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Herding Cats

herding cats s

Got a blue blue car
in a black and white world,
Got that turquoise blue car
in a black and white world–
Gonna play it gonna drive it,
gonna give those tires a whirl.

cats 2 & 3s

Well a cat they likes to wander,
 likes to ramble likes to roam.
Both the he-cat and the she-cat
needs to ramble and to roam.
If you ask them where they goin’,
they say “everywhere’s my home”.

cat 1s

Do you wanna rock and roll now–
Do you wanna take a ride?
Do you wanna tune this engine,
come and take a little ride?
We can meet up at the crossroads–
enter leave from either side.

crossroads s

Well the road goes on forever–
I can’t say where I’ll be bound.
You can just keep on forever,
can’t predict where you’ll be found.
Here’s a car and there’s a highway–
a big ole world that’s circlin’ round.

cats 4 & 5s
Got a blue blue car
in a black and white world,
Got that azure sky blue car
in a black and white world—
got the key in the ignition,
gonna make that engine purrrrrrrrr…


This was my  (rejected, as usual) entry for Rattle’s Ekprastic challenge in February.  The poems that were chosen were good, but quite serious.  I found the photo to be much more playful…and did my own collage interpretation as well.

Am I back?  I’m kind-of-moved, but still mostly in chaos.  I’ve also got (paying) work pending, although they haven’t actually sent it to me yet.  I will do my best for NaPoWriMo, and try to catch up with everyone at some point this month.

And thanks to Nina for filling in so beautifully!




table is empty s

Table in the sun
still holding its vacancy—
the cat is not there.

Rose of Sharon flowering
through light of summer’s return.

Lillian at dVerse proposed we take a photo through one of our windows and respond in poetry.  The words I’ve read have been really evocative, and of course, there’s the chance to look into another’s intimate space.

This was taken from my kitchen.  For most of the time I’ve lived here, I would look out and see my neighbor’s cats, who spent many of their days lounging in what passes for my back yard, often on this table. We got to know each other well, and I still look for them, even though all of them are gone now.

Her current cats prefer to stay indoors.

Lunar Rays

lunar rays s

the power of tides
to lead by following songs
tracking the crescent

eyes beckoning as startled
magnitudes shout waves of light

I couldn’t resist a photo of a cat…photo reference and words from Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge, also using words from the Secret Keeper.

I may visit this cat again. I need to explore that shadow.


but keep in mind…





Part 2 of my response to Jane Dougherty’s prompt this week.


For Part 1 look here.

Of Cats and Time

tabby 32s

your shadow   not you
half glimpsed movements refracted
sideways through corners
of the eye that seem to be
always pregnant with the past

When I moved into my current residence, I found that my neighbor’s four cats considered the deck outside my kitchen to be an extension of their yard.  She had taken all of them in as strays, years ago.

The last of them died this weekend.

Their presence remains.

tabby final comp

My final drawings of Tabby from last week.

Woman with Cats

A goof off drawing in my work sketchbook (which is almost all finished) of a woman with her two cats and a bird on her hat. Because why not? 

I couldn’t find my trusty black felt tip pen. This drawing really needs a black outline. 


tabby relax comp

Cats know how to take it easy.

tabby curled comp

They have a knack for changing their relaxation posture just after you’ve put a few lines down on the paper though.

tabby 27

Sometimes meditation is good.

tabby watching comp

But every once in awhile a cat needs to be on alert and keep an eye out for squirrels or other cats.

Have a relaxing Thanksgiving with family and friends!  And by all means, have that extra helping of your favorite food.

What the Cat Has Been Up To…

cats comp 5

Actually, he’s been conspicuously absent for the past week, although I’ve seen him at the water dish a few times.  I hope he found a cooler place for his “activities”, but I do miss looking out and doing a quick sketch.

tabby 15s

The grooming sketch had to be extra-quick…

cats comp 4

…although even when asleep he’s constantly in motion.

Random Drawings from Last Week (#2)

cats comp 2

Nina asked for more cats after my first set of Random Drawings (https://methodtwomadness.wordpress.com/2015/06/29/random-drawings-from-last-week/).  Tabby was around quite a bit last week, doing various cat things.  OK, mostly sleeping.

citifield s

We went to see the Mets and Diamondbacks at CitiField (a haven, like all stadiums these days, for corporate sponsorship…).  Mets fan:  happy.  D’backs fan:  don’t ask.

players stretching comp

The players stretched before the game.  Why can’t they stay still?

mets game players

We were kind of (way) above home plate, so I had a better view of the pitchers than the batters.

fan eating s

The fans (or “guests” as they are now called) ate, as fans do.

parked car 1s

I also drew a car parked in front of my house.  I definitely need some practice on drawing cars.