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Precipice version 2

Something made me paint this picture a second time. I wanted to make the figures bigger so I could paint their features better. I think this one was more successful. 

Here’s the two of them together on the wall. 


Three guys in suits standing on a mountaintop. The one on the left is my father. A strange photo I found and I don’t know why they were standing in this spot. 

Here’s the original photo. 

Park Bench

I had in mind to do two elderly ladies sitting on a park bench feeding the pigeons. It became instead two girls just hanging in the summertime.
It’s from my head not a photo for a change. I remember being a kid and just drawing all the time. It is more of a concerted effort trying to post every day. It’s also #worldwatercolormonth and I am proud to be a contributor (and proud of Doodlewash Charlie for making it happen).



This was the actual image I meant to post.



Possibly unfinished

I don’t want to break my streak of daily posts even though I’m not sure this is done. Something about the brooding mountain in the back that I like. 

Here’s my basic setup these days. Nice and simple. I’m running out of paper. 

A big pile of stuff I’ve done in the last few months. I need to stick it up on a wall and do a retrospective. Anyway, have a great day!


Because I’m not really sure what this painting is. Two figures up in the left, sitting in beach chairs. Some beach cottages in the foreground. Or maybe it’s something else. 

It’s fun to play with gouache, watercolor and Neocolor. I may change this one up. Here’s a couple of details. 

Happy painting. 

Updated watercolor

Although I posted this the other day I worked on it more. Maybe I overdid it but boy it was fun painting all those dots. I’m proud that I’ve covered the blog with Kerfe offline–I’ve posted every day for a week. WordPress folks have been kind in their likes and comments. Thank you!

This was the first version:

July landscape

Some mountains and the landscape below. Holding the fort while Kerfe is offline and I miss her poetry. Maybe I’ll try meeting with the oracle for Magnetic Poetry Saturday. It’s another beautiful day in paradise aka New Jersey. Have an A-1 day. 

Cliff Town

A view of the village of Roussillon, France. This is a lovely place known for its cliffs of ochre in varying shades. 

A little house typical of the region–a tchotchke we picked up while visiting this area of Provence, France. 

Colorful bird/7/8/17

A bird using all colors in the watercolor paintbox. Happy Draw a Bird day!

spirits wander 1 & 2

spirits wander close up s


spirits wander magnetic

between dusk
and deep night, spirits
wander through
air, climbing
clouds to follow soulbird paths
of ancient moonlight

That is what The Oracle had to say about the painting/collage I did in response to Sue Vincent’s prompt photo, below.

I had written another shadorma first, inspired by geo.kalpataru’s cloud riders:

soaring, we
dance with light between
heaven and
riding clouds—sparkling forms dark
against rainbow skies

but I think as a pair the Oracle’s words work best as #1.

spirits wander collage