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Weekend Work 8/16/2021

I had a few of these going, not necessarily finished. I just thought I’d show you. Work has been on an upswing due to the Delta variant. More patients calling wanting testing because of exposure.

Here are two that happened to look good together. Makes sense as I mix a color and use it in multiple paintings.

I am still fixated in the gouache on black paper. My goal is to make the viewer’s eye move around the whole thing.

We went to our first gender reveal on Saturday-my cute manager at the office who is having her second kid. Working with young people makes me feel gratitude that I’m still relevant. My folks are in the front and me (ochre t shirt and husband Dr Wilson next to me). It’s a girl!

Have a great week.

Weekend Work August 2, 2021

This was one I was ready to cut up and although weird, I like it better now.

Here is how it was before:

The little figure is cut out and sitting on my windowsill:

My daughter took a picture of me taking a picture. Funny!

It is a lovely day here in Northern NJ. It promises to be a good week! Nina

Some Duds

I have a few of these paintings going at the same time. Here are a few that just never seemed to come together.

This has good colors but just never came together for me.

A landscape that just doesn’t cut it. I gave up on it a while ago.

Pieces from the proverbial cutting room floor. The previous three are sadly destined to be cut up and used elsewhere. Oh well, life goes on. Have a great week! Nina

A Visit to the Met

My friend had morning tickets to the Alice Neel show at the Met and invited me. I haven’t been to New York City since Kerfe’s birthday in January 2020. The city seemed the same but different. All the restaurants had these outdoor areas gussied up with plants. I wouldn’t like to eat in one because if someone walked by smoking a cigarette I’d lose my appetite.

I’d seen an Alice Neel show with Kerfe a few years ago and I remember it as mostly portraits. This show was a retrospective and had a lot of pieces I liked so I thought I’d show you. Here were some of my favorites:

Sorry I didn’t write down the titles. I also didn’t photograph her drawings which I liked a lot.

This last drawing was done by Neel when she was in a mental hospital for a year. She had a very intense life which showed in all her work but especially this drawing:

I should have photographed some of the portraits which made up her main body of work. Her expressiveness and technique inspired me and I’d like to do some larger paintings one of these days.


Weekend Work 7/19/2021

I worked this weekend on a few I had started. That is the best way for me as I wait for it to dry and then look/paint again.

I actually took some photos of this one as it progressed. Here was one stage:

It seemed kind of flat so I cut into it to expose more black. It was an improvement perhaps.

I added the white lines at the end.

I have a few other paintings started and will post later this week. Have a great week. Nina

From The Archives

I’ve been messing around with a few paintings but nothing is finished. I thought I’d post a few very old things done years ago. I used to do a lot of tissue paper on glass; I once did a window in my parents’ friends house. I wonder if it’s still there?

This is one of the oldest things I have. For context Johnson/Humphrey ran for office in 1964. That’s one of the signs on this wall in New York City. Also Hello Dolly was on Broadway.

Interesting to look back on these old pieces and I’m glad I still have them. Have a good week! Nina

Weekend Work 6/28/2021

I edited this on my iPhone and then put it back to the way it was. I think I’m going to stop messing with these paintings and just show them the way they are. This one is a bunch of faces that emerged out of the ether.

Not sure if this one is done. I usually don’t leave much black showing but I kind of like the black.

Hope everyone has a good week. Nina

Weekend Work 6/20/2021

I started a few paintings after a bit of a lack of inspiration/energy. This one started out a bit differently. Here was the original painting:

It seemed very flat although had some good painting in it. I cut it up and worked on it more. The final piece was a lot more interesting.

I do edit these and make the colors brighter. I’m not the best photographer and shoot them on my iPhone on the kitchen wall. They look different in person. I have a nice collection of these paintings on black paper.

Hope everyone has a good week! Nina

Draw a Bird. 6/8/2021

Kerfe reminded me that it’s Draw a Bird Day. It’s always fun to draw a bird. I put this one on a background of something I’d started. Happy Draw a Bird Day! Nina

Some Bugs

I noticed some evil looking bugs this weekend outside. They looked like this:

We looked them up and it seemed they might be ladybugs. That would be good as I have a wooly aphid problem on my copper beech tree. Ladybugs eat aphids.

Today we saw some that had morphed into this:

That doesn’t look like a ladybug to me. My daughter said give it a chance. This is not a good looking big to my mind. Fascinating transformation, though.

I haven’t been painting for a few weeks.

I do hope my inspiration comes back soon.