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Magnetic Poetry Saturday: Ask These


Ask these tongues
how can my dreams
shine by day
yet ache like storms

together their music rains
symphony and sky
shadowless moon

This was another collaboration with Nina and the Oracle that fit together really easily.  We decided to surprise each other today with our artwork and post separately.  I punched holes to embroider on the paper, and then decided just to leave the holes.  The weird light is because I photographed the collage taped to the window so the sun would shine through the holes.


Magnetic Poetry Saturday: Do Magic


Nina and I came up with this collaborative verse from the magnetic poetry oracle almost instantly, and then our artwork, done separately, also fit together perfectly.  Magic! (with a little help from Photoshop)

devour fire
drink fever
dance  fly
do magic


Happy Saturday!

Plays With Planets


like a streaming cloud
this linear light
plays with planets
accessing alien forces
world of galactic fire
opened completely by space

I spent one sleepless night last month doing one magnetic poem after another.  I haven’t looked at them since, but I’m sure there’s plenty of raw material to play with once I get around to it.

This poem started as a collaboration between Nina and me, but she gave up, saying she couldn’t see where it was going.  I tweaked it over a few days, so I don’t know who contributed what–a collaboration, still, even if I had the final say.

And another Rorschach painting underneath.


Andy in the water

My cousin sends me a lot of great photos. I did a couple of versions of this one. This is an example of a painting needing to be done in oils, I think. 

The first version was a watercolor. The angle of the head was awkward and I didn’t really get it at all. 
I thought the pencil sketch was better. The main image if the sketch filled in with watercolor. Unfortunately it was in a sketchbook and the paper crinkled up. Oh well. 

Here is my cousin’s photo. I’m not going to give up on this one quite yet!

Finger as paintbrush 

Just a quick sketch on my phone and the Art Set app. It’s not the deluxe version but kind of fun to fool around with. Started with the dark blue background and went from there. 

Magnetic Poetry Saturday: Hold Hope

hold hope nina s

The oracle was generous to us this week.  A three-way collaboration: O.N.K.

hold hope stitched words s

hold hope open
my promise to trust
a thousand worlds receive
this spirit
listen to the gifts
of your heart
where gentle rhapsodys live

Symbolic Attitude and Fuzzy Poets

fuzzy poets combo

Say hello to fuzzy poets
believing in symbols
almost never
facing smooth attitudes
make good vibes
dig the big mystery

Nina and I did a couple magnetic poems this week.  I rearranged things again for this one when I was putting it on my painting, although the words are the same, except for two that I eliminated.  She’s working on art for the other one.

fuzzy poets s

For this one we used the “mustache” words for a change of pace.  It makes for a different subject matter for sure.  Above:  the entire fuzzy poets painting to go with our poem of symbolic attitude.

For Elusive Trope’s Magnetic Poetry Saturday.

Mad Symphony: a collaboration

literal symphony nina s

nk magnetic poem 1

Despite the bugginess of the Magnetic Poetry website, Nina and I had a wonderful time composing this poem, sending it back and forth for addition and revision many times.  I did one illustration, and Nina did two.

mad symphony k close up s

to stop shadows from moaning
whisper to the sky like a rainstorm
petals sing to my dreams

some say music is like a watching wind
mad symphony like a summer moon
red and frantic blowing delirious screams
over a thousand purple seas

still   life soars as love urges us
and together we shine by day

nina magnetic poem illustration s

For the Elusive Trope’s Magnetic Poetry Saturday Challenge.  Join in!  It’s fun.

mad symphony ks


Lincoln Center

I met Kerfe yesterday at a craft show in Lincoln Center. It was fun to meander among the different booths and to spend some time with my pal. I attempted a drawing but Kerfe has a pixie like appearance that I didn’t quite catch. 

Kerfe took a picture of me with an umbrella cockatoo. You meet all kinds of folks and animals in the city. Also a picture of Kerfe’s hands looking at a vendor’s card and some of the crafts we looked at. 

Halley Came to Jackson

My version of a Mary Chapin Carpenter song. ​