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Opening Echo

opening echo s

Unintended pause–
folding the absence inward,
into the presence

Keeping the hidden—the not
that fills the where without end

For Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, above.  What wonderful colors to work with!  A magical fairy tale setting.

opening echo close up s



Hidden Face

I’m not sure if this is done but I’m posting it anyway.

It is super hot in NJ and also the first day of school. I see parents picking up now (I live by a school) so I think they let them out early. Really need to air condition our aging schools here!

Landscape for Kerfe

Kerfe always likes my landscapes so this is one for her today.

I really need art supplies badly. I’m out of quite a few colors but more importantly I need the super heavy watercolor paper. The direction I’m going in seems to call for a lot of layering.

Birdy six days after his brother’s demise. I really can’t tell if he’s sad. He’s usually happy when I’m around. And so it goes.

9/4/18 Painting

Another one where the drips led me. It’s hard to see the details i.e. going in with a fine point sharpie in places.

In other news, I lost my dog Beau on the last day of August. The IG post is from Chris, whose hikes Beau went on with great joy for many years. Beau was just shy of his tenth birthday. I still have his brother, Birdy, who seems kind of stunned.

So I guess fall is here. Best wishes to all for the new season.


I let the drips take me where they wanted. Two green and friendly monsters emerged.

Colt Gun Mill (version 3)

A simplified view and I ran out of room- the paper wasn’t big enough. Or I painted it wrong. The church steeple is not in this one and I think I miss it.

Last week of summer has arrived. It’s a nostalgic time, seeing the kids go back to school and the leaves falling. Time marches on.

Colt Gun Mill/in color

I like it better this way : ).

Falling. 8/16/2018

Another abstract just playing with color and shape. It’s fun to do these, layering drips and color while shapes reveal themselves to me.

A couple of closeups. There’s some good painting in here if I do say so myself.

I’ve been painting in my husband’s messy office upstairs, at a repurposed computer desk. It’s not ideal but it’s as good a place as any. Plus I’m messing up the desk and floor with paint so maybe I can eventually take it over as a studio.

Landscape 8/11/18

A rainy Saturday in northern NJ. Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

“when the leaves turn inside out you know it’s going to rain”. That’s what my sister used to say and she was right.

Landscape with bridge 8/6/18

Another one on the canvas paper. I like how you can put an under painting and then get dimensionality like an oil painting.

Couple of close ups:

I took a shot of the three small painting on canvas. Not a great shot but I like how these look together.

Have a good week! N.