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February 2018 – Issue 33

Originally posted on the light ekphrastic:
We are pleased to share the work of the following artists and writers in the 33rd issue of The Light Ekphrastic: Sandy Coomer – Descending Night, Tracks (art) Katie Manning – How I Measure Your Body, One Way to Use a Deck of Cards (poetry) Nicole Ostrowski – Congrats from the Afterlife,…

Call and Response: Walking and Talking

fast faster

eyes are
open taste is
strange odors mingle with
fresh laundering ears tender with

It’s been awhile since I’ve answered the call of the wonderful Claudia McGill with my own junk mail response.

Is anybody listening?

The poem uses the secret keeper’s words this week:

In the words of John Lennon


Call and Response: Refilling the Moon

call and response full moon text

Writer’s Quote Wednesday asked us to think about rebirth.  And what more appropriate symbol than the moon?

the full moon called
with his
large, muscular lips,
“see everything
become nothing”

Once again, I’ve been inspired by Claudia McGill to respond to her artwork and words.  (You may note, Claudia, that my junk mail piece was monoprinted before it was collaged.  I plan to explore this method further.)

You can see all the call and response collaborations with Claudia here.

Junk Mail Art: Call and Response 3

imagination wings

Birds on the Brain.

Another response to one of Claudia McGill’s comments on life.

You can see the rest of the series here.

Junk Mail Art: Call and Response 2

call and response 2 comp

Another comment on life inspired by Claudia McGill

I’ve been reading “Imaginary Animals” by Boria Sax, which is a goldmine of ideas, especially for my junk mail art.  The above creature on the right is based on the Iroquois monster Flying Head:  a giant head with wings instead of ears, long tangled hair, sharp teeth, and one set of reptilian arms or legs.  A little digging around online reveals a bunch of tribal stories about this man-eating beast.

In one, the Flying Head drove an ancient tribe away from its hunting grounds in the Adirondacks and the land was always afterwards considered cursed.  Three hotels have been built on that location; all have mysteriously burned down.

flyinghead ethnological drawing s

A common element in many tales involves a woman eating acorns roasted in a fire which is supposed to have finally driven the monster away, as it was scared of a human who could seemingly eat hot coals.  This drawing is the Bureau of Indian Affairs ethnographic sketch that sparked my interest.  Rather Edward Gorey-like, no?

Junk Mail Art: Call and Response

call and response 1

Any regular reader of our blog knows that Nina and I are constantly inspired by Claudia McGill.  I’ve been threatening to reply to her talking postcards for awhile, and finally I’ve fashioned my first response.

Her art always has something to say, so I’m sure there will be more.

Unfinished Project # 1

glove close up s

I’ve probably got 20 long-term projects in my office in varying stages of completion.  Some I’ve been working on for years.

One resolution I’ve made for 2015 is to finish some of them–one at a time–by working, at least a little, each day until it’s done.

#1 is cheating a bit, as I have hardly even started on it beyond the thinking stage.  But Nina and I have been talking about it for a few months already, and I think that counts.

glove s

We were inspired by “A Group Gathering”, British artists who do collaborative textile projects.  Their current task involves making art from gloves; each member was sent one glove, with the various pairs to be brought together and exhibited in 2015.  Nina and I decided to do our own shared pair.

I know Nina is already working on hers, and we plan to post them in early February…so…I better get to work!


PS:  This does NOT mean I won’t start anything new!!  I have too many ideas….