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Earth Day Tanka

jm 10a s

earth day tanka magnetic 2

jm 10a1s

I knew that the Oracle would have some words to give me for Earth Day.  She did not disappoint.

Rest you gentle world–
watch seasons breathe, wandering
through sun rain and night.

Follow darkness with long songs
spiriting—grow wild, complete.

jm 10a 2s

I have to make a respectful disagreement with the NaPoWriMo Prompt for Day 22.  Physics (if you’re scientific) and the Spirit World (if you prefer that approach to life) have shown us that the impossible is always waiting for us just beyond our current state of awareness.

jm 10a 3s

Happy Earth Day!  May we work together to find and nourish leaders who respect and honor our home and all of its inhabitants.

jm 10a 4s

logo-napowrimoMy monoprint sequence was inspired by Joan Mitchell’s painting “Another World Inside the Walls”.

In Wait

jm 12a s

I meet myself without mirrors
I meet myself masked by flowers
I meet myself beyond words

Inside the air, evoke words
Inside the stones, seek mirrors
Inside the earth, bleed flowers

I find my bones among flowers
I find my bones reflecting words
I find my bones as shards of mirrors

Inserting flowers inside the mirrors of echoed words

I’ve combined the NaPoWriMo Day 21 prompt about Narcissus with Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, “Waiting”, above, which reminded me of the way a re-mirrored image can seem to have no end.

I wanted to use a poetic form with repetition, and chose the tritina, which always sounds to me like a spell being cast.


At Sixes and Sevens

jm1b blk s

“Don’t walk under any ladders,
don’t break any mirrors,
don’t spill any salt,
and don’t walk by any black cats.”
–advice for Friday the 13th

jm1b stitching s

Will climbing the sky
undo the journey below–
open the passage?

Can the crossing be
repaired?  Riven, it shatters
both inside and out.

jm 1b mandala back s

Gather the scattered,
the lost, the unfortunate–
season with healing.

Fly with the circle
of thirteen moons—returning
as both dark and light.

jm 1b mandala s

The prompt for day 13 of NaPoWriMo involved playing with a familiar phrase.  I decided to go with superstitions, it being Friday the 13th.  They all have interesting histories,  but I was especially taken with salt as a covenant of friendship.  It was once rare and precious, as friendship always is.

jm 1b wht s


Here (Ici)

jm 3c wht s

To be born.
To die.  Each journey
a sudden wave.

–Sonia Sanchez

jm 3c stitching back s

I seek spiders to
prepare this tendu—to be
threaded between born,

between weaving hours stretched to
hold, between the words “to die”.

jm 3c close up s

Treasures wide, deep—each
turn records time, a journey
of endless song, a

ringed cacophony—sudden,
spiraling shadow—spin wave.

jm 3c stitching back close up s

A double tanka shovel poem using Colleen’s prompt words, based on Sonia Sanchez’s wonderful haiku.  The NaPoWriMo prompt today asked us to question our future selves, but to me time circles around, and the future has little meaning in isolation.

You can read about shovel poems here, and read more of Sonia Sanchez here.


The stitched monoprint was inspired by Joan Mitchell’s painting “Ici”.


jm 7d blk s

verging magnetic

For Day 7 of NaPoWriMo, Merril, in her post “Haunted”, reminded me to consult the Magnetic Oracle, as we often do of a Saturday.  I too was given windows.  We have many thresholds to cross these days it seems.

jm 7d close up 1s

& may I
give you wild eternity?
windows of stars waking
amid dazzled trees–
breathing time open

The art was inspired by Joan Mitchell, and consists of several monoprints, cut into strips and woven, with collage over some of the squares.

logo-napowrimojm 7d close up 2as




jm 9b blk s

Shedding my compass
in the Valley of Shadows,
I wonder:  what is

cast by fragments now falling
directionless, unfound?

Late for Day 1 of NaPoWriMo, and using Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, above.

jm 9b blk back s

The art is a monoprint that was cut into strips, rewoven, and embroidered.

jm 9b close up s


February 2018 – Issue 33

Originally posted on the light ekphrastic:
We are pleased to share the work of the following artists and writers in the 33rd issue of The Light Ekphrastic: Sandy Coomer – Descending Night, Tracks (art) Katie Manning – How I Measure Your Body, One Way to Use a Deck of Cards (poetry) Nicole Ostrowski – Congrats from the Afterlife,…


moondrunk close up s

moondrunk magnetic

Bitter seas rip time
suspended in storms screaming
cravings of raw dreams

Let urges lie still—sleeping
on ships of moondrunk wishes

moondrunk full s

I haven’t consulted with the Oracle in awhile.  No one I know is sleeping well these days–I like her advice.  She graciously included the Secret Keeper’s words from this week as well.

I’m also connecting with dVerse Open Link Night.


In a Far Away Galaxy…

long time ago s

and this too–
waves that dance, particles that
sing into
pure form, thought
tending to light—transparent,
fearless, wide, open

In honor of the new Star Wars opening

also linked to dVerse Open Link Night.



flow comp

Earth cut and nourished by water–
shaped by the wind and rain.
Among rocks, elements gather–
brown and grey into green.
Histories gathered, held, and strewn,
a pilgrimage beside the moon–
we are we be
as waves at sea–
a current that fades and renews.

This is a response to a prompt photo of Sue Vincent’s. above, from October.  The poetic form is trijan refrain.  It reminds me of waves.

I did a bunch of monoprints, and I liked the way these 4 worked as a sequence, the colors gradually fading.