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Aquarium 2

Sitting around downstairs as opposed to up in the art room, keeping husband company and watching Master Chef and doing another drawing, this time on my iPhone. The ArtSet app for the phone is less sophisticated but I think this drawing is a little better anyway.


I haven’t done any drawing on the iPad for a while. Sitting around with my husband (he’s home sick) watching a documentary on autism and I started fooling around with it. I really want to get the iPad Pro with its magic pencil. Some of the things I’ve seen done with it are great.


A solitary figure sitting between two palm trees. Not sure where this one came from. It started as an abstract and I painted in the figure and trees within the frame. Painting and praying for my country. 

Weekend painting

I like to start painting by laying down random colors and letting them drip and bleed. Stuff starts happening and it’s almost like a jigsaw puzzle. I added the Black Magic ink at the end (filling in the white space) and I think it brought the painting together. I hope everyone has a pleasant Monday. We have a beautiful day here in New Jersey.


Fooling around

I forgot how much I like Pelikan watercolors. They are very immediate in that you don’t need to put water on all of them first to “warm them up”, so to speak. They go on very easily and the colors are great. 
I did a brushstroke of each color and it reminded me of a bunch of heads. The drips were accidentally on purpose. 

My new Pelikan set. Highly recommend these if you’re looking for a set of pan watercolors. 

8/8/17: Draw a Bird today!

I have a soft spot for cockatoos. I’ve wanted one for years but my husband has always said no. They are a lot of work and live a long time but have so much personality. I follow a few on Instagram where they scream and carry on like there’s no tomorrow. 

One of the best pictures ever, taken by Kerfe last year in New York. This lady just had her bird sitting on her shoulder. She told us how much work these birds require but she didn’t seem to mind. Happy Draw a Bird Day!

A local Red Tail Hawk munching on a squirrel. Photo by John Skillin who kindly gave me this. Just throwing this in : ). 

(I love)Gucci shoes

They’re insanely expensive of course but I was walking around Nordstrom’s shoe department and kind of fell in love with these crazy shoes. I attempted a drawing of my favorite one. These I’d rock with a pair of leather pants and top, all Gucci of course. I wonder who buys these? 

Here’s the actual shoe:

And a few others, all out of my price range but very cool:

What do you think? Would you wear these?

Unabashed buzz marketing

I am very proud of my friend; she recently published her first coloring book and it is beautiful. She is an educator and all the mandalas have literary quotes to go with them. Please check out her blog here on WordPress. It is wonderful to see an accomplishment like this!

Portrait of a friend

A quick sketch off Facebook of an artist friend of mine. Out of respect for his privacy I won’t post the photo or his name. I own one of his paintings and let’s just say he’s a terrific artist. 

Bridge (study)

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge from one of Kerfe’s photos. Just for fun I did it in color because I got a new set of Pelikan paints. This was the second version after I added what I thought the painting needed: some black ink. 

Looking at it now I think it was probably better without the black. I didn’t realize when I started that this was the end of the Arches block and it’s not watercolor paper. It’s the cardboard at the end of the pad. This rendered the paint slick and not as workable as on watercolor paper. Still, I could draw or paint elements of a bridge anytime.