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transitional s

The earth has its own song–lavish, extravagantly
saturated with rich hue—voices that fall gently,
multiplying as they emerge–seeds that spill, turning,
unseen, marinating in the music of to be

To watch to walk the day and hold the descant, breathing
following the wind in liquid sky awash, swimming
full and boundless, basking in the light of distant orbs
as the air chills, covers itself—radiant, waiting

Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, above, seemed perfect for a rubaiyat emphasizing imagery, as requested by Jilly at dVerse.  This time I managed 13 syllable lines.

transitional close up s

The rubaiyat is the poetic form at dVerse for the month of February, and I expect to try at least one more.



shell comp 3s

shell magnetic

The Oracle today was short and sweet.

wander into this sea-leaving
let the soul walk a spiral path
be the seed of moonlight
tendriled between secret vines



ferrying blk s

“We’re all working for the Pharaoh”–Richard Thompson

A body
in motion through air–
static, turn-
ing, turning,
sparks reflected on water–
turning into earth–

to the sky, do bones
become light?–
currents that
connect flesh to elements,

until unseen—sounds
felt, not heard–
veins branching
like trees carrying cells that
nourish, then destroy—

A sudden
change in direction,
drowning and
coming up for
more—impossible to tell
what is or isn’t—

the night, withering
the sun—what
grows secret,
exposed by shadow?—what grows
wings, rises, takes flight?



This was a response to the challenge image above at The Ekphrastic Review. I immediately thought of 2 things:  the world’s refugees attempting to reach safety by boat, and Richard Thompson’s song “Pharaoh”.

ferrying close up 2s

My poem wasn’t chosen, but it inspired a collage in the spirit of my thoughts if not exactly a match to my words.  The winning poems posted on The Ekprastic Review can be found here.

ferrying close up 4s

And Richard Thompson…


ferrying close up 3s


toward s

now—the cold
transforms sunset
clouds with furied
winds—far away you drive
distances, all bearings lost–
here alone, I wish for headwinds
to turn your wheels around—back to me

Colleen’s #tanka Tuesday words this week are meaning and passion.  The winds have certainly been impassioned here of late.

toward close up s

Happy Valentine’s Day!  I hope all your loved ones are on their way home.


Removing the Obstacles

removing the obstacles s

Inspired by Claudia McGill’s post about revisiting her snippets, I visited the Collage Box Oracle for this response to the Myths of the Mirror February prompt, below.

As with the Magnetic Poetry Oracle, you can have your own ideas, but in the end you need to follow where the word box leads.

Close your eyes and count–
a circumnavigation
out the window and

between the lines to beyond…
dream what’s inside…come to life



fertilization s

I arrive in the setting sun—mask of dusk
lifting and merging me into vapor, air
flowered and fearless, singing with agelessness

of birds that echo wordless wishes, on shores
of colored galaxies, swimming to the moon,
currents eddying me to the very core,

fertilization top s

turning me into elements, atoms strewn
with fire, with earth, with oceans, with breath, the light
coming from everywhere, vortexed emotion

exposed and whirling in ecstatic surprise
halfway between particled and synthesized


fertilization center 2s

A terza rima for Sue Vincent’s photo prompt above.  I had quite a few false starts with this sonnet form.  Loosening up the rhymes helped, but I think I also hadn’t found the right subject.

fertilization bottom s

Sue’s photo in my mind did not really represent something literal, although a number of stories I’ve read in response did well with a literal interpretation.  It felt good to get out my collage box after so long away from it and explore what I saw, and then try to find words that enlarged on that.


forms die and are reborn

forms die sforms die magnetic s

I’m a bit late to the Oracle today.  She must be out there riding the wind…

forms die close up s

ships of light
above heaving seas–
moon winds bare
that release time’s shadow storms
through a thousand doors


Cloud Forest (Draw a Bird Day)

el oro 2s

Outside the visible, the veil persists, a misted crown,
a canopy to shelter woodlands from both up and down–
the spirits dance their circles through the portals of the clouds,
beyond enclosure following the songs of the unknown.

With wings of color bearing light and magic on the air,
the alchemy of green and gold renews and then repairs
this ancient symbiosis moored to currents at its core
awakening new seeds, building a bridge from here to there.

The El Oro Parakeet is an endangered bird living in the Andes cloud forest of Southwestern Ecuador.  Cloud forests are also endangered throughout the world.  You can read about them here.

el oro head s

This is my first attempt at a rubaiyat poem, the featured form at dVerse for February.  I could not make 13 syllables work, so I ended up with 14.  I also fudged the rhymes a bit.  I don’t usually write long lines, and that was what I found to be the biggest challenge for me.


In anticipation of Valentine’s Day 2019 (for my daughters)

valentine 2019 words

To answer with love–
fragments pieced together like
a mystery solved

Colleen’s prompt this week was to write a love poem.  There are some wonderful poets of love here on WordPress (you know who you are) but that is definitely outside my comfort zone.  Still, I will certainly be sending some Valentines, and so I wrote a poem for the intended recipients.

valentine close up s

As Colleen has introduced haiga as a form for her #Tanka Tuesday, I decided to integrate my words and art this week as well.

Also linked to dVerse OpenLinkNight.



nominal s

myself—not body,
but spirit–
I blur the words I don’t say–
what was never there

the invisible
curtain that
expands like
an accordion centered
in my chest, wedged tight

bottom to
top, inside to out,
of sum and
substance, lost cells mutating
into veins of lead–

the near misses, the
quick and the
dead, the straight
and narrow, the steps always
wrongly directed–

If I could
state the obvious–
if I could
fill in the
blanks—if I could fly over
the rainbow—what then?

nominal close up s

Merril at dVerse has asked us to explore the invisible.