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Weekend fun

While cleaning up my painting area I found these artist trading cards (inspired, like so much, by Claudia McGill). Playing around with them was a lot of fun.

You can’t really take yourself too seriously when the surface you’re painting on is 2.5” x 3.5”. And I love working on black.

My old faithful landscape with blue sky and clouds.

All the cute little cards together:

I highly recommend these cards as a freeing way to paint. I plan to give them to random folks : ).

Stay Curious

Good news!
Our friend Sharon Mann is back!

Make Art...Magic Happens

Welcome to the first day of my new blog Make Art…Magic Happens. It’s been over a year since I left blogging under the name of Monday Tuesday Wednesday ( which no longer exists). The time is right to come back.

I’m interested in many different mediums which include watercolor, drawing, fiber art creation ( including crocheting and knitting), mixed media, art journals and found art. I’ll be including all of these techniques in my art as I post. I also want to include some how tos, so you can see my process.

Art is a magical journey. Most of the time when I start a project a surprise happens and like magic I’m creating something unexpected.

Lately, I’ve been experimenting with patterns. Below are two recent artworks.

18″ x 15″ Collage/watercolor


20″ x 16″ Watercolor


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Found object

When I saw this on the street I thought it was a fungus. I touched it: it’s rock. No idea what this thing is. Does anybody know?

Unabashed buzz marketing

I am very proud of my friend; she recently published her first coloring book and it is beautiful. She is an educator and all the mandalas have literary quotes to go with them. Please check out her blog here on WordPress. It is wonderful to see an accomplishment like this!

The Story of Moses

Our friend Claudia McGill was curious about how we got our dog Moses. Here is a little cartoon and here is the story that goes with it:

One night our babysitter Jiffy came to the door carrying a box with two adorable puppies. At the time we had our Golden Retriever Samantha. We wanted to take both puppies but husband said no. There was a male and a female–we took the male. We named him Moses (found in the bullrushes). 

As he grew up we wondered about his origins as he looked like a coyote. DNA testing wasn’t readily available as it is now so we will never know. He was a good dog and lived about ten years or something like that. 

Here is a photo of Samantha with Moses in the background as well as a much younger me. 

My Dad

My Dad was a happy guy. Even in this picture taken shortly before his death, he never complained. He lost his wife, his house, his driver’s license and his mind but he was never angry (at least that he showed). Father’s Day used to include a big party up at Camp Veritans–my Dad ran the games. He was always a fun dad and was very encouraging of my art and music. I miss him. 

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads and to the moms who did double duty. 

Honoring my father today

My father Joseph Zimel was part of the greatest generation. He was older when he enlisted in the Army; his fellow soldiers called him Gramps. The Army recognized his intelligence (he had to drop out of high school due to the Great Depression) and they sent him to Officers Candidate School where he attained the rank of Captain. Unlike some men he spoke about his experiences in World War Two until his dying day. I have kept his uniform despite my deceased sister wanting to donate it to the Smithsonian. I also have his medals, a shred of a Japanese flag, some snapshots of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and other mementos. I am very proud of his bravery and I salute him and all the other veterans and men and women on active duty. 

On the other hand I wish all war would cease and that we could live in peace. 

May 2017 – Issue 30

Pleased to have my art paired with the poetry of Devon Balwit in this issue of “the light ekphrastic”. Devon found a whole new world in my collage.

the light ekphrastic

We are pleased to share the work of the following artists and writers in the 30th issue of The Light Ekphrastic:

Devon Balwit – Blessing; magic (poetry)

Edward Doyle-GillespieWrecker’s Cove; Socorro Prophesy (poetry)

Robbi NesterThe Lives of a River; War Rug (poetry)

Cara OberMeshuggeneh, This Train Don’t Stop (artwork)

Kerfe Roig – Blessing; magic (artwork)

Magan Ruthke Wisdom in the Missouri; Hand-Woven in Afghanistan (artwork)

Crystal SnoddonLay Full and Sleeping; Garage Diagnosis (poetry)

Simon J. Ward The Memory; An Atmospheric Railway (poetry)

Mychael ZulaufFrail Forms; he returns with fire (music)

LuAnn ZubakLost; Untitled (artwork)

Contributor Bios





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M.E. at the Iris Gardens

The Presby Iris Gardens are a big deal here in Montclair. My friend Mary has set up Mary’s Happy Camper selling coffee and snacks there. I drew this off a selfie she posted on Facebook.

Here are some scenes from the “Rainbow on the Hill”:

Drawing from television

I was watching “Better Call Saul”, a tv show which is a prequel to the great “Breaking Bad”. This frame was of Jimmy McGill in a diner talking to his strongman Mike. The New Mexico sky, their postures and the geometric shapes in the background made me ask my husband to freeze the frame. Here is the shot:

Have a great weekend, lovely WordPress people!