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hand rorschach close up s

unknowing magnetic

touch mirror to hand–
find words to receive this night–
sky full of wished stars

hand rorschach s

The Magnetic Oracle never ceases to surprise me.  This was not on my mind at all, beyond the hand and the mirror…and yet…somehow it’s just right for this Saturday night.

I started with Miz Quickly’s “visual” prompt.



evidence rorschach s

Do you want
to know who what when
where how why?
Or would you
gather shape space color wings
stargazed and flying?

I missed my timing on the dVerse prompt for a poem of questions  So I’m linking this to the “Open Link Night”.  It’s still subject to revision, however…

evidence rorschach clsoe up s

The art is another Rorschach–what do you see?




reverse wht close up s

Reverse the river–
sing me back the rules of time–
chaos as a gift

Is each battle an ending?
or just a rough interlude?

reverse s

A tanka (of sorts) with prompt words from Colleen and the Secret Keeper.  The art is also an “of sorts”–monoprint.  These days I’m just trying things to see what happens.  And then I can photo them in different ways to see what happens too.


The Subject is Muses

seasons lg s

Play. With words.  Images.  From images. (and words).  Juxtaposition.  Borrowing.  The sound of silence.  The dancing of music and time.  Nonsense. (and sensibility).  Geometry.  Story, myth, oracle, dream.  Serendipity.  What is the question? (no answers, please).  Thank you.


Sometimes in winter–
summer might as well be spring–
autumn in New York.

birdling center s

dVerse wants to know the “why” of our poetic style.  In a haibun.

winter s

Yes, the birdlings are back.

summer s


In Theory

in theory print s

Captured in
a cage of light.  Blinded
by shadows.

and negative combining–
additions divide

The forecast
is clearly
a mirrored uncertainty.

Is this the shape of
space and time?

The entrance resides
nowhere.  The
exit is
beyond beginnings.  The way

In is the way out.

in theory lines s

For Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, above.  Once again, I did a lot of monoprints, one with corrugated cardboard reprint.  I liked these two best.

in theory print close up s

in theory lines close up 2s



insomnia s

insomnia magnetic

the whispering
of time–the shadow
of a still
wind raw with
dreams—is this sleepless song the
language we deserve?

insomnia close up s

I haven’t been sleeping well, but I didn’t set out to write about it.  As usual the Magnetic Oracle knows what’s on my mind.

The monoprint is twice removed–done first on corrugated cardboard and then printed on paper a few times in different positions from the cardboard print (I used a lot of paint for the original), changing the paper orientation.  I could embroider it too to give it some more texture.  Another project for the list…

I began with Miz Quickly’s prompt word “deserve”.  My response isn’t exactly following her instructions–as my mother often said, so what else is new.

 But it did get me thinking about what we deserve.  What DO we deserve?  Do we “deserve” anything?  It’s a provocative question.


Autumn Song

black landscape s

Leaves singing the wind–
harmony of sad embrace–
I watch as clouds sigh.

Take this mood and rearrange
the patterns to reflect light.

For Colleen’s poetry challenge, also using the Secret Keeper’s words this week.

With another monoprint.



spiral monoprint s

spiral magnetic

Like seeds breathing a path
through stone,
wind wanders between wild
and free.

Ask the air to grow rooted
and nights will no longer flower
with moon spirit.

Listen as secrets follow seasons–
dark cold light bright–
withering into deep green
beneath ancient rain.

I started with the word “free” and the Magnetic Oracle took it from there.  For dVerse Quadrille #40.



twin towers leaf s

leaves rattle like bones
through bottomless clarity–
azure autumn sky

leaf close up s

This exquisite leaf was found on Broadway last week.


Draw a Bird Day: An Odd Species

rogue species s

I found this junk mail art bird when I was looking for something else…I’m not sure if “understated” is the species name or just a passing commentary.  At any rate, I felt it deserved a limerick.

Striped feathers of patterned delight–
this fowl presents quite a sight.
Festooned with mixed colors,
it hoots and it hollers
from morning to noon and then night.

Jill, this one’s for you!