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Father’s Day weekend

We had a nice quiet weekend. My husband is doing better and we took a walk yesterday. This is my last week of Family Leave. It was good to take some time off and it helped a lot.

I posted this one last week but here it is finished. I’ve had more time for art lately. I have a few others started.

Have a good week! Nina

My Sister’s Birthday Weekend

Jane would have turned 69 yesterday, June 12, 2022. I love this picture of her in Greece, 1964, with my mom in dad in the rear and her friend next to her. This photo captured my sister’s essence: sassy, tall, good looking. All that and a bag of chips.

Jane in a contemplative mood. My sister was a smart and troubled young lady. In retrospect I believe she struggled with mental illness all her life. She had a lot of bad luck due to illness. A dancer, she began having terrible leg cramps around age 17. Later diagnosed as Myasthenia Gravis, the damage had been done to her body and it kept progressing.

Jane towards the end of her life. She was incapacitated to a great degree but never lost her inner spirit and great love of people. She helped many of Paterson’s children in her work on the child study team and always called them “my kids”. My sister is greatly missed.

I did some art work this weekend but I’m not sure these are finished. My new larger table area has made it much more convenient for working.

Have a good week! Nina

Monday, June 6, 2022

Things are settling down here, I think. My husband is home, still has the oxygen, still coughing and fatigued, but he’s here and doing better. We took a walk yesterday and he wanted to do some grocery shopping, which tired him out. Right now he’s resting.

This piece is something a little different for me. The upper left image was cut out of another painting. Then I painted in the other two to look like that. I’m going to do more like this.

Have a good week! Nina

Memorial Weekend 2022

I received the paper I ordered from a very nice lady on Etsy. I’m well stocked on black and I also ordered a package of different colors.

The colors are kind of meh but in a good neutral way. I did a couple of drawings on them right away, the one on top and this one:

My husband is 17 days post surgery. He’s still very tired and says he feels like a beached whale. He’s had a physical therapist and a nurse visit a few times at the house and will need to continue that as he is quite deconditioned. He will emerge stronger!

Today I honor my father and all the brave soldiers who have upheld our country. I fear my father may be turning over in his grave. Things are not looking good here in America and it’s frightening.

And on that note, I wish everyone a good Memorial Day! Nina

Weekend Work 5/23/2022

This biblical phrase came via a gift of handmade paper sent by Kerfe. The piece is done on that paper which was not flat and had to be dampened with water and pressed with a board and rocks; I had to do this several times as the paper’s instinct was to curl up.

I kept that little slip of paper with these words and did this piece for myself. I am an anxious person: it’s in my DNA. Through my husband’s ordeal I could feel the ball of anxiety in my gut. He is home now, feeling better and bearing the scars of surgery. But I must not be anxious.

Posted this one in progress. It’s done now and added to the collection.

Have a good week! Nina

Weekend Work and update

The baby deer skull is done. This was a unique find by my friend Neil aka Nature Boy: it had its lower jaw attached and top and bottom teeth. I’m going to give it back to him.

I added to my working space in the living room. I am quite pleased with having more area. Who says living rooms can’t be art studios?

A couple started. I counted my paintings on black paper: 48. I picked out four to frame. I just ordered more black paper from Etsy so I guess I’m not done with these yet.

Sunday’s New York Times had this as its front and back cover. An unmitigated disaster.

Husband update: recovering from surgery, it went well, we just keep trying to be upbeat. He is a real trooper and I’m grateful that he’s like this and not like me, a crybaby who overreacts to everything.

Have a good week! Nina

A Protection Piece

My husband’s bout with Covid 19 has been documented here since January.

He will be going back to the hospital this week. He developed a problem which requires surgery.

The silver lining is that he has a great medical team: infectious disease, pulmonology, urology, hematology, surgical: he has seen all of these doctors.

I did this piece for his protection. I’m applying for Family Leave; my manager encouraged this as I’ve been shaky at work and prone to bursting into tears.

The surgery is scheduled for Friday. Please send good vibes to the universe and I will keep you posted.

8 Year Blogiversary

Kerfe and I became friends in the 1970’s. We were both living in the city, me in Chelsea and Kerfe on the Upper West Side. We were both working for Fairtex Mills, a textile company that did patterned polyester and striped knits. I was a colorist, doing different color ways on, say, a floral fabric destined to be a dress. Kerfe was a stripe and various graphed design (think Fairisle) genius. We hit it off, having things in common such as going to University of Cincinnati and loving art and design. Fun fact: I ate my first sushi with Kerfe in 1974 or so.

We intermittently stayed in touch. After 9/11 we reconnected more strongly. Kerfe thought blogging our art could get us going again. Kerfe is a lot more productive than I am-that’s not hyping her up, it’s just the truth. I’m a lazy and tired poster; when I look back and see what K. created, both volume and quality, I see that her idea worked. And I have done a considerable amount of art work over the four years.

Three of the many pandemic paintings and a very old sketch of my mother. The blog has given me the opportunity to keep a record of what I’m doing. Corny and kind of pretentious to say that art is my truth.

Of course I have to post my rocks; they kept me sane during the pandemic. There are still some around the neighborhood. That was a lot of fun.

Lest I ramble on too long, I’d really like to thank everyone in the community. Your support during these trying months of my husband’s illness has meant so much to me. You know who you are. And my dear friend Kerfe, with whom I’ve grown elderly, thanks for your idea. You’ve always been an advanced thinker. Hats off to us both and to a great eight years!

Weekend Work 4/25/22

Some work based around the lower spine and pelvis bone found by a friend who knows I like this stuff.

The actual piece and the drawing. If I had to guess at the animal I’d say probably a deer. My friend found it in a field in upstate New York.

Some drawings of a vertebra that came loose from the spine.

Still life with mosaic vase, pencil, rock and vertebra.

A very rare find, found by another friend. He thought it was a baby deer skull. Quite unusual to find the bottom jaw still attached.

My husband is still going through hell with yet a third hospital admission, this time for sepsis. He is home; he has to go for antibiotic infusions every day. Today might be the last day and we are seeing a hematologist later to discuss coagulation. My husband developed a pulmonary embolus and has been on a blood thinner for a long time. This entire thing started around January 19 and he is still struggling. Sending vibes up to the universe constantly to get him better!

Have a good week. Nina

Weekend Drawing 4/11/2022

I think it’s the first time in two years using white paper. It was fun sitting down and drawing for no other reason than to draw.

Two versions of a bird’s claw. The claw was a gift to me many years ago. I’ve always liked it.

My mom’s nautilus shell. I have a large container of her shells and beach glass.

The models for these drawing were right in front of me. It was fun drawing again and I think I’ll make it a regular practice.

Husband is going to work today 10-3. I’m a bit worried but I know he wants to go back and I’m glad for him. Tomorrow is our 41st anniversary. Have a good week! Nina