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Procreate for iPad

I’ve been hearing about the Procreate app for a while. I downloaded it the other day on my new iPad. I couldn’t really understand it. My daughter looked at it and said it’s a lot like Photoshop. Anyway, she created this image out of art that was on the iPad. How, I don’t know. But she said she would help me figure it out. I’ve seen some great work done on this app so I hope she can help me. Again (disclaimer) this work is by my daughter, not me, but she gave me permission to post it!

An Oldie

I came across this painting I had given to my sister. It is quite old although I don’t know the exact date. It is inscribed “to Jane with all my love”. My sister was my biggest fan; she always said when she retired she’d be my agent. I wish she had lived to accomplish that goal.

I’ve always liked drips and this is an early example. I think it’s straight watercolor. Another gloomy day in NJ but the daffodils and forsythia are blooming. Spring: soon!

Gouache Resist-Failure

Yes, it looks okay but artists, check your ink before you do a gouache resist!

The gouache underpainting before inking. The idea of the resist is that the Higgins Black Magic ink will stay on the white paper and the gouache will stay-fading a bit in the process but giving a cool look.

Painting over the gouache. Unfortunately I did not check the ink. It was Higgins but not the right kind, just regular India ink.

As you can see, the black ink washed off. Darn! I’ve done this before. What to do? I promised Kerfe I’d post something today. Only way to save it was to paint the background in so I did. I will try another one of these this week and will be more careful this time!

Some weekend painting

This one started off as a landscape. I saw a face in it and took off from there. The result is something weird but I’m posting it anyway.

I also thought it was Draw a Bird Day. Maybe that was yesterday though. Anyway here’s a Mourning Dove, one of the dumber birds to be found in my neighborhood. They make a sound that really does sound mournful. Lots of robins around lately too–a good sign.

15-minute painting

My daughter challenged me to a timed painting of a photo I had just taken of Birdman. It was a cool challenge. Never tried it in my life!

Here’s Birdy with the painting. That’s my husband’s Navajo rug in the background. It’s been hanging on that bannister for years.

Finally a little sunshine here but more snow coming I heard : (.

Stories from My Life

Last year my daughter gave me a subscription to This company sends prompts for a year; you write your stories and save them. I enjoy writing and this gave me a reason.

It’s a nice book and writing the stories was fun.

Mom’s page.

Dad’s page.

The story about my Martin guitar and a photo of my friend Deborah and me. We had a duo and played at children’s parties.

A clipping from the Paterson Morning Call. My father had my sister and me save a box of snow. In July we took it out and Dad creates one of his famous PR moments. Funny!

One of the pivotal moments of my life: JFK’s assassination. I was a sophomore in high school sitting in art class when the announcement came.

Although I don’t think my daughter has even glanced at the book, I’m glad I did it. A good deal for $39, check it out at

iPad doodling

My husband got me a new iPad!

I wanted the iPad Pro (for the ProCreate art app); the app is available on this iPad but I haven’t purchased it yet. This is done on the ArtSet app which works better on the new iPad.

My old iPad is obsolete so I was pleased with this gift. Unfortunately my game “Matching with Friends” has been discontinued. I’ve been playing this dumb game for a few years and I will miss it.

More snow today in NJ. Looks like it’s stopping now and hopefully this will be it.

An odd one

Happy Monday and the sun is shining today. I don’t know what to say about this painting. It’s just weird but I kind of like it anyhow.

A Posting Streak

Kerfe asked me to cover her during her move and I am pleased to say I’ve posted/painted every day this week.

Thank you for all the nice comments! Will answer to all over the weekend.

This one doesn’t seem done for some reason like maybe it needs more black. Posting it anyway!

A fabulous weekend to all. Some sun would be nice.

Gouache Resist

I turned one of these into a gouache resist. This is where you paint over the whole thing in Higgins Black Magic ink and then wash it off. Usually you paint thinking of doing the resist; this was just a random idea and it wasn’t all gouache underneath.

The gouache resist right after being washed off.

The image in black and white which is interesting.