corridors s

which passage
completes the journey–
the circle
or the line?
to center or to open–?
out of darkness, light.

For Sue Vincent’s photo prompt this week, below.


My Mother’s Shells

My mother (the aptly named Grace) never learned how to swim but she loved walking on the beach. She collected shells and beach glass everywhere from the Jersey shore to the south of France. She kept them in this huge glass container (which I dusted off for this photo); I keep it in a prominent spot in my home.  I have great respect for my mom. She lived in a difficult era–depression, war, and “a woman’s place was in the house”. She had ambitions, some of which were realized and some not. I owe a lot to her. I only hope I’ve been half as good to a tech-savvy millennial and I hope she remembers her grandmother on this day. 

Mother’s Day 2017

rose s

mothers day poem 1

mothers day poem 2

My mother loved roses.  The Oracle caught my mood.

magic flower laughs
opens remembering heals
like stars aborning

 sacred spirit shines
between memory and rose
flowering the soul

Drawing from television

I was watching “Better Call Saul”, a tv show which is a prequel to the great “Breaking Bad”. This frame was of Jimmy McGill in a diner talking to his strongman Mike. The New Mexico sky, their postures and the geometric shapes in the background made me ask my husband to freeze the frame. Here is the shot:

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released today: the Worksongs for the Apocalypse issue

I’m on page 74. Lots of good work to enjoy!

pea river journal

We are so excited to release this work from 36 artists and writers. You can read and share it two ways:

It’s a literary journal as experience. Dive right in.

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‘Gator and friends

Another Neocolor with watercolor and pencil. This one owes a bow to Claudia McGill: thank you Claudia. These Neocolors are fun and rather freeing as they do double duty. 


firebird s

The ring rises in flames, shadows of the sun opening a path to beginning. Rocks expand and explode into ashes, illuminating the sharp contrast of future within the past. Eyes focus with renewed clarity on the intersection of time.

The cosmic altar calls. The egg of myrrh responds, acting as catalyst to wings embracing the sky.

Reflected as moon
fertility unfolding
forever returned

I’ve finally taken Colleen’s haibun challenge, using both her prompt words and those of the Secret Keeper this week.

Paired with another piece of mythological junk mail art.


Neo Color

My first attempt at using the Neocolor II set given to me by Kerfe 27 years ago. A very fun and forgiving medium which you can smoosh with water. I tried to give this a layered effect by adding watercolor, pencil and fine tip marker. 

Eye of a dog

My friend Michael Stahl posted a picture of his dog Lulu’s eye. I attempted a drawing today. 

Here is Michael’s shot. Lulu has white eyebrows. I wasn’t able to do that in my sketchbook. I’d need to do it on black paper. 

sun rises within

obelisk mandala s

become the sun
just as it rises
a mystery within

golden within
nourished by the sun
the shadow as it rises

awake it rises
tracing paths within
a silhouette in sun

the sun returning rises as the light within

For Sue Vincent’s photo prompt this week, “Obelisk”, below.

 The Obelisk was originally an Egyptian stone monument sacred to the sun god Ra, especially associated with sunrise and sunset.

obelisk mandala close up s

The poetic form I used was tritrina.