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Abstract Friday

I was going to title this “Red House”; I guess that will be an alternate title. Crazy weather for fall and I hear it will be in the 90’s on Sunday. L’Shana Tova to my fellow members of the Tribe.

When parts are better than the whole

An abstract that I cropped. This little bit is better than the painting which is somewhat of a mess.

That’s the fun (for me) of messing with a picture on my phone. There were some interesting parts to this painting but on the whole it’s a fail. Too cluttered, too much going on. That’s why I like the snippet better.


Let’s just call her a random dancer because it looks nothing like my sister.

Kind of a tough angle with her face tilted up and sideways. I recognize the earrings: they were made by Marcia Tucker (deceased) who was head of the New Museum.

A couple of little studies on black paper. More dancers to come.

Blue Gate (finished)

Always better when color is added.

Blue Gate

Another enigmatic family photo. What is Blue Gate? Where is it? Cute how there’s two shots of Jane framed within this doorway or porthole. I’m thinking I should paint the outside black.

The photograph. Undated but she looks around 17 here, maybe older.

Angel wings

Drawing from photo of my friend Crystal. The wings are on a wall in Nashville.


I’ve been doing some Rorschach paintings in a watercolor sketchbook. Here’s a little

flip through. Very reworked so they don’t really look like the same image.

Dad relaxing

I found a trove of photographs possibly my sister’s. Like many families we have many photos and sometimes I find some that please me. My Dad used to relax in the den in a rattan cushioned seat. We still have a table from the set. He was the picture of relaxation in this photo. I found some other good ones too.

The photo. His right hand behind his head is cut off so I fudged that hand a bit.

My Dad was a cool guy. I think he’d like being the subject of my blog entry today. Love you Dad!

Trees on lacy background

I pasted down the lace bottom of a beach coverup that I cut off (too long) and created a grid to paint on. I had the cardboard back of an Arches pad and it worked well. If I want to do some more of these I’m going to have to find or make some more boards. This would not work on watercolor paper. It gave a pretty interesting effect for the simple trees and water.

A collage

I had some material around and used it to make the texture of the water. I don’t do a lot of collage but my (personal) finest work was the Paterson stuff with material from my grandpa. Another swimmer but this time with someone observing him.