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Buddy breathing

I was discussing swimming pools and memories with our friend Claudia McGill and remembered when my Dad used to sit at the bottom of the pool with his scuba tank. All the kids would dive down and he’d hand them the breathing thing; we would hang out down there and take turns buddy breathing. I hadn’t thought of this in a long time. This is just a prelimary sketch and I’m going to paint it.  Claudia said early memories are the strongest. I’m going to have to think of more memories that I can translate into visual ones.  Maybe a series?

Two drawings

I admit I had Draw a Bird day in mind. I just didn’t get around to it. I intend to draw a crow (one flew very close over my head yesterday). The featured image is a blot painting. I cut it out of the sketchbook and mounted it with an Easter egg colored background. 

I tried a little painting of the dumpster with flowers in it. The old blooms and satin ribbons had such a sad look. 

Off to draw a crow now. 

Landscape on black paper

With a shout out to Jeandrawingaday who often plays with lines and marks on paper. 

Portrait (not of self)

My husband paused “Sixty Minutes” last night and I did a sketch of the guest. Can you tell who it is?

Saint Catherine 

An image I got on the Internet a while ago and drew in pencil in my sketchbook. It seemed wrong to not give her any color (those rosy cheeks and blonde curls). 

The portrait was by Luini (never heard of him). Here was the drawing I did in pencil. It needed color, right?

Doodle with gear

I’m working on a larger piece but did this one at the same time. 

I guess you could see a face in this one. Here’s a stage before finishing with more black. 

Candy dish with African violet

I guess this could be considered an entry to Charlie’s food fest over at #doodlewash. I have this candy dish on the counter at work and the patients love it. They are Sunkist Fruit Gems.

Here’s a view of a Sunkist Fruit Gem and the candy bowl. A fine weekend to all!

Vibrant Saleslady

Returning something last night at the Landsend department at Sear and came across this lady vibrantly dressed and with a great attitude. I asked her (trying not to be creepy) if I could take her picture. She posed wonderfully for me! Did this little sketch before work because I wanted to use paint. 

She told us she works every day but Sunday “Sunday is for church”. She works so hard and yet was so lovely, well dressed and a joyous feeling about her. Way to go, sweet lady!

Here is the photo just so you can see how cute she is: 


Brooklyn Woman

I tried to sketch my daughter yesterday but she wouldn’t sit still. I like that I’m taking my sketchbook with me now. It helps!

I had a little trouble with the arm. Went over it in white gouache and redrew. 

Sketching around Boston

The Hilton is right down the street from Fanueil Hall and Quincy Market so I wandered over there. I nabbed a good spot in front of Quincy Market so I could attempt my first drawing of a building in a while. 

I had to replenish myself after all the walking in the hot September sun and found myself in front of a Middle Eastern cafe. The guy made me a fantastic falafel sandwich with tabbouleh and tahini sauce. While I was waiting I sketched the guy sitting in front of me reading the paper.  

All in all a lovely day. More to come.