November 2017

november 17 grid s

In this chill
remembering the past–
breath catching
what is gone–
exhaling hard, inhaling
portents and promise

Late with my grid this month too…but then autumn took it’s time to arrive as well.  They are promising the first freeze of the season tonight.

And another shadorma for Shadorma November.

Nina is still betwixt and between with her job–as we all know, nothing gets done in a timely way these days.  But she will return soon, I promise!



detour close up s

A window.
A mirror crossing
the threshold.
light in matter and spirit–
the boundaries melt.

I’m a little late for Sue Vincent’s “eye” photo prompt from November 2, above.  But not as late as I can sometimes be!

detour s

And it was easy to pick the poetic form:  another shadorma, for Shadorma November at along the interstice.  The art continues my obsession with monoprints.





birdlings in space s

Here are stars:
galaxied deceit,
time echoed
in jeweled
mirrors, images captured
perfect and untouched

Silver hands
with golden voices:
waves disguised
as dances,
unbeholden to any
partnering of song

chasing satellites:
held in light journeying far
from harbors unknown

Extreme star cluster bursts into life in new Hubble image

Credit: ESA/Hubble; NASA, ESA and the Hubble Heritage (STScI/AURA)-ESA/Hubble Collaboration

It’s draw-a-bird day once again, and since I haven’t drawn any birds recently, the birdlings are filling in.  Also I would say I’m killing several prompts with one stone, but no killing on this blog–birds, prompts, or otherwise.

birdlings in space 2s

The dVerse Hubble Space prompt (see photo above) fits in nicely with Jane Dougherty’s day 7 Yeats quote from ‘To the Rose Upon the Rood of Time’

‘…stars, grown old

In dancing silver-sandalled on the sea,

Sing in their high and lonely melody.’

and I’ve managed 3 more shadorma verses for the along the interstice November shadorma challenge too.

Happy Draw-a-Bird day!  But every day is a good day for thinking about birds, the cosmos, or poetry.


Crossed Letters

claudia me letters comp

It started with an exchange of comments on Claudia McGill’s post of September 29, “Handwritten Postcards”:
K:  The loose graphics are very appealing. especially the woven look of the top two.
C:  Thank you. I read about how in the past, to save paper, people would reuse letters written to them and cross the previous lines. A little hard to read but very effective use of resources, I always thought, and I really enjoy the tangled patterns you can make doing this as in this postcard you mention. Try it, you will enjoy it, there is something very relaxing about it.
K:  I reuse paper all the time. I hate wasting anything. But the writing over aspect is something to consider…
C:  I’d love to see an example where two different handwritings crossed. Send me a letter and I’ll cross it and send back!

letter claudia s

And so I did.  Claudia sent me two pages of text, along with photos and links to the place that inspired her words, the Dixon Meadow Preserve and Erdenheim Farm.

milkweed s

Her words and photos made me think about my childhood, when even our suburban house was only half a block from woods and meadows and creeks to explore.  We had no devices to keep us indoors, and we went outside at every chance.  It made me think about governments and corporations with seemingly no awareness or memory of being an integral part the natural world.  I wrote about it in a poem and prose rambling over Claudia’s text.

claudia me 1s

I ran the woods too, even in suburbia, there were still open spaces, for butterflies dragonflies tadpoles bees creeks brush meadows woods trees rocks sky prickers blackberries colors and clouds and wind—we ran wild, my mother just told us to be home for dinner, who does that now? They would take your children away from you

The vast blue sky you don’t see in the city in the suburbs it needs open space below and the companionship of trees plants wild things animals and such and such clouds to contemplate I used to lie on my back in the grass and just look at the sky what was I thinking? Maybe thoughts beyond thought before thought now my mind is so busy it never stops to just be and let the world run through like a river like the wind

Milkweed waiting standing in formation sentinels of hope—why are we killing killing killing?—we need the blue sky the green grass the monarch migrating and returning again that circle too many holes now just shot through with holes leaking life but still the sky the stars and moon at night they don’t need us to sing poetry to this world and all the other places that could be points of life of light

No we are not necessary at all in fact we are probably in the way so be grateful give thanks open your heart your eyes

claudia me 2s

Run the woods
opening spaces
tadpoles creeks meadows trees sky–
who does that wild now?

You don’t see
in your house your room
vast blue sky
such and such
companionship and still time
to contemplate clouds…

Thoughts beyond
thought before thinking–
so busy now
let the world
run through like rivers like wind
returning again

me claudia 2s

Claudia wrote one of her wonderful meditations on the details of our lives over my letter and also deconstructed the poem two different ways–I hope she will post all three versions in her post about this project, or, if not, in a future post.  She also, as she is unfailingly generous with her art, sent me 3 text postcards for my own.

postcards comp

Thank you Claudia!  Now I want to do some stitching on/with these crossed letters.  To be continued…

claudia postcard 1s

Because the poems I wrote were shadormas, I’m also connecting to November’s Shadorma Challenge at Along the Interstice.

You can see Claudia’s post about our collaboration, here.

Hope in a Hopeless World

Nina and I will be taking a break for a little while.  Nothing major, just lots of Things To Do.  In the meantime, I’ll leave you with some thoughts from Phil Roy.

#16 The Tower

the tower s

The Tower—
sudden chaos burns
releases unbuilds the self—
the questions remain

Sue Vincent’s photo prompt this week, above, immediately reminded me of the tarot card for The Tower.  At one point I had an idea to do all the Major Arcana in collage–I’ve done the Fool a number of times, and also the Wheel of Fortune, but I never got any further than that.  Still, the symbols and imagery are always a rich source of inspiration.  And this card seems particularly apt for the state of the world right now.

In a faraway galaxy (a long time ago)

decay 2s

galaxy magnetic

I decided to challenge the Magnetic Oracle with a Rhyme Royal as per the dVerse prompt.  I had no idea where I was going to end up with either words or art.  After my word consultation, I arranged some monoprints in my bin in a few different ways and picked the photo of the one I liked best.  It seems I can’t escape what is going on in the world…

A vast blue rhythm haunted by a star
devoured by living in time’s darkest eye
Our home bleeds fire remembering the air
a foolish ghost with windows made of sky
sailing poisoned breath as oceans cry
we listen to the universe decay
and linger broken dying with each day


Friday the 13th (Remainders)

bones comp

What do shadows cast portend?
Roll the bones, he said, roll the bones.
The beginning has no end.
Roll the bones, he said, roll the bones.

Roll the bones, he said, roll the bones.
In the void all light is lost.
Roll the bones, he said, roll the bones.
Reassembled, double-crossed.

In the void all light is lost.
What is seen is not revealed.
Reassembled, double-crossed.
What was known has been concealed.

What is seen is not revealed.
Roll the bones, he said, roll the bones.
What was known has been concealed.
Roll the bones, he said, roll the bones.

Roll the bones, he said, roll the bones.
The beginning has no end.
Roll the bones, he said, roll the bones.
What do shadows cast portend?



haunted 1s

No clear path exists–
I see only haunted mist–
footsteps disappear.

The silence harbors ghostlight–
landscape of omens and signs.

haunted 2s

Tanka for Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge.  I did a drip painting on some very wet rice paper, which ended up causing a hole in the paper.  I had to put it on some watercolor paper to stabilize it and left it there to dry.  So I ended up with three variations.

haunted 3s

The top one is both layers together, the middle one is the rice paper alone (on black), and the bottom one is the watercolor paper with the color as it soaked through.


Evan and Luke

My cousin dressed in a lion suit holding up his new baby. Something about this photo just made me want to try to paint it.

I didn’t really get the slightly crazed look on his face but close enough. Happy to have painted this last night and today. Although life is crazy it always feels good to paint.