windmill s

Horizon of air
this point where sky meets earth
sun of glowing fire

Day ending with fire
clouds dancing in light and air
shade darkening earth

Wind sails around earth
reflected through rays of fire
that swallow the air

Through spiraling air the rotating earth encircling the fire

A tritina for Sue Vincent’s photo prompt this week, below.  I was taken by the interaction of air, earth and fire.

windmill at sunset, Brill, Buckinghamshire. Image: Sue Vincent

The artwork above is the result of some monoprinting I did this weekend.  This is requires much more space than even my cleaned-off drawing table would have, so I do it on the floor (after covering it with newspapers), although it’s not so easy getting up and down these days.

But since we were speaking of workspaces only yesterday, let me tell you my dream:  a long table in a large room with windows for a wall on one side and a slop sink (I use my bathroom sink to clean up, which is not nearly big enough) with a counter and flat files and shelves on the other side.  There’s a big storage closet behind the slop sink wall, and a wall of cork on one side for hanging work in progress or ideas.  A small terrace looking out on sky and trees is outside the windowed wall.

As Blondie so aptly put it, “Dreaming is free.”  In the meantime, the floor will have to do.


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