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boots 4s

I trace the contours
over and over as if
it would refill them

boots 3s

For NaPoWriMo Day 18, an elegy.

boots 2s


boots 1s

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In the Wake

jm 4c close up s

When I think
of you, I see you
floating, sails
unfurled in
iridescence like fish scales
or maybe crows’ wings,

dark and light
reflected in waves
by time.  Will we meet again
on unmapped seas? or

as birds, hearts unveiled, trailing stars?

jm 4c wht s

A elegy for both NaPoWriMo Day 24.  The first one I wrote was quite gloomy.  I took some of the images and began again.

I think the replacement was sent by the Oracle.  It has her mark.





Elegy (Memorial Day 2016)

fog 1s

We watched you go: “Come home,” we said,
the moon reflected in your tread,
with our drums and guns, guns and song,
we called you Johnny, marching, gone.

A long time passing filled with dust,
the blood runs wary, turned to rust,
oh hear the bugle, haunting, long,
we called you Johnny, marching, gone.

A secret silence speaks your name,
a faded photo in a frame,
as morning breaks we rise alone,
we called you Johnny, marching, gone.

Behind a blurred and endless view
unrealized, we hardly knew
the road, a vast mirage withdrawn,
we called you Johnny, marching, gone.

The light dissolves and takes its leave
with too much time left still to grieve,
the tears are turning phantom dawn,
we called you Johnny, marching, gone.

A sway of shadows: only trees,
your presence hollow, shaded, creased,
beloved husband, father, son:
we called you Johnny, marching, gone

trees nc beach s

This elegy uses the kyrielle form, Jane Dougherty’s challenge for this week.  Top photo was taken from the bridge part of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, second photo was taken near the Bodie Island lighthouse in Nags Head.  Jane’s inspiration painting and words below.

Лунная ночь. Большая дорога

Moonlight, tread, wary, secret, swaying.