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Fallen Tree


I took a walk in the woods yesterday during a nice part of the day. I saw many uprooted trees and decided to draw one today at work. 

Two Deer and a Goat


A pharmaceutical rep just came in and brought me these three skulls. They are beautiful! They need to be soaked for a while and then cleaned with hydrogen peroxide. This was a lovely gift which really made my day. 

A Strange but Nice Dream


I dreamed the neighborhood kids put all sorts of fairy structures around my house. They were dug into the ground in my dream. I really like the kids in my neighborhood and could actually imagine them doing this!



My other lab/pointer mix. I felt it was only fair to draw him since I posted Birdie last week. 

Here’s the photo. He is really a beautiful boy and a very good disposition. 

Work in Progress


Our friend Claudia McGill suggested cutting up a painting to make a new piece so I tried it. Not sure if this is finished. I think it needs some more fine lines or graffiti or something. It was fun to do and I will probably cut up more stuff. 

Drawing brains


We are set up with Montclair Radiology to get reports and images of different scans. This one of a brain I found kind of fascinating. For some reason I didn’t realize that the spinal column originates in the brain. Duh.

All the scans are pretty interesting but the brain is the best by far. Here’s how the computer screen appears. You can zoom in on an image and then click through to see different views. It’s pretty cool. 

Mother and Daughter


One of the first drawings I remember doing was something like this. It was the first thing I ever sold to a friend of my mother’s; this lady was very supportive of my art and it thrilled me to sell something. I wish I still had that piece. It was white paper with the geometric shapes drawn in black. 

I really enjoy drawing at work on the Strathmore black paper. The paper takes colored pencil really well and the white pencil is almost down to a nub. 

Birdy Boy


My eight year old chocolate lab/German shorthair mix. He started going grey (or maybe it’s ticking) when he was two. Now he is almost completely white. 

Kerfe’s Snowflake


Drawing/goofing off at work and doing an interpretation of Kerfe’s snowflake from the other day. 

Here’s Kerfe’s snowflake. I think she did this by folding paper in eighths and cutting the notches, then painting it. Anyway, it was fun to try to copy it in colored pencils. Hope she likes it. 

Another Batch


I’ve been producing a lot of cards. Here are some from the weekend. 

I cut up paintings a lot to make cards. I’ve done a lot of different paintings and they are mostly just sitting on a table in my art room. They look like this: