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Dad relaxing

I found a trove of photographs possibly my sister’s. Like many families we have many photos and sometimes I find some that please me. My Dad used to relax in the den in a rattan cushioned seat. We still have a table from the set. He was the picture of relaxation in this photo. I found some other good ones too.

The photo. His right hand behind his head is cut off so I fudged that hand a bit.

My Dad was a cool guy. I think he’d like being the subject of my blog entry today. Love you Dad!

A collage

I had some material around and used it to make the texture of the water. I don’t do a lot of collage but my (personal) finest work was the Paterson stuff with material from my grandpa. Another swimmer but this time with someone observing him.

More swimmers

Only a few more days of swimming weather. I’m about to go swimming now.

Inspired by Claudia McGill although it sort of looks cadaverous. It’s a swimmer on birch paper (gift from Kerfe).

Tiscaridium cygneum

Another glowing deep sea creature which looks like something from outer space. These creatures are quite fun to paint. There are a few more from the NYTimes article which I’ll attempt.

Here’s the photo. I didn’t quite get the intricacy of the animal.

Another beautiful day with a chill in the air. Fall is starting to arrive.

Anglerfish with lure

Tuesday’s New York Times Science section featured some wonderful sea creatures which make their own light–bioluminescence. This caught my attention as I’m always looking for things to paint. My first attempt is this grumpy looking anglerfish with lure. I used a lot of silver and if you look at the original it’s pretty sparkly. You can’t really see it in a photo. That’s why Kerfe and I should have a show one of these days, right, (K)?

Old (found in the garage)

I love finding old stuff of mine. These are three watercolors done in 1965. It’s amazing how my style has stayed the same.

Close up: I guess I liked bridges then too. And cities and water.

And little trees standing by themselves on a city street.

I used to use a lot of pen and ink. Can you believe that there were no markers back then? I believe that is the case. I haven’t used pen and ink in years!

Lost Time

pt lost time s

lost time magnetic

The Magnetic Oracle once again reflects my mood.  As does the artwork.  Definitely still unfinished, and I don’t know which way is up.

pt lost time s copy

stop the blood
I want to rewind
screams into
a thousand
tongues of sweet music singing
moon sky garden sea

the shadows whisper

light swims through lost time

Made from paper towels I used when I was painting and printing, stitched together.  I have a pile of them, perhaps I’ll just keep adding to it like a crazy quilt.  That’s life these days.

Dragon’s Lair

dragon light and dark

Do you hear the voices
of dragons?  Do you dream fire
and water, treasure and storm?

Does your heart provide a mirror
to burn away the veil?

Again and again you seek the
fields of forgiveness, hand held
hostage by the lair of sleep.

A quadrille of dreaming for dVerse, using this week’s words from The Secret Keeper.

dark dragon s

The art is watercolor and ink on rice paper.

dragon light s


A solitary figure sitting between two palm trees. Not sure where this one came from. It started as an abstract and I painted in the figure and trees within the frame. Painting and praying for my country. 

Weekend painting

I like to start painting by laying down random colors and letting them drip and bleed. Stuff starts happening and it’s almost like a jigsaw puzzle. I added the Black Magic ink at the end (filling in the white space) and I think it brought the painting together. I hope everyone has a pleasant Monday. We have a beautiful day here in New Jersey.