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enso s

mind troubled with images
brush full of ink–
becoming empty

For the final day, NaPoWriMo asks for minimalism in word and gesture.

You can read about the Enso here.



over and over


never ending

eternity magnetic s

What dark fire is this
melting the air with fresh blood?
endless broken days,

ghost voices lingering in
an eternity of tears



never ending

 the future is exploded
time again undone


One Day


one day 1s

Counting (after Robert Creeley)

They begin with one.
But what if on a different day
we started.  Not after,

but before.  Another
opening even more perfect
than something.  If they

saw emptiness, nothing at all?
Anything would fit.

Robert Creeley was a member of the Black Mountain poets, known for his spare and concise observations:

One day after another–
They all fit.

My poem “Counting” takes Creeley’s poem “One Day” and uses the words in it as the last words to each line of a new and different poem.  This method of composition was invented by poet Terrance Hayes.  He call it Golden Shovel.  I wrote the poem as a response to a prompt from Atomic Poetry and it is published in the first Atomic Poetry volume here:  https://wordpress.com/read/post/id/93205410/114

Enso is a calligraphic circle made with one stroke.  This symbolic sphere encompasses everything, and also nothing.



Golden Shovel: Poetic Form