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Young woman

Another colored pencil on black paper. This one is from a blurry shot of my daughter. There’s a lot of treasure to be mined from these old photos!

Here’s the photo.

Getting chilly here in NJ. Have a great day!

Dora and Joe

Wherever I look I find photographs. Boxes of them in closets, albums randomly scattered about…there aren’t many of my father’s mother Dora. I tried to catch how happy they looked in the photo:

I keep gravitating towards the old photos and black paper with colored pencil and Neocolor. Trying to be more diligent about sitting down and drawing every day.

This was before I put a background behind Dora and Joe. I like it a little better like this.

Work Environment

Today was the beginning of the second week at the new office. I did a drawing of Keena and me. We are the front desk receptionists and we got along great from the minute we met.

Things are a little different than just having Howie aka Dr Wilson as a boss. They are a group and have a different protocol. I feel grateful at my age to have the opportunity to use my skills in a medical office at least for a bit longer. It’s a really nice new office too.

I’m going to make a concerted effort to post more. Thanks everyone!

I’m in Print!

I’m excited that my neighbor used my artwork for her holiday edition box of chocolates. I know I already posted the artwork but forgive me for my lack of humility today–I think this came out great! I always think back to the options I had in art school and if I could do it over probably would have majored in advertising, industrial art or anything I could have made a living at (painting and sculpture does not a career make unless you’re Jeff Koons or Richard Diebenkorn). Anyway Federica’s bonbons are available in a limited edition with my artwork at Apologies for the shameless buzz marketing.


Down at the Jersey shore they used to have these inground trampoline places. My sister and I had never jumped on trampolines and we used to like going. I found a picture of me jumping with my sister in the foreground.

Here’s the photo probably taken by my father. We’ve been going through a lot of stuff and I continually find myself intrigued by old photos. I went through all my colored pencils and arranged them in color order in two containers; also sharpened them. Colored pencil on black paper is a fun way to draw.

Lake Champlain/Lake Rickabear

In 2001 we were invited up to a fellow singer in a group I was in (The Humdingers. We sang in nursing homes in Essex County, NJ). In a showoffy way I jumped off a dock into the water. I have never felt colder water and I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Recently found a photo someone took of me in the water. I painted and repainted the face four times but couldn’t get the agonized look. Finally decided to cut out my face and paste it on. Ignore the double chin. I was a bit fatter then but the fat did nothing as far as providing insulation.

Strangely my friend texted me a painting I did a lot of years ago. I don’t even remember doing it. It was a lake in Kinnelon where we used to go and take the kids. I guess I like painting lakes!

To all beautiful WordPress friends, I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving day.

My art room

I took home the brown medical cabinet from my husband’s office yesterday. Got busy with the mess in my art room and cleaned it up (mostly). I am very pleased with the cabinet. It’s an quasi antique around 90 years old.

Holds a lot of stuff and much neater than the little shelf I had in there. Those are Davisbrotherlove’s graffiti paintings on top.

This corner isn’t too neat. Big pile of paintings that I have to go through at some point. I’m happy with the room. Now I need to do some painting!

A Little Commission

My next door neighbor has been growing her chocolate business and she asked me to design a Montclair related piece she could use on her chocolate boxes. I haven’t picked up a paintbrush in a while but I wanted to do this for her.

She wanted some scenes of our town Montclair. The Presby Iris Gardens are iconic.

I had to include my town’s very own Montclair Art Museum.

Edgemont Park with its war memorial and pond with fountains is also a landmark here.

And to make no mistake about it the State of New Jersey which just elected a Democratic governor. Bye bye Mr Christie.

I’m happy to be posting today as I miss this. Things have been hectic and I need to make time for painting. It felt really good to do this and I hope it helps my neighbor sell a lot of chocolates.

Evan and Luke

My cousin dressed in a lion suit holding up his new baby. Something about this photo just made me want to try to paint it.

I didn’t really get the slightly crazed look on his face but close enough. Happy to have painted this last night and today. Although life is crazy it always feels good to paint.

The Sukkah

Kerfe reprimanded me in her gentle way for not posting all week. I apologize. It’s been a stressful week as my husband is moving to a group practice and we’re facing some challenges.

My neighbors built their sukkah yesterday and I told the kids I’d paint some of the symbolic fruits and leaves that can hang from the rafters. Here are some that I made for the kids to cut out and hang.

I will post a bird tomorrow for Draw a Bird day. I have been loving what Kerfe has posted this week. She’s a genius.