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Cement blocks

They’re doing construction in my neighborhood. There are piles of Belgian blocks for the curbs, wood and other building materials. The pattern of these stacked concrete blocks appealed to me so I did a drawing. I must admit I’m rather pleased with it. 

This is the photo. I did the drawing at work and didn’t have the right colored pencils to catch the color nuance but I think I caught the pattern. Have a great weekend!

My Dad and Emily

Em must have been around nine here. It’s a sketch from a photo of them sitting at the table in France. She wasn’t drinking wine. She just liked to drink out of a wine glass like we all were. 

A Strange but Nice Dream

I dreamed the neighborhood kids put all sorts of fairy structures around my house. They were dug into the ground in my dream. I really like the kids in my neighborhood and could actually imagine them doing this!

To my husband

I’ve been absent from this blog because my husband had a stroke on Saturday, August 20th, 2016. Luckily I got him to the hospital quickly where they administered TpA, a clot busting medicine. He was paralyzed on the right side and mute. Scary as shit, people. But within ten minutes he started to recover. 

I am thankful that he is gradually coming back to himself and also thankful that they have this medicine which didn’t exist years ago. 

I was kind of drunk when I did this sketch. 

Williamsburg Bridge (detail)

My obsession with this bridge intensifies when I’m visiting Brooklyn and standing in its shadow. I don’t know why I love this bridge so much. It is just so bold and you can see it so clearly from my daughter’s neighborhood. I took a few more photos of it and did another work drawing. In pencil it didn’t have the boldness; I brought in a bottle of ink and a couple of brushes. 

Here is the original pencil drawing before I messed with it and also the photo. I just love this bridge! I promise I will move on to another subject soon!

Brooklyn Bridge with view of Lower East Side

Work drawing so just pencil and a little color for the East River. 

Selfie (a day late)

I showed this to my husband. He didn’t know who it was but I think he was just being nice. I think it really does sort of look like me. I need a haircut very badly. 

Portrait (not of self)

My husband paused “Sixty Minutes” last night and I did a sketch of the guest. Can you tell who it is?

Bow Bridge

Another bridge drawing today. This one is in Central Park, NYC, and is quite lovely. 

I attempted a detail of the stone carving of the bridge. Drawing stone is pretty hard to do. This is interlocking double circles and it boggled my mind. 

Bridge (2)

I tried to draw the bridge again today. I didn’t use a ruler as I did yesterday and I was trying to get the almost lacy effect of the ironwork. I also didn’t go over it with a black pentel. It’s just a couple of different pencils, soft and hard, a grey pencil and some blue for the sky. I confined the drawing within a small space on the paper. I’d still like to go bigger but going within the space seemed to help the drawing.