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These rocks may look okay but they are a fail for me. 1. I spackled too heavily in the hopes I could sand them down better. It didn’t work well. 2. Painted the first coat in Ivory Black. It doesn’t work. Sanded and repainted in Jet Black but too late: lumpy and crackly. 3. I don’t plan the color palate, just go by instinct. These are way too Easter-eggy.

I’m not discouraged but I am starting to run out of rocks. I’ll have to collect some of the ruined ones around the ‘hood and redo them.

Last Monday of 2020. Hoping like everyone else in the world for better year.

Some weekend work 12/21/20

Three more finished rocks. These will go out this week as holiday greetings. I’m doing three at a time: spackling, sanding and painting.

A young (12 year old) friend asked me a while ago to illustrate his book. I finally sat down this weekend and tried my best. The book is a fanciful story about a magic porthole, giants and fairies. I hope he likes some of these.

It should be a nice easy week-I’m only working today and tomorrow, off the rest of the week. Have a good week before Christmas-and a lovely and peaceful Christmas Day. Nina.

Gift from Nina

Nina painted me this beautiful rock as a holiday gift.

It looks great on the window sill next to my advent calendar which is filling its winter landscape in nicely.

Thanks Nina!

Weekend stuff

I did a bit of painting and messing around this weekend.

I’m doing some rocks to give instead of cards. These three are done and will be delivered this week.

I glued an embroidered flower onto a rock.

Have a good week! Nina


I’m starting to do some more elaborate rocks in gouache not meant for outside. I am going to send some as Christmas gifts to certain people.

We had a nice Thanksgiving for three. I am grateful that I live with two pretty interesting (if at times baffling) people. My daughter put the holiday spin on things with her flowers and table setting.

A sloppy retrospective of rocks.

Gratitude to the WordPress community for your support: thank you!

Some weekend work

The rocks are ones from the neighborhood that I took back and did in the Arteza outdoor acrylics. They are not like gouache; it’s hard to get any kind of fine line from these.

I’ll put these out and see if they stay better than the gouache ones.

No new paintings ready to post but I’ll post this one started a couple of weeks ago. I never really know where I’m going with these but so far I like the seed pod things in the picture.

I just called in sick to work. Not feeling quite well and I’m alarmed at the Covid cases rising here (20 in one day in my town). As an older person and one who works in a medical clinic setting, I’m going to stay vigilant. Be safe all. Nina


No words to describe the relief I feel.

Congratulations Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. You’ve got a hard road ahead. I’m with you all the way. Long live the USA.

Monday, November 2, 2020

The neighborhood rocks, I’ve noticed, are not aging well. They are painted in gouache and sealed with a few coats of Liquitex. I decided to order some outside paint from Arteza.

These paints are, frankly, not good. I attempted to paint some good rocks that would last outside.

I put out all the rocks the other day.

I sorted them somewhat. The best ones I’m going to paint in gouache but they will be inside rocks. I will keep trying with the outdoor paints as they will be better for neighborhood rocks.

Have a good week. Nina

A for effort

I have been uninspired this week. I did some of these pumpkins and put them around the neighborhood. I’ve given away a lot of rocks and need to replenish the supply.

I wanted to do something different than the black wonky mandalas. These are very simple. I’m not really too crazy about them.

One of the walls in the neighborhood. It has my rocks and lots of the kids’ rocks. I like to walk by and play with them.

It is a gloomy day here in NJ. Have a good week! Nina

Painting 10/10 weekend

I found myself sitting down and doing a bit of painting over the weekend. I’m running out of rocks so got some of them going:

I used ArtSet for iPad for the first time in a while. I drew this landscape using my forefinger.

All in all a good weekend. Have a good week! Nina