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Random Grid and the 100-Day Project

random grid s

I’ve been doing a lot of gridded art again lately.

As a knit designer for most of my adult life, I’ve continuously created on grids.  I used grids for my first Sketchbook Project, “Art I Like” (  Grids are integral to fiber art:  cross stitch to Pre-Columbian textiles to quilts to Anni Albers.

pre columbian s

I also like random art.  The Surrealists are always an inspiration.  Improvisational quilts are beautiful to me.

improv quilt s

Many 20th century artists use grids as a basis for their work:  Mondrian, Klee, Josef Albers, Sol LeWitt, Agnes Martin.

agnes martin s

So I decided to make a grid by pulling paper randomly out of my collage box.  I did a 10 square by 10 square grid, 100 squares, because I’ve been thinking about the 100-Day Project.

…which I read about on The Great Discontent, one of the many newsletters I receive by email and occasionally have time to look at (it’s not that I’m not interested, but time, time…).  You can read about it here too:

albers s

I’ve also been going through a book about Josef Albers and his teaching, and thinking about teaching art, and about the process of creating;  the project has as its inspiration a college teaching/learning assignment (that story is interesting too:  Do something specific for 100 days and see what happens.  The cumulative and evolutionary effect could be quite interesting; plus, the discipline!

So I’m going to do 100 random grids.  Or at least there will be some random element in each of them.  I’m not on Instagram, so I’m not going to be an “official” participant, but I’ll be posting the results here every once in awhile.  I had just bought a grid book with 108 pages, too:  I’m ready.

grid journal close up s

It starts Monday (along with the baseball season!).  I’m hoping I can see it through…(and that the Mets will finish over .500 for a change)

March Madness

hoop dance 1as

Baseball and hockey are the sports I follow closely, but I love the interactive dance of basketball.

Inspired by Journal 1989: Damn Yankees


poem detail 1s

You’ve been my resolve
inspiration first until
final who I am

Have we had enough “RE2PECT” in the last 6 months?

Yes we have, but baseball will still miss Derek Jeter (and I say this as a Mets fan).  His “thank you” ad from the Daily News last Sunday makes for a perfect random poetic mash up.  Haiku as usual.

poem detail 2s

begin    storied    turn
Yankee at short magical
memorable    end

And I did one with headlines from the sports section too…not completely random, haiku has rules!

“You can’t predict baseball” but the Mets will definitely be better than the Yankees in 2015.

damn yankees s

Mexican Church Tiles


I was in Boston this weekend, and since my daughter was busy Saturday afternoon, I went to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum (  If you have ever visited the original Barnes Collection, it has a similar vibe, if a different artistic orientation.  The museum Isabella Gardner constructed for her eclectic collection of fine and decorative art has a definite Mediterranean feeling, with a beautiful center courtyard and surrounding gardens.  It’s a wonderful space.


2 cupids

Photography is not permitted, but you are allowed to sketch with pencil.  Saturday is not the ideal time to do this, as it was quite crowded, but I’d like to get back sometime to do more.

2 cats

I did some sketches of the designs on the tile wall in the Spanish Cloister; the website for the Museum says that Isabella spent hours assembling the 2000 painted and glazed tiles on the wall, which a friend brought her from a Mexican church.  It’s delightful, with wonderfully stylized figures and sparkling colors.  I could not find many photos of them either on the website or other places online, but these give a bit of a feel for the room.

isabella tile wall

I was really in Boston to go to a baseball game at Fenway Park,  since I’d never been inside (and of course to visit with my daughter).  There was a rain delay (actually a threatening sky with thunder and lightning delay), but the game finished before midnight:  Sawx 4, Jays (despite a late rally) 3.  A stadium with great personality, as opposed to the corporate sterility of new Yankee Stadium and Citi Field.

fenway comp

Sunday was beautiful, and the train ride home along the Connecticut coast always provides scenic views.

train 2s

At the Beach

dunes 1 sm

Beautiful week at the beach.  The deck looked out over the dunes and the ocean, and I sketched it a few times.  Although most of my artistic endeavors involved shells…every day I would take one or two long walks up the beach and back with my bucket, and at night I would sketch.  Later I did shell arrangements and photographed them.

The rest of the world falls away without hours on the computer and the news of the world.  I did borrow a laptop and check email a few times, but mostly all of us went to the beach and sat or went in the water or wandered or tossed a ball or Frisbee around or messed around in the sand or watched the wildlife and other beach goers.  We cooked some great dinners, and maybe we would watch baseball a bit, and read–I went through two books.

dunes 2 sm

Many many birds.  I was surprised to find a cardinal who sang constantly.  Blackbirds, including red-winged blackbirds, crows and grackles.  Mockingbirds and cat birds.  And the shore birds, plovers and sandpipers and gulls and pelicans.

The crabs on the beach are also worth watching.

Shell art to follow.