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Thursday Doors: House on West End Avenue

I’ve always liked this house on West End Ave. The entrance is on the side.

I couldn’t get a straight on angle to photo the door. It has nice details on the top and in the surrounding arch.

And here’s some flowers I saw while walking along Columbus Avenue.

You can see more doors and join in here.


skeleton s

This house is
painted with blackness
until it
form, kills all architecture–
it lives deep below

what cannot
be seen what hides be-
neath skin what
holds nothing–
this house is not afraid–
it contains no heart

When it breathes
in, it drains out—it
knows all of
those sorrows
without names—it stands until
it falls down inside

what follows
you around—what can’t
be placed in
any land-
scape—what remains unmoved where
you least expect it

For Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, above.

skeleton close up s



Italian Cityscapes

colosseum s

Onedrawingdaily, an architecture student, has been doing some watercolor city scenes, which brought to mind an old sketchbook I ran across awhile ago.  Sometime in the late 1970’s–I think 1977, although the sketchbook isn’t dated by year–I went to Italy with a friend who was an architecture student.

il campidoglio s

I don’t normally draw buildings, but we must have spent time doing so, because, well, here they are.

forum s

Many more of the drawings are of sculpture; I’ll post some of those too one of these days.

florence s