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Some small rocks

I ordered more rocks from the Etsy site where Kerfe got my Christmas gift rocks. I didn’t realize they were a smaller size.

I’m happy with how they came out although the larger ones give more surface area (I ordered a batch of the larger ones yesterday).

I really don’t know why I got back into painting rocks again. I’m going to see if my friend who owns a boutique wants to put some around and see if the there’s any interest. Or, alternatively, just give them away.

Rocks and Happy Birthday to Kerfe

Kerfe’s birthday is coming up on Monday and she’s been asking me to post some of the rocks I’ve been doing. I apologize for my absence. It’s been short staffed and they’ve given me more shifts. But I have been back to painting rocks. Kerfe gave me some beautiful ones which feel great in the hand and are inspiring to paint on.

This is a memorial piece done for my manager. She gave me permission to post it. My manager’s husband asked me at the wake to make a stone for Sam. He died young and it was good to make a rock in his honor.

These are going out in the neighborhood today.

These three I feel are special. One I’m going to give to Kerfe who has inspired me over so many years to be true to my art. Happy Birthday Kerfe!

Monday post 11/14/2022

I was under the weather this weekend. I’m posting one of my favorite paintings from a while ago. I did a few of these graffiti paintings.

I took down my outside reading tent and freed up a bunch of rocks that I was using to weigh it down. I got inspired again because painting rocks is fun.

Here’s a few more, unfinished.

And here is the cutest birthday card by my daughter’s boyfriend. Perry turned either nine or ten; we are not sure. I’ve lived with this dog for five years now (daughter too) and he has grown on me.

Have a good week! Nina


Beautiful day here in Northern New Jersey. I’m posting two which I’m not sure are finished. This second one:

sprung from one that never felt finished-this:

Since I’m only doing this for fun and for my own entertainment I like to cut stuff up, repaint, what do I care? No one is telling me what to do and that, for me, is the freedom of painting.

Have a good week! Nina


Flowers behind a group of buildings. Just one completed with a couple more going. Happy Halloween to all the kids at heart and have a good week. Nina

Weekend Work 10/24/22

I think this is finished. A lot of layers of color here and the result looks to me like a lot of stuff ascending.

Rainy weekend here in Northern NJ.

An actual deer in the headlights. Have a good week! Nina


A couple of paintings to start off the weekend.

I’ve been glueing the rough paper onto a board. It feels more secure that way.

This is the Hope Springs Eternal before I messed with it.

My daughter decorated. Here are some views. All the macabre items are from our (weird) collections.

The weather is lovely here in Northern New Jersey. Lots of leaves to rake and many acorns: have a great weekend. Nina

Weekend Work 10/09/2022

Three works in progress. I’m not sure if they’re done. I’d call these stream of consciousness paintings. I don’t know where they’re coming from but I’m just going with it.

Have a good week! Nina

Week’s Work 10/02/2022

I’ve been on a painting jag lately. This top painting is on the handmade paper from Kerfe which warps every time you paint on it. You have to reset the paper and press it under rocks (luckily I still have some good ones). It dries, you paint some more and press it again. So these can take a while but I like ‘em.

Another one. This has a lot of layers of paint on it.

I gave myself a break and messed around with some neutral paper and colors. I call this one “Palmer Method”. Anyone remember that class?

Rosh Hoshana/weekend work

Today is Rosh Hoshana, the Jewish New Year and beginning of the High Holy Days. We will spend the day quietly; it is a beautiful day and my husband and I will take a walk soon. I am fervently hoping for peace in our troubled nation and in the world.

I’ve been working on canvas board lately, using elements cut out of other (failed) paintings and creating collages. The boards take glue well and also gouache and acrylic paint. I showed the top one to a neighbor and she thought it looked like Alaska, so I gave it that title.

I hope everyone has a good week. Nina