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More swimmers

Only a few more days of swimming weather. I’m about to go swimming now.

Inspired by Claudia McGill although it sort of looks cadaverous. It’s a swimmer on birch paper (gift from Kerfe).

Say What?

My husband started googling “Sand Rose” and this came up. Holy mackerel, this looks just like the one I found! $2,371.70 on 1st Dibs.

This rock is a huge mystery to me. They are found in Saudi Arabia, Oklahoma, Namibia, Egypt…but Montclair, NJ? Today I asked a town maintenance guy if he’d ever seen one of these. No, he said. Never.

How did it land on my street?

Maybe someone left it there? A kid with a mineral collection? This is a very large piece weighing around 10 or 15 pounds (estimate: I didn’t weigh it). I love it. This is the kind of thing that happens and makes me very happy!

Found object

When I saw this on the street I thought it was a fungus. I touched it: it’s rock. No idea what this thing is. Does anybody know?

Tomopteris joins the party

The little Tuscaridium cygneum looked so lonely on the paper that I decided to add my next sea creature right along with it. This Tomopteris is a type of plankton. I think they look good together! It needed something else so I added the seaweed. It is not scientific but neither are my depictions.

Here’s the photo from the Times:

Dumbo Octopus

I remembered that I had done sea creatures before: also from the New York Times. I did quite a few of these but could only find this one. I may have posted them before but couldn’t find them. Anyhow, this was also from an article in The NY Times Science section. I hope I can find the other ones. I have a huge pile of paintings but this is the only one I found from that series.

Tiscaridium cygneum

Another glowing deep sea creature which looks like something from outer space. These creatures are quite fun to paint. There are a few more from the NYTimes article which I’ll attempt.

Here’s the photo. I didn’t quite get the intricacy of the animal.

Another beautiful day with a chill in the air. Fall is starting to arrive.

Anglerfish with lure

Tuesday’s New York Times Science section featured some wonderful sea creatures which make their own light–bioluminescence. This caught my attention as I’m always looking for things to paint. My first attempt is this grumpy looking anglerfish with lure. I used a lot of silver and if you look at the original it’s pretty sparkly. You can’t really see it in a photo. That’s why Kerfe and I should have a show one of these days, right, (K)?

Mountain Gorilla

A beautiful mountain gorilla. I painted this directly with no pencil sketching first like I usually do. I love these creatures, our close relatives sharing similar DNA. I believe all animals are sentient creatures–I believe it even more as I get older. Just ask the three large canines I share my dwelling with. Happy Friday!

Old (found in the garage)

I love finding old stuff of mine. These are three watercolors done in 1965. It’s amazing how my style has stayed the same.

Close up: I guess I liked bridges then too. And cities and water.

And little trees standing by themselves on a city street.

I used to use a lot of pen and ink. Can you believe that there were no markers back then? I believe that is the case. I haven’t used pen and ink in years!


A patient just walked in wearing an orange tee shirt with the image of a corgi showing the skeleton. I was looking for something to draw and this was right up my alley. It reminded me of the book of skeletons that Kerfe got me a long time ago. I will always love skulls and skeletons.