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Wheel of Fortune

wheel of fortune card s


faith:  universe
what goes around:  wheel
change is certain:  fortune

opportunity:  fortune
eternal surprise:  universe
transformation riddle karma:  wheel

the wheel rotating the wings of fortune of shadow descending ascending:  universe

When Marcy Erb posted her Tower bird tarot card, it reminded me that when she had previously posted the Wheel of Fortune, I meant to look for the one I had done long ago.  So I finally did.

I produced this Photoshop Wheel of Fortune when computers were toys, not necessities.  A friend who was a graphic designer sold me her old computer, complete with graphic programs.  I took a Photoshop class and had fun experimenting until all of a sudden I had lots of paying work and little playing time, and then the computer died.  I lost the thread of what I had been doing, but it’s fun to think about where the ideas might have gone had circumstances been different.

And the poem…perhaps a tritina.  At the very least, a nonet with a coda.

I’m taking a break until 2016.  Happy New Year to one and all!