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Found #3

My husband found this while going through old papers. The year must have been around 1981. I don’t remember doing this at all but I’d recognize my style anywhere. 

Here’s the invitation to the open house of his first office–35 years later. 

Unexpected Calligraphy

canvas back 3s

My grandmother always told me that the back of what you make with needle and thread should be as beautiful as the front.  Annerose Georgeson’s wonderful calligraphic paintings (https://wordpress.com/read/post/id/9502204/5809) reminded me that I meant to post the back of my cross-stitched graph because it surprised me with the interesting patterns that appeared.

canvas back 1s

I’m sure I could use this idea for something else…stitching over watercolor comes to mind.

canvas back close up s

…to be added to that ever longer list of ideas.

canvas back full s

You can see the front of this collaboration with the poet Tetiana Aleksina here:  https://methodtwomadness.wordpress.com/2015/05/11/collaboration-a-canvas/

Thought for the day

Today’s NY Times magazine section deals with aging, and when I read this quote I was immediately inspired to do it in brush calligraphy (lacking a calligraphy pen at the moment). As a woman growing older, I don’t really think about my age; I don’t think Kerfe does either. We both are the same people we were back in the 70’s when we met. Although I am not jumping for joy each and every day, I see the world as a mostly wonderful place despite the truly horrible things going on. Doing this blog and reading the blogs we follow inspires me and every day I learn something new–art, poetry, cooking, books…it is all here. Every person I meet has something to teach, especially the older ones, but all of them. (All technology skills I have are thanks to my darling daughter). So despite the length of this quote, I am posting it with all respect to T.H White. I may have to reread this book which I read so many years ago. All hail the elders!