Let’s just call her a random dancer because it looks nothing like my sister.

Kind of a tough angle with her face tilted up and sideways. I recognize the earrings: they were made by Marcia Tucker (deceased) who was head of the New Museum.

A couple of little studies on black paper. More dancers to come.

Autumn Song

black landscape s

Leaves singing the wind–
harmony of sad embrace–
I watch as clouds sigh.

Take this mood and rearrange
the patterns to reflect light.

For Colleen’s poetry challenge, also using the Secret Keeper’s words this week.

With another monoprint.


Blue Gate (finished)

Always better when color is added.


spiral monoprint s

spiral magnetic

Like seeds breathing a path
through stone,
wind wanders between wild
and free.

Ask the air to grow rooted
and nights will no longer flower
with moon spirit.

Listen as secrets follow seasons–
dark cold light bright–
withering into deep green
beneath ancient rain.

I started with the word “free” and the Magnetic Oracle took it from there.  For dVerse Quadrille #40.


Blue Gate

Another enigmatic family photo. What is Blue Gate? Where is it? Cute how there’s two shots of Jane framed within this doorway or porthole. I’m thinking I should paint the outside black.

The photograph. Undated but she looks around 17 here, maybe older.


twin towers leaf s

leaves rattle like bones
through bottomless clarity–
azure autumn sky

leaf close up s

This exquisite leaf was found on Broadway last week.


Angel wings

Drawing from photo of my friend Crystal. The wings are on a wall in Nashville.


I’ve been doing some Rorschach paintings in a watercolor sketchbook. Here’s a little

flip through. Very reworked so they don’t really look like the same image.


away 4s

Soaring still, waiting–
horizon extends beyond
legends, out of view

Water blurs the sand and sky
to reflect gossamer wings

Once again, multiple results from my monoprinting, and multiple sources for the art and poem.  First, Sue Vincent’s (as always) evocative photo, above, “Fading”.

away 1s

I also used the words from Colleen’s #Poetry Challenge #49 and the Secret Keeper’s prompt #104.

away 3s

For the art, I did some monoprints using some Japanese steamer filters that I found on Amazon when I was looking for round paper.  The holes meant I had to put additional paper on top when I was transferring the images, and I’ve used some of those pieces as well.

away 2s

I did a lot of prints and tried out a lot of different arrangements.   These are the ones that I thought best had the feel of the photo and poem.

Dad relaxing

I found a trove of photographs possibly my sister’s. Like many families we have many photos and sometimes I find some that please me. My Dad used to relax in the den in a rattan cushioned seat. We still have a table from the set. He was the picture of relaxation in this photo. I found some other good ones too.

The photo. His right hand behind his head is cut off so I fudged that hand a bit.

My Dad was a cool guy. I think he’d like being the subject of my blog entry today. Love you Dad!