

Graffiti 4–final version

Mainly just added the white flow pen. 

And here are the four together on a wall. 

Draw a Bird (3). 

I had been thinking about Draw a Bird day  but when I saw Kerfe’s rooster I sat down with paint. This family came out (birds) but I realized it was also a metaphor for my current family dynamic (three adults, one with ADD, living in a small nest). It does make me go up to my art room and paint more so there’s that. Anyway, happy Draw a Bird day, honored tradition on WordPress, and a shout out to all the great people who “flock” here. 

Graffiti 3

Arches paper, gouache, colored pencil. 

Graffiti 2

Arches paper painted yellow, gouache, colored pencil, printed images. 

Couple of details. 

Graffiti 1

I started a series yesterday. This is Arches paper painted black, gouache, colored pencil and a white fluid marker. 

A little detail

Comme des Garcons

This Japanese brand can be translated “for the boys”. Last week I acquired a cute pair of sneakers. The heart with the eye is a symbol the brand uses for its “play” line. I cut these out of the shoe box to do a tribute collage. 

Here are my sneakers. 

When I worked with Kerfe at a certain textile company we had a very stylish and demonic boss named Linda. She used to call high end stores in the city searching for items of clothing; I’m sure Comme des Garcons was one of her favorites. She would call around demanding that they see if they had a certain coat or dress. I was secretly impressed with this. She was well dressed, I’ve got to give her that. 

Comme des Garçons is owned by Rei Kawakubo, whose designs are unique. The clothing can be found at Dover Street Market in NYC, Tokyo and at Comme des Garçons stores. No buzz marketing here–most of the line is very pricey. Glad I got the sneakers though. 

Little scene seen while walking the dogs 

A couple was sitting on their couch watching the Simpsons. It was such a cute little vignette; I drew it the next day from memory. 

Manhattan Bridge

An unusual view of the bridge from a photo by @simplesimonsays. 

Here’s the drawing in just pencil.