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The Kick-About #25 ‘The Age Of Aquarius’

Lots of color and light to brighten your day!

Red's Kingdom

With its associations with protest and freedom of expression, this week’s prompt, courtesy of Kerfe Roig, returns us somewhat to the untaming of our last Kick-About together, but just like everyone else, I suspect, I’ve had the song from Hair going around and around my brain these past two weeks!

Tom Beg

“I apologise in advance to any students of colour-theory who might be seeing these images. While it was made in the spirit of peace and love, it might in fact be the colour equivalent an atomic bomb. Really I just wanted to make the animated tye dye t-shirts while listening to the Broadway cast recording of Hair.”

Judy Watson

“I did go briefly down a rabbit hole to look up the meaning of the expression in astrological terms. It’s complex but predictably vague and controversial. The Age of Aquarius may have begun in 2600 BCE…

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The Kick-About #24 ‘You Were Once Wild Here. Don’t Let Them Tame You’

A quote from Isadora Duncan is the starting point for Kick-About #24.

Red's Kingdom

Arguably, the wunderkammers gathered together by the likes of Ole Worm – our last prompt – represent pure expressions of human curiosity, untamed by such things as order, category, reason, or taxonomy, where the real and the imaginary are given equal footing. Now, with Isadora Duncan’s clarion call for free expression and non-conformity ringing in our hearts and minds, the kick-abouters this week are running wild and free…

Graeme Daly

“With this week’s prompt being “You were once wild here, don’t let them tame you” I instantly thought about being amongst the countryside of Ireland, and surrounded by flora and fauna. When I was younger, I was wild at heart; I climbed the highest trees, I made hideouts, I swam in rivers. The ground on top of hills surrounded by fairy trees was ground down by my cousins and myself, with our bikes fucked into the nearest ditch. We could…

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The Ways of Self-Salvation (How to Be Born) by Kerfe Roig (HOW TO Series)

My pantoum “The Ways of Self-Salvation” has been published as part of the Silver Birch Press “How To” series.

Silver Birch Press

expectation-1909The Ways of Self-Salvation (How to Be Born)
by Kerfe Roig

Demanding patience, spirit grows deep—
nourished and carried near to the heart.
Waiting, waiting, my soul for to keep—
shadows breathing and falling apart.

Nourished and carried near to the heart—
the third eye opens, window and mirror.
Shadows breathing and falling apart—
beginning is singing, ending is near.

The third eye opens, window and mirror—
the ripeness growing, large and complete.
Beginning is singing, ending is near—
emptying follows, head and then feet

The ripeness growing, large and complete—
rocking inside a musical voice.
Emptying follows, head and then feet—
atoms laughing in naked warm noise.

Rocking inside a musical voice—
no thoughts to speak, no dreams to word.
Atoms laughing in naked warm noise—
diving like oceans, skying like birds.

No thoughts to speak, no dreams to word—
demanding patience, spirit grows deep.
Diving like oceans, skying…

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The Kick-About #23 ‘Museum Wormianum’

Some fascinating collections inspired by Ole Worm.

Red's Kingdom

Surely it was curiosity that drove Eugen von Ransonnet-Villez, the subject of our last Kick-About, to construct a submersible so he could paint what he found beneath the waves. Ole Worm, Danish physician, natural historian and collector, gathered the eclectic subjects of his curiosity into a remarkable museum, a wunderkammer, which is this week’s jumping-off point…

Phil Cooper

“What a mouthwatering prompt this week, such cabinets have always fascinated me. I think many of us curate our own little wunderkammers in our homes; on windowsills, mantelpieces and coffee tables; little collections of things we found on walks that sparked our interest and wanted to keep.The prompt brought up memories of early childhood for me, growing up in a rather dull South Yorkshire town where the local museum felt like a magical portal to a different world. It was a mysterious and beautiful world, but also a bit…

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The Kick-About #22 ‘Eugen von Ransonnet-Villez’

If you’ve been missing the sea, here’s your chance to immerse yourself.

Red's Kingdom

After the deep intellectual waters of our last Kick-About together, we find ourselves submerged once more, joining Eugen von Ransonnet-Villez in his submersible. It’s a bit of squeeze in there, not least because I’m happy to welcome two new kick-abouters into the mix: Jackie Hagan and Brian Noble. All aboard!

Phil Hosking

“This image started with a really quick thumbnail sketch that still contains the looseness in its final form, which I like. Thinking about Von Ransonnet-Villez’s contraption, and marvelling at the man’s ingenuity and dedication to explore for sake of art and science, I began to think about the experience of the sea life that was seeing this bizarre contraption in their domain. I switched the view to something where I could set the scene from a fish’s perspective, allowing me to look up into the submersible, and in the process give a bit of drama to what must…

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The Kick-About #21 ‘The Five Canons Of Rhetoric’

The Kick-About explores rhetoric in a variety of ways.

Red's Kingdom

The Kick-About comes of age today, with Edition No. 21. Let me begin by saying how restorative, ordering and genuinely exciting I find our collective runarounds. Through your emails, comments and conversations, I know you value the Kick-About too, seeing it as an opportunity to make some new stuff, finish some older stuff, get something done, take risks, recreate, and get your hands dirty. It gives me great pleasure to host your work on here. Red’s Kingdom is lucky to have you. Long may we play together.

Last time, we tied ourselves in knots; even so, I suspect this prompt proved knottier.

Vanessa Clegg

“The definition of rhetoric in the little Oxford dictionary is: art of persuasive speaking or writing; inflated or exaggerated language. Based on that (with a bit of Samuel Beckett’s ‘Not I’) I’ve spliced together the opening lines of Barack Obama’s inauguration speech with a selection…

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The Kick-About #20 – The Ashley Book Of Knots

A caravan of knots…

Red's Kingdom

The Kick-About always casts its net very wide. Our last haul, inspired by Ernst Haeckel’s Art Forms In Nature, landed a shimmering catch of creativity. Our nets don’t always require knots, but this week’s edition of the Kick-About is all about the nip!

Francesca Maxwell

“Here I have a painting called ‘Unravel’. Not a knot supposed to hold or anchor, then it will not work, having lost the nip. But I see it as a knot of the heart, which is finally finding a way to disentangle and on its way to separate and free the separate bits and pieces.” Inks on paper 76 X 57 cm.

Phil Cooper

“I was walking through a park near where we live in Berlin recently and I noticed that all the leaves of the hops and traveller’s joy had been stripped away, leaving a seething mass of twisted and knotted stems. Aha…

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#BigGardenBirdWatch 29-31st January Artwork and Writing Challenge. Have artworks depicting garden birds? Have you written unpublished/published about garden birds? Please DM me, or send a message via my WordPress. Even write poems to the images in this blog post.

In anticipation of spring…

The Wombwell Rainbow


-Kerfe Roig “Crow”

Mirror mirror on the wall
who is the cleverest crow
of them all?

Caledonian crows?
The elite group of species, who
can use twigs to fish insects
out of holes and crevices,

whittle branches into hooks
tear leaves into barbed probes,
are innovative problem solvers,
blithely elegant,in pure dark robes?

Said the rook to the mirror
‘the latest research makes me shiver,
people will not consider us thirsty,
hungry, capable or free, since its
proven, we were never fools.

The corvid family, ravens, rooks,
magpies, jackdaws and jays, were
cautious, cooperative, concerned
and cool, tis no argument as scientists
say, and I just read the news on BBC, that
‘clever crows can use three tools’

‘Mirror mirror, now what’s your suggestion?
The crisis deepens, descending to recession.
Should it be a round table conference,
summit or a mediation, or a call for a corvid
crow collection?

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The Kick-About #19 Art Forms In Nature – Ernst Haeckel

This week’s Kick-About is really a feast for the senses.

Red's Kingdom

Following the simple, unadorned charms of our previous still-life inspired Kick-About, in which we were encouraged to turn our creative attentions to objects rather ordinary and domestic, this week’s edition is a good deal more fanciful. With Ernst Haeckel’s Art Forms in Nature as our collective stomping ground, we’ve generated between us a veritable coral reef of different ideas, processes and creativity.

Simon Holland

“Haeckel’s images have that other worldly alienness of the microscopic, to me, they tread a line between the interspatial and the outer spatial. With this image I started “riffing” in Maya with repeated forms, influenced a little by Hebrew descriptions of the Ophanim. With a bit of “evolution” a tiny bit of “Interstellar” and a smidge of “Event Horizon” I ended up here.”

Charly Skilling

“As regular Kick-Abouters are probably aware, I’ve been playing around with freeform crochet off-and-on throughout…

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Day Ten. Special January Ekphrastic Challenge Jan 7th to February 6th. Please join writers Merril D Smith, Jim The Poet, Holly York, Michael Dickel, Joy Fleming, Hilary Otto, Godefroy Dronsart, Alan Gary Smith, Redcat, and myself as we respond to the remarkable art of Chris O’Connor, Marcel Herms and Kerfe Roig and others to arrive in the coming weeks. Saturday.

I’m one of the featured ekphrastic artists at The Wombwell Rainbow this month. Merril Smith is one of the featured poets. My thanks to Paul Brookes for his support of both art and poetry and the interactions between them

The Wombwell Rainbow

January 16th


-Kerfe Roig “handeye”

ik onttrek mij, mixed media on paper, 23,7 x 30,3 cm, 2020 MH16

-Marcel Herms “ik onttrek mij”


-Chris O’Connor

Responding to CO16 and “Handeye” KR16

Just Over There

These fuzzy-brained days–
I’m a hand-puppet, waiting for direction,
a sense of what to do, which way to go
some sense at all
to my sensibility—magical realism it may be
when the surreal is real
in this inside-out and upside-down world—where is the key
to unlock it?

Somewhere, a butterfly flutters, and the world shudders;
Somewhere a rabbit hops, escaping a predator, or setting off a bomb.
Crow caws, and I open my eyes,
there is light, crystalline bright—
just over there. See?

-Merril D Smith

Ikonttrekmij– (codeMH16)

Why the questions ?
I have my reasons
Please accept.

You have everything you need.
You will not miss me.
I will leave no gap.
I am not going anywhere.

Withdrawal will not affect.

15,Ja,2021 for…

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