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nowhere to go (sailing the moon)

nowhere to go 2s

journey like a river,
found in the places
that are always home

sing the music of oceans
weaving patterns of mercy–
journey like a river

become part of each movement,
every path transformed,
found in all places

pass along what has been given–
ride the sky like the wind,
always at home

a channel of water flowing out to sea, with the sun reflecting on the water.

Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, above, immediately made me think of Paul Simon’s “Peace Like a River”–and that made me think of “American Tune”–hence the 2 part title.  The poem is a cascade, always a good form when writing about water.

nowhere close up 2s

Sue titled her photo “Yearning” and I think that’s an emotion Paul Simon captures well.

…and I dreamed I was flying…



Incompletion s

Tomorrow it will be gone–
this false night,
this held breath–
we are undreamed.

Light falls scattered
without gravity,
a sliver of reflected time–
tomorrow it will be gone,

out there towards never.
It resembles matter,
although it has no form–
this false night,

pure, unbroken–
(that’s what I imagine–
healed and levitating into always)
This held breath—

it neither comes nor goes.
Listening, it does not reply–
(we’ve lost our knowledge of sleep)–
we are undreamed.

For Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, above.  Another mysterious landscape.

incompletion close up s

Another cascade poem.


The Far Elsewhere

the far elsewhere 2s

Defined by what it is not–
every particle of light
silent, startling.

A journey neither up nor down,
neither here nor there–
defined by what it is not.

Centered in the outer reaches,
jeweled and huge–
every particle of light.

Remaining as day becomes night,
as seasons fall apart and rearrange themselves–
silent, startling.

For Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, above.  The poem is a cascade, a similar form to the pantoum which I have been using so much lately.

the far elsewhere 2 close up s



Blue (where are you going?)

blue 1s

From here a line, a border,
the horizon.  From there, shapes
patterned in shades of indigo.
From everywhere.  Scattering blue stardust.

Skies changing in rhythm
with the planet, encircling.  The night
that follows day that follows night.
From here a line, a border,

paths seeking yonder, wild,
a prelude to unwritten chords.
Mirrors that merge into
the horizon.  From there, shapes

following the ripples in the fabric
of years, dark and light.  The collision
that becomes its opposite.  Waves
patterned in shades of indigo.

Almost nothing. As old as the universe,
born again, dying.  Becoming again,
a point of turning.  Echoing
from everywhere.  Scattering blue stardust.

This cascade poem is in response to Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, above.  It was also inspired by Maria Popova and all the links in her end of the year rumination, “In Praise of the Telescopic Perspective”, and, (with a title “Blue” how could I not think of her?) Joni Mitchell.

blue 2s

“We are stardust”–yes we are!  Now if only those bombers really DID turn into butterflies…

Draw a Bird Day: Hawk

hawkprint 1 close up s

We’ve misplaced our wings.
The shape on the window ledge–
how it flies!

Not quite yet lighter than air,
you are rising from the grave of pain.
We’ve misplaced our wings.

Skimming the surface of a wistful longing
I hover, shrouded in myself.
The shape on the window ledge

Waiting, watching.
Soundless, suddenly gone–
how it flies!

Being currently obsessed with monoprints, I had to try it with a bird.  I had just seen a red-tailed hawk out the kitchen window on a window ledge across the street from a friend I was visiting.  No matter how often I see one, it’s always thrilling.

hawkprint 2s

The poem is another cascade.  My friend is well on the mend from a summer in and out of the hospital, and it seemed to me a good sign.  But don’t we all long for such majestic wings?