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My personal protection pieces

Kerfe’s post resonated with me this morning because I believe in personal protection and have the items that protect me in my possession. The Hamsa hand on the left was my sister’s. The druzy crystal on the far right is my personal protection while flying in a plane (I hold the piece in my mouth during takeoff and landing); I will not fly without having it on, although I forgot it once and survived. The Chai also belonged to my sister. She wore it all the time, defiantly during a period when travelers were advised not to wear Jewish symbols. The wrapped crystal I don’t wear a lot because it doesn’t have a secure clasp (you just tie it) and I don’t want to lose it. The large Hamsa, stamped design on a flat piece of metal, I don’t know its provenance. I think my mother may have purchased it in Israel and gave it to me. These items all have some kind of power; I don’t really know why but I know that they do…after all, I’m still here.