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water music

water music s

sea reaches
toward land
waves form patterns
mermaid songs rising falling
on currents of air

I used the photo supplied by Sally Cronin, above, for Colleen’s #tanka Tuesday gogyohka.  The colored pencil drawing is one of water currents I did earlier this year.  I meant to do more of these, but it requires a focus I just don’t have right now.

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Asian Dwarf Kingfisher (Draw a Bird Day)

dwarf kingfisher blk s

tiny wings perch, still–
suddenly swoop downward, flash
trail of jeweled light

tiny wings
sudden swoop trails flash
jeweled light

wings flash

It’s the 8th of the month again!  Draw a Bird Day, and Poet’s Choice for Colleen’s #TankaTuesday.  This month I’ve taken my haiku and reduced it twice.  This is a good exercise for any poem I find.

dwarf kingfisher wht 2s

I chose to draw the Asian Dwarf Kingfisher this month because of its colors.  It’s a tiny bird–5″–one of 114 species of kingfishers.  I did not realize this species was so large and varied.  All nest in burrows and hunt by swooping down from a perched position.  Many hunt fish–that was my impression of them–but may also, like the dwarf kingfisher, eat insects, earthworms, and small amphibians.

Dwarf kingfishers, like many birds, are under threat of extinction due to loss of habitat.  Their main predators are foxes, raccoons, and snakes.

dwarf kingfisher wht 1s

Nina gave me the set of brush markers that I used experimentally in doing the last 2 drawings (the one on black was done in colored pencil).  I am still trying to convince her to start posting again.  She’s been doing some painting…maybe by next Draw a Bird Day.  In the meantime, you can find me most of the time at https://kblog.blog/.

Draw a Bird Day: Cardinal

cardinal head s

Too often when I think of my mother I remember the long years of Alzheimer’s, when she lived in a world I could neither share nor understand. This distorts the woman who should live there:  the one who loved to sing, to laugh, to talk to anyone who crossed her path.  The woman who taught me to embroider and to treasure words.  The librarian who gardened in roses, who wondered at birds, whose favorite color was red.

Scarlet messenger
flashing wingsong–penetrates
directly to heart

cardinal sketch scan s

At the beach this year, a pair of cardinals visited the deck daily.  Even when we couldn’t see them, we would hear them singing.  Then when I returned home, a pair of cardinals started regularly visiting the Rose of Sharon tree.  Cardinals were my mother’s favorite bird, and so these days she is often in my thoughts.

I haven’t been doing much drawing lately, but birds always offer a good opportunity to practice.  Happy Draw a Bird Day!–hopefully a few fly into your life today as well.

water, light, air

waves pencil 1s

these waves like children–
splashing colors and laughing
back and forth between

wind breathes through water, dancing
with incandescent reply

I didn’t do much drawing at the beach this year, but I did take my art supplies down to the water one day, battling both the errant waves and the wind.  I also took many photos, but my adventures with camera settings means they need a lot of work.

waves pencil 2s

Tanka using Colleen’s prompt (in loose association); drawings in ink and watercolor pencils.


Magnetic Poetry Saturday: Do Magic


Nina and I came up with this collaborative verse from the magnetic poetry oracle almost instantly, and then our artwork, done separately, also fit together perfectly.  Magic! (with a little help from Photoshop)

devour fire
drink fever
dance  fly
do magic


Happy Saturday!

More Cranes

cranes blue sky s

I’ve drawn Japanese Cranes before, but I wanted to try colored pencil on the black paper I bought awhile ago, and they seemed the perfect subject.

crane black sky s

I go back and forth about the blue background.  Yes or no?  maybe it should be less linear.

The inspiration for drawing on black came from some work by Marisol I saw at El Museo Del Barrio.  I tried to find some good examples online, but this is the best I could do:

marisol comp

You really can’t see how luminous they are from these reproductions.  And they are large, very large.  I also love the layers, and the way she took the hands and body parts and made them into an abstract form.  The one on the right is part of a series Marisol did in response to the war in Vietnam.

…and have I mentioned that Japanese Cranes are an endangered species?


MARISOL: Sculptures and Works on Paper

Journal 1989/2015: Irises (part 2)


iris ink and pencil comp

My colored pencil and ink drawings of irises were much more successful than the painted ones.  I still like the 1989 version (above left) the best of all.  The one I did recently was at the end of the day; I even wrote “tired” at the bottom.  It’s not as delicate, but still seems iris-like.

iris colored pencil comp

I also did pencil without ink; on the left, in the normal way, and on the right I took out a flower and drew it upside-down.

2015 ink s

Then I did one just in ink.  The ink drawing was all done with my quill dip pen.

You can see the painted versions here:  https://methodtwomadness.wordpress.com/2015/05/07/journal-19892015-irises-part-1/