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It’s Selfie Day! Self Portrait #18



Teresa reminded me on last month’s selfie day that I’ve been falling behind in my monthly self-portraits.  This is another one based on a Vanessa Bell painting, with commentary by the Magnetic Poetry Oracle.  I did it twice, although I’m not that crazy about either version.  Perhaps I’ve been away from painting for too long.  Or maybe it’s the blue in the eyes.


in elaborate languages
in moon skin
beneath the shadow
of time

You can see the entire self-portrait series so far here.

A New Batch


One thing I use and sell art-wise are my greeting cards. My supply was running low so I got the assembly line going: cut up the painting, rubber cement onto the blank cards, leave under a brick for a while and then draw some more on the image and outline. It’s very relaxing. 

Dancing in the Moonlight


A riff on yesterday’s moon painting. I painted the entire paper with purple gouache and ink mixed together and did the moon and dancing figures in silver gouache. The blue was applied and dripped on afterwards.

The moon last night


A full moon and a beauty. It reminds me of the Judy Collins song “The Moon’s a Harsh Mistress”. Walking the dogs last night this moon got into my consciousness and I knocked off this version. Arches paper and gouache. 

Painted Bridge


The Williamsburg detail in gouache and ink. This version has a folky look to me and seems like it should’ve been painted in oil. 

Golden Gate 2


I tried this image again on smaller Arches paper (9″x12″). I think it worked better; I mixed some grey into the white and attempted to show the rising cloud of fog. Also threw a few birds in the water for fun. 

Here was my first attempt. It’s clunky compared to this one today, I think. 

Into the Woods+Draw a Bird


My husband and I watched “Into the Woods” the other night, a beautiful movie (from a Broadway play), book by James Lapine and music/lyrics by Stephen Sondheim. We both thought it was a work of genius featuring Meryl Streep, James Corden, Anna Kendrick, Johnny Depp and many other fine actors. 

It inspired me to attempt to paint a woods. Mine is not as spooky as the one in the film. 

I drew a couple of owls in forgetting it was Draw a Bird day. I plan to draw a thrasher if not too busy at work but I figured I could sneak in my owls. 

Spirits and apparitions


A watercolor using drips turned into a world of weird creatures. 

Artist Trade!


I fell in love with a painting by my friend Paul Jervis. I offered to buy it but he said he would only trade with me. I love this painting because it reminds me of a Diebenkorn. Paul encouraged me to get some oils which I’m planning on doing this weekend. 

I brought in a bunch of my works on paper for Paul to choose from. He chose one of my paintings from 2011 done with textiles made in Paterson NJ by my grandfather. He liked that the painting had history and I will have it framed for him on my trip to the art store. All in all a great way to start the weekend. 

Abstract (riverbed)


Another small Artist Trading Card (thanks again Claudia). A riverbed is what my husband saw in this one. 

I thought it looked interesting in the other direction. Have a lovely Memorial Day Weekend, dear WP friends.