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What Grows Here? (part 2)

sacred skies s

“Do you not hear me calling, white deer with no horns?”

Crown falls with
angels and stars, laughs,
becomes seeds–
now singing,
calling to earth’s children—Come!
Touch the sacred skies!

When I saw the quote from Day Sixteen of Jane Dougherty’s Month with Yeats, I was immediately reminded of a collage I had done for one of her poetry challenges from 2016.  I know the collage well because it is one of my favorites from all the work I’ve done.  I decided to do a poem and some artwork and then look back at the challenge and the poem I had written in response originally.

what grows here s

Interestingly, the original challenge from Jane consisted of the shadorma form, and that’s what I wrote today, as I’m participating in On the Interstice’s Shadorma November.  And it’s eerily similar to the poem I wrote today as well, and also works equally well with the Yeats quote.

What grows here?
the mystery of
cells dividing reaching toward
the sky’s endless crown

I’m not going to speculate on the implications of it all…

sacred skies 2s

Here’s the original post, and a link also to Jane’s Poetry Challenge #17.

Also linking to dVerse open link night.

but keep in mind…





Part 2 of my response to Jane Dougherty’s prompt this week.


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the answer is yes





Jane Dougherty titled her prompt for the week, below, “Rescue”.  But it made me think of the Jules Shear song “Who’s Dreaming Who”.


I think there may be more to say about this one too.









What Grows Here?

what grows here collage s

What grows here?
the mystery of
cells dividing reaching towards
the sky’s endless crown

antlers close up s

“Until around the 19th century, Europeans had thought of the horns of a stag as essentially branches, like those of a tree, growing out of its head.”
–Boria Sax, “Imaginary Animals”

top close up s

Collage and shadorma in response to Jane Dougherty’s tree challenge.