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Week’s Work 10/02/2022

I’ve been on a painting jag lately. This top painting is on the handmade paper from Kerfe which warps every time you paint on it. You have to reset the paper and press it under rocks (luckily I still have some good ones). It dries, you paint some more and press it again. So these can take a while but I like ‘em.

Another one. This has a lot of layers of paint on it.

I gave myself a break and messed around with some neutral paper and colors. I call this one “Palmer Method”. Anyone remember that class?

Rosh Hoshana/weekend work

Today is Rosh Hoshana, the Jewish New Year and beginning of the High Holy Days. We will spend the day quietly; it is a beautiful day and my husband and I will take a walk soon. I am fervently hoping for peace in our troubled nation and in the world.

I’ve been working on canvas board lately, using elements cut out of other (failed) paintings and creating collages. The boards take glue well and also gouache and acrylic paint. I showed the top one to a neighbor and she thought it looked like Alaska, so I gave it that title.

I hope everyone has a good week. Nina

Weekend Work 9/12/2022

A friend wanted to buy a piece from me. It was this one, previously posted, done on handmade paper (from Kerfe) which wrinkles and bends and must be pressed flat every time it’s worked on.

This was one of my favorite pieces but I was glad it went to a friend. I decided to do more with the handmade paper. Top photo is what I worked on this weekend. The new one is more decorative and I may have to add more to it.

Have a good week! Nina

Just Fooling Around

I’ve been messing around with acrylic paint and just having fun. Here are a couple I’m still working on. The corn came about because I did some green and yellow paint streaks and they looked like corn on the cob.

Work in progress. Layering with acrylics is a definite plus. I think this has possibilities.

Perry chilling outside. It looks like it might rain. That would be good. Happy Labor Day. Nina

Labor Day Weekend 9/2/2022

Paterson Great Falls, an unusual view. I am obviously obsessed with this landmark of my hometown.

My switch from gouache to acrylic is going well. I bought a better set (Liquitex) with a lot of colors. Painting on the canvas board is a revelation after painting on a flimsy-ish black paper for a while.

It looks to be a good weekend here in Northern New Jersey. We need rain, though. Nina

Weekend Work 8/29/22

I’ve been painting with the acrylics on board. Kerfe gave me quite a few, in white and black. I’ve used the white ones and these are on black.

These feel very different from the gouache on black paper paintings. Acrylic is a pliable medium and is fun to play with. It can be layered well which works for me and the way I paint.

Have a good week! Nina

Passaic Falls, Paterson, NJ

This was fun to paint-so much so that I painted the same scene twice. I couldn’t decide which one I liked better.

The second one is a little more refined but the first one has more spontaneity and the falls look better. These are both acrylic painted on boards. It’s a nice change after painting on paper.

Another small board. The fish is cut out from something else.

It’s hard to believe summer is coming to an end. It’s been a good summer as I got to swim and to see my husband starting to heal and get back to himself.

Have a good week. Nina

A Foray into Acrylics

It’s been a while since I’ve done any art or blogging. It’s the proverbial shoulder to the grindstone and when you get older the energy is harder to come by.

Tiny landscape on one of the multi size and multi purpose boards Kerfe sent to me. That’s what made me buy some acrylics. Acrylics are very different than gouache: more plastic, slower dry, can smoosh them.

I’ve probably done fifty of these gouaches on black paper. I have a couple in the works. I hope to be more consistent with sitting down at my art table and letting the chi flow. I appreciate WordPress and our friends here and will try to do better by you. Have a good week! Nina

Father’s Day weekend

We had a nice quiet weekend. My husband is doing better and we took a walk yesterday. This is my last week of Family Leave. It was good to take some time off and it helped a lot.

I posted this one last week but here it is finished. I’ve had more time for art lately. I have a few others started.

Have a good week! Nina

My Sister’s Birthday Weekend

Jane would have turned 69 yesterday, June 12, 2022. I love this picture of her in Greece, 1964, with my mom in dad in the rear and her friend next to her. This photo captured my sister’s essence: sassy, tall, good looking. All that and a bag of chips.

Jane in a contemplative mood. My sister was a smart and troubled young lady. In retrospect I believe she struggled with mental illness all her life. She had a lot of bad luck due to illness. A dancer, she began having terrible leg cramps around age 17. Later diagnosed as Myasthenia Gravis, the damage had been done to her body and it kept progressing.

Jane towards the end of her life. She was incapacitated to a great degree but never lost her inner spirit and great love of people. She helped many of Paterson’s children in her work on the child study team and always called them “my kids”. My sister is greatly missed.

I did some art work this weekend but I’m not sure these are finished. My new larger table area has made it much more convenient for working.

Have a good week! Nina