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Disturbance in the Field

This is the painting I did from the sketch the other day. I don’t know why I painted in the little spinning object on the left. I don’t remember why I did it but it’s okay.

My dilemma with this painting is that I was about to paint in some branches on the tree tops. Then I sort of liked it as it was. What do you think? Does it need some branches?

Detail of the spinning or tumbleweed image. It has all the colors in the painting in it. A very fun piece to paint and I really love gouache.

Sunday Painting

I sat down over the weekend and got some painting done. Yay! I had started this portrait of my mother in black and white and messed with it.

I had the paint really heavy on her face at one point so I pressed a paper towel over it. It came out like a weird ghost.

That reminded me how much fun it really is to paint. I’ve got something else started which I hope to finish today. Here’s a sketch done on the first page of a new watercolor block which happens to be black.

And the same image filled in with some color.

All in all a pretty productive weekend. And still no sign of sun in Northern NJ.

Young Nina

Another self portrait: from a photo of me at around age five (?). I had cut a chunk out of my bangs. I still chop off my hair sometimes when it gets too long and then have to get an emergency appointment with a professional.

I added a few things in the background that were iconic to me. The zither had sheets of music that you put under the strings and plucked the corresponding strings. The little jukebox (all busted up now) played a song when you put a penny in. The white horse was a piece I got at some junk shop; I remember my mother being amused that I spent my babysitting money on a little object like that. I had a happy childhood.

Here’s the zither and the little jukebox. The white horse is lost to history.

Emily (deep in thought)

My daughter painted in watercolor, no pencil sketching first. Although this is simplistic I think it caught her mood. She didn’t hate it which is something. So glad it is Friday. I hope everyone has a good weekend. Weather is looking promising here in NJ.

Self Portrait/2/1/18

It’s been a while, friends, and I’ve missed WordPress. Luckily for me Kerfe pushes me mercilessly and I promised I would post today. “Painting is good for the soul”, Kerfe says, and you know what? She’s right.

The last few months have been stressful as my husband closed his private medical practice and joined a group. They hired me also. We have been putting a lot of energy into this endeavor and I haven’t picked up a paintbrush.

In thinking about content I realize that I really like to paint people, either from old photos or from photos taken of faces I like. I’m going to concentrate on that for a bit. Not sure if I’ll post ever day but will try for a few times a week. This venue is wonderful for artists and we have made many friends here. Thank you for your patience!

Draw a Bird Day Jan.2018

Kerfe emailed me to remind me it’s Draw a Bird Day. I drew a bird of many colors in ink then filled in with trusty NeoColors.

This is direct steal from the Brookdale Park Conservancy. It was so cute and clever that I had to copy it. Whomever did this logo is very clever! I will send them a donation to atone for being a thief.

Of course I had to paint color in. The black and white is very cool though.

Happy Draw a Bird Day!

Oil Painting #2

I got the proper medium to use with the oils so maybe the next one will be better. This reminds me of a painting you’d do at one of those Sip ‘n Paint places where everybody does the same painting as the instructor. No, actually it’s worse.

I started out trying to do a fake Rothko. The paints didn’t really work with water as a medium. The black I added later was mixed with the proper medium (linseed oil). This improved the flow greatly.

In totally random fashion I’m throwing in this little watercolor from 1972. Not sure if I ever posted it. I framed it because I thought it was a good expression of “less is more”. I still like the way it captured the scene in a minimalist way. Back to the drawing board with the oils.

The young mom at the next register at Jerry’s Artorama had her cart filled with small stretched canvases, sketchbooks, paint; she said she’d been stuck in the house with four kids and wanted to be able to do art with them. She spent over a thousand bucks! Mom of the year in my eyes!

Landscape 2018

Kerfe gifted me a set of oil paints and a pad of canvas paper. I’ve been saying for ages I want to try oils again and here is my first attempt. It’s totally different than gouache or watercolor and I had fun with this!

I wish for everyone a peaceful and productive 2018. I have been pretty consumed with learning a new job and actually having a boss. I even have to clock in (on the computer, not a time card. I have never done that in my life).

I don’t make resolutions but I do wish to devote more time to art. So I guess that is a resolution. Cheers!

Lake Champlain/Lake Rickabear

In 2001 we were invited up to a fellow singer in a group I was in (The Humdingers. We sang in nursing homes in Essex County, NJ). In a showoffy way I jumped off a dock into the water. I have never felt colder water and I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Recently found a photo someone took of me in the water. I painted and repainted the face four times but couldn’t get the agonized look. Finally decided to cut out my face and paste it on. Ignore the double chin. I was a bit fatter then but the fat did nothing as far as providing insulation.

Strangely my friend texted me a painting I did a lot of years ago. I don’t even remember doing it. It was a lake in Kinnelon where we used to go and take the kids. I guess I like painting lakes!

To all beautiful WordPress friends, I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving day.

A Little Commission

My next door neighbor has been growing her chocolate business and she asked me to design a Montclair related piece she could use on her chocolate boxes. I haven’t picked up a paintbrush in a while but I wanted to do this for her.

She wanted some scenes of our town Montclair. The Presby Iris Gardens are iconic.

I had to include my town’s very own Montclair Art Museum.

Edgemont Park with its war memorial and pond with fountains is also a landmark here.

And to make no mistake about it the State of New Jersey which just elected a Democratic governor. Bye bye Mr Christie.

I’m happy to be posting today as I miss this. Things have been hectic and I need to make time for painting. It felt really good to do this and I hope it helps my neighbor sell a lot of chocolates.