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Cyd’s Corner

I went up to the tree to add some more rocks. A neighbor was there working on a little garden nearby the tree. Hopefully this will be a place where we can go and remember Cyd, our neighborhood activist who helped make many improvements in our little corner of the world. 

There is also a clipboard by the base of the tree with ribbon so neighbors can add to the tree. I would like to do some more rocks but here is my progress so far. I also decoupaged her obituary onto a block of wood. 

In Loving Memory

A dear neighbor died this week at the age of 56. She had touched many lives with her community activism and was known as the mayor of College Avenue. She was instrumental in planting some trees by the railroad tracks and we have designated “Cyd’s Corner”, tying ribbons on the tree. These are the first few things I’ve painted to place there. 

I varnished these with a nail topcoat. Plan to paint some more rocks in other colors but all I had today in acrylic was red. The gouache wouldn’t last outside. Rest in peace Cyd. A beautiful person gone too soon. 

Starting with a rock

There was one lying there, I could see a face in it immediately. Picked  it up and put it in my pocket.

Quickly painted it before I forgot where the face was:

Then I did three quick paintings of the face.


One of my resolutions is to emulate my esteemed colleague with her most excellent posts. I usually draw something in the office in colored pencil and post it with a few quick words.  You deserve more, my dear readers. I hope this year to delve further into  painting, maybe even take a class.

Kerfe and I have a lot of fun on this blog in our artistic quest. Thank you for visiting, encouraging, chuckling and just generally being good eggs! Here’s to creating art consistently! Oh and Claudia I got your beautiful painting and card, thank you.

Great work from Claudia McGill. Now mine!

Signing out for now.


What’s with the heart shaped stones?

My sister Jane Zimel died in February 2013 so we’re coming up on two years. I have surprised myself by visiting the cemetary a lot since I don’t really believe she is there. Jews like myself always put a stone on the grave when visiting and I have taken to painting heart-shaped stones that I find mostly along the railroad tracks, a great source for some reason. My sister always said when she retired she would be my agent and she was a great supporter of my art, always (I’ve been doing art all my life which luckily for me has been pretty long). This is a nice heart stone that I found and painted for her. I like how I left the heart shape in the middle the natural stone. I also like going up there and seeing how many stones are on her grave (my parents’ grave also); I think she would really get a kick out of it.