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Falling. 8/16/2018

Another abstract just playing with color and shape. It’s fun to do these, layering drips and color while shapes reveal themselves to me.

A couple of closeups. There’s some good painting in here if I do say so myself.

I’ve been painting in my husband’s messy office upstairs, at a repurposed computer desk. It’s not ideal but it’s as good a place as any. Plus I’m messing up the desk and floor with paint so maybe I can eventually take it over as a studio.

Landscape 8/11/18

A rainy Saturday in northern NJ. Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

“when the leaves turn inside out you know it’s going to rain”. That’s what my sister used to say and she was right.

Landscape with bridge 8/6/18

Another one on the canvas paper. I like how you can put an under painting and then get dimensionality like an oil painting.

Couple of close ups:

I took a shot of the three small painting on canvas. Not a great shot but I like how these look together.

Have a good week! N.

8/5/18 Weekend Painting

A second small painting on the pad of canvas Kerfe gave me. These are pretty densely layered with drips and color/image added later.

I have another totally different one in progress. I will work on it today.

It is very hot in these parts (but not as hot as, say, India). Everyone says the summer is flying by and it seems true. Hope everyone is having a good weekend! N.

Portrait 2. Grade: B+

I attempted the portrait of my cousin this morning. I kind of like this. Unfortunately I painted it on the board of a sketchbook rendering it “unprofessional”. Oh well, they did tell us in art school to always use good materials.

A rough sketch. It felt freeing to paint larger and directly with paint rather than drawing in pencil and then painting.

The zombie version in case you forgot.


From a selfie my daughter sent while at the beach. I find the more I draw the better DUH! Trying to do something at least.

I totally stole this from a painting at my cousin’s house. All is fair in art.

Chiara, the dog next door. I’ve been keeping an eye out for her while some of the family is away.

Drawing of the mehndi I had on my arm. I kind of liked it. I understand tattoos a little better. Here’s Muffy’s design:

Good night!

Gouache resist: success

Well, I used the correct ink on this one and it turned out better.

This is the first painting of thick gouache. Painted over it in Black Magic ink but didn’t take a picture.

After washing off the ink. The black ink stayed on the white paper just how I wanted! Much easier to go back in and make marks when you get a ready made background!

Friday and it’s looking nice out there. Have a good weekend!

An Oldie

I came across this painting I had given to my sister. It is quite old although I don’t know the exact date. It is inscribed “to Jane with all my love”. My sister was my biggest fan; she always said when she retired she’d be my agent. I wish she had lived to accomplish that goal.

I’ve always liked drips and this is an early example. I think it’s straight watercolor. Another gloomy day in NJ but the daffodils and forsythia are blooming. Spring: soon!

Gouache Resist-Failure

Yes, it looks okay but artists, check your ink before you do a gouache resist!

The gouache underpainting before inking. The idea of the resist is that the Higgins Black Magic ink will stay on the white paper and the gouache will stay-fading a bit in the process but giving a cool look.

Painting over the gouache. Unfortunately I did not check the ink. It was Higgins but not the right kind, just regular India ink.

As you can see, the black ink washed off. Darn! I’ve done this before. What to do? I promised Kerfe I’d post something today. Only way to save it was to paint the background in so I did. I will try another one of these this week and will be more careful this time!

15-minute painting

My daughter challenged me to a timed painting of a photo I had just taken of Birdman. It was a cool challenge. Never tried it in my life!

Here’s Birdy with the painting. That’s my husband’s Navajo rug in the background. It’s been hanging on that bannister for years.

Finally a little sunshine here but more snow coming I heard : (.