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Abstract Friday

I was going to title this “Red House”; I guess that will be an alternate title. Crazy weather for fall and I hear it will be in the 90’s on Sunday. L’Shana Tova to my fellow members of the Tribe.

Lost Time

pt lost time s

lost time magnetic

The Magnetic Oracle once again reflects my mood.  As does the artwork.  Definitely still unfinished, and I don’t know which way is up.

pt lost time s copy

stop the blood
I want to rewind
screams into
a thousand
tongues of sweet music singing
moon sky garden sea

the shadows whisper

light swims through lost time

Made from paper towels I used when I was painting and printing, stitched together.  I have a pile of them, perhaps I’ll just keep adding to it like a crazy quilt.  That’s life these days.

Inside Out

inside out s

frames skies tearing,
the boundaries erased.
Feelings pass through thinking and weep.
Defenses dissolving,
cleansed by water
and air.

For Sue Vincent’s photo prompts, below (late again).


More There

more there comp 2

more there magnetic

The Oracle was feeling philosophical I guess.  Things do look different depending on context…

is this
like that
never about
more there?




absorb memories,
voices and loose
ends in recurrent waves.  Light,
a fissured mirror.


Sue Vincent titled her photo prompt this week “Spring“.  A word of many meanings.



Light reveals an opening, a net
caught by what is broken, muddied, wet;
scattered stones and history unmet.


Tangled edges under/over ground,
traveling as lines that make no sound,
camouflaged by fragments lost, unbound.

What remains? The inside of the fray:
all the shadowed hours that mark the day.
Every path holds dreams, or so they say.


I decided to do something a little different for Sue Vincent’s “Bridge” photo prompt, below, this week.  I took the photo and abstracted it and then painted it.  I wanted to have a subtle color variation, so I used only 5 colors (green, orange, 2 browns, and grey) plus black and white, and mixed them in different proportions.


The poem is in a form that Jane Dougherty used a few days ago, which has 3 stanzas of 3 rhyming lines each, with each line containing 9 syllables.  I liked the rhythm, and playing with numbers and words is something I enjoy.  I always find that thinking about rhymes, too, causes me to see things I might otherwise not.


Abstract (riverbed)

Another small Artist Trading Card (thanks again Claudia). A riverbed is what my husband saw in this one. 

I thought it looked interesting in the other direction. Have a lovely Memorial Day Weekend, dear WP friends. 

The Mitchell Thread Continues…#5

Mitchell series #5s

I switched to Neocolors for this one.  Laura at CreateArtEveryday suggested I try some more abstract drawings with them, and I enjoyed the freedom of the crayon-like scribbling of childhood.  I may go back to collage for the next one, but let’s see where Nina goes with it first.


mitchell version 3s


after joan mitchell (trees) s

This Could Get Interesting…

mitchell version 3s

Nina’s drawing response to my collage got me thinking…why not respond back and see where it goes?


The ball’s back in your court, Nina!

after joan mitchell (trees) s

Like a chain letter, but better.

From Joni to Joan

after joan mitchell (trees) s

“Abstract is not a style.  I simply want to make a surface work.  This is just a use of space and form:  it’s an ambivalence of forms and space.”

–Joan Mitchell

More abstract collage based on the work of Joan Mitchell.

jm-6 mitchell abstract s

And a few appropriate words from her friend, the poet Frank O’Hara:

it’s practically a blaze of pure sensibility
and however exaggerated at least somethings going on
and the quick oxygen in the air will not go neglected
will not sulk or fall into blackness and peat

–from “In Favor of One’s Time”

You can see my other Joan Mitchell collages here and here.